How To Have A Healthy Relationship With A Cancer Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
I am here to offer you the best advice I have for keeping a relationship with a Cancer man healthy. Let’s dive into the world of the crab...

Hello, my dears – it’s me, Anna. I’m back again to talk about the elusive Cancer man and how you can establish a healthy relationship with him. I’m a big fan of Cancer men myself, and I appreciate their deep souls and protective energies. The Cancer man can be difficult to read though, so I’m not surprised that some women need a little assistance pinning them down.

Cancer represents a feminine archetype and tends to make someone deeply emotional, kind, and sentimental. They are also a bit broody, sarcastic, and manipulative. While this is a feminine sign, that by no means implies that this is a feminine guy. He simply channels more Yin energy.

To have a healthy relationship with a Cancer man takes some finesse. They’re certainly not the most difficult sign to keep a relationship with because they care deeply about the people they invite into their circle.

I am here to offer you the best advice I have for keeping a relationship with a Cancer man healthy. Let’s dive into the world of the crab. Here we go.

Soften Your Approach

Relationship With Cancer Man

If you’ve ever eaten crab at a restaurant before, you know that there is a tough shell that requires tools to get into it. But once you’re in, there is the softest and tenderest meat. The Cancer man operates a lot like this. They have a hard shell and then a softer inside.

The thing is, if you go at a Cancer man with heavy machinery tactics to lure out his soft side then you’re sure to get pinched. Cancers are naturally defensive and so any excessive attempts to break down his defenses won’t be met kindly.

Instead, open your heart and don’t focus on getting to his core right away. Cancers need to know that you’re a safe person to share with before they’ll relax. Be as nonthreatening as possible. And by that, I mean don’t attempt to force them into telling you anything and d them into a corner and put them in a position where they feel obligated to say a certain thing.

By being kind and simply taking gratefully whatever the Cancer offers to you, you’ll be proving to him that you’re a safe person to open up to, a cornerstone of healthy relationships.

Respect Their Docility

If you want the kind of man who is super macho, wants to show off, and puts himself on display, I wouldn’t think about the Cancer guy. He’s not a showboat and he’s not going to put himself out there unless it’s life or death. Cancer men would much prefer to stand on the sidelines.

Cancer men also need a partner who not only tolerates their docility but respects and treasures it. He is soft in his actions and he doesn’t need constant praise to get along in life. He’s fine to shine his soft light on you while you take the center stage.

It’s important to not make him take the lead if it can be helped. He’s not likely to be the one who asks you to do things or to change for them. They may not seem engaged in the relationship for this reason, but in reality, they simply would rather not bother you and keep it to themselves.

Try To Intuit His Needs

How To Improve Relationship With Cancer Man

Considering how docile the Cancer man is, he often won’t express to you what he needs since he’s more concerned with taking care of the needs of others. Because Cancer men are usually attempting to monitor the moods of others, he may think that everyone else, especially you, is doing that too.

If you can, I advise you to study Cancer and find out what actions mean that they have a need they aren’t communicating. Sensing shifts in their tone or out of sorts behavior could be your signs that something is off with him. If you’re worried about the Cancer man, then I would gently approach them with what you’ve noticed and ask if it means anything and if he’s okay.

Now, that said, I also advise a discussion with the Cancer man about making his needs known to you. You can intuit a lot of things if you try, but you also deserve proper communication. A healthy balance of natural intuition and conversations should keep the two of you in check.

Have Conversations, Not Arguments

If you were dating an Aries, I would say to embrace the arguments that come your way because it’s good for them. Well, I would give the exact opposite advice for Cancer! They can’t handle the heat of an argument much of the time and feel trapped in a corner.

If your tone gets sharp or your voice raises, for example, the Cancer could immediately shut down and begin to give nondescript answers and distance himself as far from you emotionally (and sometimes physically) as he can.

This is why when you have concerns, it’s important to just talk about them plainly and not to hold animosity toward one another. If you approach this as a problem you can both tackle and not “me vs him” then the Cancer may be able to feel calm enough with you to not feel like the bad guy. Therefore, he can open up and give you his best self.

Spend Time Together At Home

Cancer men absolutely love their homes. A cozy house is their sanctuary. They are the definition of homebodies! This means that if you two live together, your home should be a place that is sacred to you both. Spending time with one another in the place you built into your own space will fortify your relationship.

If you don’t live together then you should be spending time at one another’s homes. This is an opportunity to see how your private habits mesh with one another. For a Cancer, knowing that the two of you can live together and be comfortable is one of the most important aspects of the relationship.

For you two, movie nights, cooking together, and cleaning up together are going to be the best type of bonding activities. Just being in each other’s presence is a huge comfort to the Cancer. He wants to have everything that means a lot to him right there in his space. When he knows you’re around him in his most private times, he can be happiest with you.

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Wrapping Up

Cancer men make spectacular partners. They have some habits that can be hard to understand, but the key with the Cancer is exposure.

The longer you hang around them the more you’ll understand what their behaviors mean and how to interpret them. Once you’ve reached this stage, you and your Cancer can develop an unspoken bond.

I’m so grateful for all of the readers that make their way here to my little corner of the internet. I noticed some commenters who desire to clarify questions on articles like these, so I wanted to be able to do just that.

What can you say that will make him want to tell you he loves you and wants to stay with you forever?

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While this article gives you the tips on how to have a healthy relationship with a Cancer man, what comes next?

As always, I wish you all the very best!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach  

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4 thoughts on “How To Have A Healthy Relationship With A Cancer Man

  1. Anna, your suggestions for Cancer men have been super-helpful for me. We are going into our third year. It took awhile for the relationship to solidify, but we are truly happy. He is the best lover and man! It feels cosmic!

    ~ Nancy
    Me: Aquarius/Pisces rising/ Moon in Aquarius
    Him: Cancer/Gemini rising/Moon in Cancer

    1. Hi Nancy!

      I’m so glad to hear that my content has helped you. I always love hearing that! I’m so happy for you that things are going so weel for you two. You’ve figured it out and I do wish you all the best in love going forward. You deserve it!

  2. Hi Anna,

    I have been dating a cancer man for almost a year. He has very hot and cold behavior. He is not always great making plans or responding to texts. Most recently things have been good though. However this weekend I asked for us all to get together with friends. He agreed quickly and then all of a sudden went MIA. I texted again later in the night to let him know the plan and he never responded. I felt very hurt and texted one final last time to let him know what happened didn’t make me feel great and I was hurt. I have no received a text back yet. He normally responds and apologizes when these things happen. I guess I need to give him space now or maybe apologize for being to intrusive via text.

    1. Hi Dom!

      Hot and cold is pretty typical of Cancer man. It sounds like something else distracted him to not get on with the plans with you. I understand why you felt the way you did. No text back? Hmm… he may have something going on that he hasn’t told you yet like family problems, work issues, etc. Go silent with him. If he truly loves you then he will come sniffing you back out. Put your foot down and tell him to keep in better contact if he cannot make it to plans you’ve made. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

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