Signs A Cancer Man Is Interested In You – 4 Things To Keep In Mind

The Cancer man is a super nice guy typically. He’s also flirty. It can be hard sometimes to determine whether he genuinely likes you or if he’s just flirting. Here are 4 signs a Cancer man is interested in you!

The Cancer man is a super nice guy typically. He’s also flirty. It can be hard sometimes to determine whether he genuinely likes you or if he’s simply being his normal flirty self. Here are some definitive signs a Cancer man is interested in you.

1. Wants to spend time with you

Typically if a Cancer man is really into someone, he will want to be around them every chance he can get. If he works at the same place as his interest, he’ll show up at her desk or the employee lounge when she does.

He’ll try to make conversation and crack jokes as much as possible so that she’ll laugh. He really loves to see a woman smile so if he’s into someone, he’ll make sure she smiles as often as he can get her to.

If you two do not work together, he’ll find a way to make his presence noticed. Whether that means bumping into you while grocery shopping, eating out, or having fun with friends at the bar.

No matter where you are, he’ll find a way to show up. He wants you to notice him. He’ll almost always talk to you when he does this as it would be a waste not to.

Again, he’ll try to make you smile if he can. He’ll crack silly jokes or tell you how amazing you are just to get you to turn that frown upside down. If you’re feeling sad, he’ll intuitively know and try to help you out of your slump.

It doesn’t seem to matter what is going on, a Cancer man will go above and beyond to make sure his lady of interest knows he’s into her. If he were just being nice, he wouldn’t bother to chase his love down.

2. His care for you increases

What I mean by care is when he wants to do things to help your life flow easier. Perhaps he sees you bending over to pick up something heavy, he runs over and won’t allow you to do it. He does it for you instead.

He wants to take care of you as it’s his natural instinct. He is careful and tender with his friends also but as a woman of interest, he’ll really want for you to not ever have to worry.

When he starts calling to check up on you or texting you to make sure you’re alright, you’ll know he’s into you. If he shows up at your door with some chicken noodle soup when you’re sick, he’s into you.

There is likelihood he made the soup from scratch. Even if he didn’t though, isn’t it wonderful that he’d want to bring you some healing soup? It shows he’s concerned about you and wants to make your day/night easier.

Rather than you having to get up in your robe to make yourself a can of soup, he’s there handing you a box of Kleenex. He’s the guy that will also hold your hair back if you need to vomit. That’s a plus!

You’ll notice how your Cancer guy increases in his concerns for your welfare. If he were just being nice, he wouldn’t dive in too deeply. Yes, he’s still a really nice guy but he only gets this intimate with those he really likes or cares for.

Consider yourself one lucky woman to have a Cancer man catering to your needs or desires. Just be sure you don’t neglect his or he’ll build up some resentment over time that could cause him to have nasty mood swings.

3. Protective of your safety

When a Cancer man lets his feelings take over him, he’ll find that he is almost always worried about you. He will want you to call or text him when you arrive somewhere so he knows you’ve made it safely.

When you go out on a date (where protecting you may be necessary) he’ll take pride in it. Going on a boat for the day? He’ll put your life jacket on and make sure it’s nice and snug.

Perhaps you’re going to the gun range. He’ll make sure you put on some safety glasses and that your aim is true. Going hiking or climbing? He’ll make sure you have the proper gear on.

His watchful eye will never be far away from you. It almost makes him sound like an overprotective stalker doesn’t it? He isn’t though. He’s just very cautious as you are precious to him and he wants/needs to be sure you’re safe.

So when you notice that he becomes overprotective or worries about you a whole lot when he’s not with you, he’s into you. Just being nice, he wouldn’t be nearly as concerned.

Not to say he’s neglectful but from a friend standpoint, he would do common courtesy when needed otherwise, it’s not his responsibility. He will only take extreme care when he is with the woman he truly cares for.

4. He opens up and shares his deepest feelings

Typically a Cancer man will only reveal his deepest and darkest feelings with the woman he’s in love with. However, if he hasn’t made it that far but does like you, he’ll still work at letting you in.

He’ll tell you far more than he’d tell someone he’s just being nice to. When he talks to you about personal things or shares his feelings about something important, he’s into you.

Being nice and courteous is something that comes easily to the Cancer man. Only the woman of his interest will get his very best though. He is a HUGE flirt, this is true.

However, he’s got limits on it and won’t continue it if the other person becomes more attached to him than he’s willing to give. A wink, a smile, or touch of the hand is his way of flirting.

When he wants more, he digs his heels in and makes the woman of his interest KNOW his intention.

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