3 Huge Mistakes You Must Avoid When Texting A Cancer Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Here are the three most prevalent mistakes that women make when texting Cancer men. Once you identify them, you’re one step closer to your Cancer crush!

Hello, my darling! I am grateful for your presence here today. One topic that comes up constantly from my readers is: “Anna, how do I text my crush in the right way?” This is a crucial question since texting is so integral to how we communicate these days.

I’m Anna Kovach, a long-time Relationship Astrologer. I dutifully report to my dearest readers to let them know just how to use Astrology to their advantage in the love and dating arena.

When it comes to Cancer men, I know a lot about what it’s like to text them. They’re private but warm people, so texting them can be a balancing act.

I’ve found the three most prevalent mistakes that women make when texting Cancer men. Once you identify them, you’re one step closer to connecting with your Cancer crush!

3 Huge Mistakes You Must Avoid When Texting A Cancer Man

1. Being Too Harsh

Mistakes When Texting A Cancer Man

Cancers are a bit of an enigma. Interestingly, they are one of the most guarded signs of the Zodiac, but also one of the softest. It doesn’t happen like that too often. The key is being soft enough to encourage the Cancer to let down his defenses.

Texting a Cancer can be difficult because texts can be read in a multitude of ways, depending on what the reader wants to take out of it. This is why Cancers can be hurt easily by text messages that aren’t made explicitly clear that they’re well-meaning.

When texting a Cancer, lay on the sweetness and don’t be too brief. Cancers are natural storytellers, so their own texts can be long. When someone isn’t giving enough detail to a Cancer and keeps it too brief, he is likely to think that you’re upset or angry.

Cancers are highly intuitive, but they have wild imaginations too. If they believe that you’re not happy then they are likely to assume it is because of them.

Your Cancer guys must know that you’re totally fine with him, and sometimes that means overcompensating in some areas via text. For example, instead of answering the questions: “How was your day?” with a simple “good.” Try: “It was a pretty nice day, there were free donuts in the break room.” The little details are important to the Cancer man.

In addition, make emojis a staple in your texts to your Cancer man. The more hearts, hugs, and smileys that you send, the more he will realize that you are genuinely happy to be talking to him.

2. Ignoring Him

Ignoring A Cancer Man's Text Messages

Cancers take a long time to open up to other people, mainly because they want to make sure that the person that they’re talking to isn’t going to abandon them. They are nesting-type creatures who would like to ensure that the people they let into their lives are going to stay for a while and be consistent.

The Cancer wants to know that you’re not going anywhere. They have a tender heart that they want to guard against anyone who might leave it in the dust. That’s exactly why leaving a Cancer on read is the last thing that you want to do!

Cancers are watching your every move and attempting to guess your motivations. They do indeed read into your actions, especially ones that trigger a sense of abandonment. Cancer men want someone that they can rely on to help them through life. If you can’t answer a text on time, they might start to wonder how you’re going to do that.

Never allow your Cancer man to start wondering “does she even care?” or “is she even considering how I’m feeling?” When you’re texting a Cancer man, answer him as soon as you’re able.

Your Cancer himself is likely great at responding (honestly, I haven’t met one who wasn’t). Cancers are reliable and faithful, and they need that energy echoed back to them.

Cancer men will feel taken care of and heard when their partner or love interest is quick to get back to them. I mean, who doesn’t feel butterflies when you know someone was eagerly waiting to get your text?

3. Not Opening Up Emotionally

Cancer men can be manly men despite being a feminine sign (Cancer men tend to be broad-chested and built). They are still a water sign ruled by the Moon, however. This means that they feel everything at a gut level and their feelings are their predominant feature. Their moods also change with the wind, and they have to feel every one of them.

Cancers need to be able to ‘feel’ you even over text. This is yet another reason why your messages should never be too short and to the point. They want all the nitty-gritty details of every emotion you’re going through.

If you’re a woman who has a hard time discussing your feelings then the Cancer man is the perfect guy to practice with. He won’t judge what you’re going through because he’s been there too, in most cases. The Cancer man doesn’t mind the intense emotions that would have other men running for the hills. You are free to let it all out around your Cancer guy.

If you choose not to get emotionally bound up with your Cancer man, then there isn’t much for him to work with. He is most comfortable in the world of emotions and intuition. Hard facts and intellectualizing emotions just aren’t his shtick.

I highly encourage you to let the Cancer in on your simplest feelings. He won’t ever think you’re being too much. In fact, he too wants to milk every emotion until there is no more to let out. He is usually glad to be your impromptu therapist.

In addition to needing to know your emotions, the Cancer man must be able to get emotional with you as well. He needs a partner who will be willing to hear him out.

Wrapping Up

Cancer men are tricky to text in some cases because of the ways that they can misread messages.

If the tone is off then they’ll be sent into a tailspin.

However, sugarcoating your texts and being extra sweet is sure to get the point across to the Cancer man.

Cancer men have some abandonment issues at times, so they often will discount someone if they are leaving them on read. Ensuring that you answer promptly will allow them to feel safe trusting you.

Lastly, you’ll need to be able to open yourself up to being vulnerable with him. He needs an emotional connection to be satisfied in a texting conversation.

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Your sister and friend,

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