Cancer Man May Predictions 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Hello, my darlings – how are you? All is well and dandy, I hope, because the May predictions are here and we’re ready to jump right in, so let’s go!

Hello, my darlings – how are you? All is well and dandy, I hope, because the May predictions are here and we’re ready to jump right in, so let’s go!

The beginning of the month promises an exciting time for the Cancer man as it highlights his houses of friendship and oversea travel. He also might meet someone karmically fated during his travels and that someone ought to teach him a lesson about himself.

Around the 9th of May, there’s a lot going on in his professional life. The Cancer man’s intuition is sharp and precise, and he’s having prophetic dreams. Besides that, when it comes to his love life, things that were predestined are bound to happen, so the best course of action is to just go with the flow and do it.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio activates his fifth house of romance and eleventh house of friendships. Taking into account the involvement of the Nodes of destiny, something is bound to give during this transit. Fortune is a life-saver and it provides a silver lining, but as for exactly what, only time will tell…

The New Moon in Gemini at the end of the month promises new and better beginnings for the Cancer man. Especially if we take into account the great placements of both Venus (in Taurus) and Mars (in Aries, coupled with Jupiter). This is a great time to speak out in the open and to spend time in nature around a campfire.

The Moon XVIII

The beginning of the month highlights the Cancer man’s ninth and eleventh houses. Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus (conjunct on the same degree!) are all in Pisces and this spells oversea travel. The Cancer man will be showered with opportunities for long-distance travel, and this just might be the exact time when he decides to go out into the world…

His eleventh house brings forth some fated developments within his friend group, and he might discover that he’s asked to share the load and unload some of his burdens onto his trusted friends.

Both of these houses point toward a long-distance trip with his friends and to him meeting someone fated overseas. Considering that Pluto is retrograde on the closing degrees of Capricorn (his seventh house), this aligns perfectly with a fated contact with someone with whom he has shared karma from a previous life.

Lilith throws light onto his first house of self, and through this placement, it draws a mirroring partner into his life – there’s someone who needs to show him the way to his inner self, and someone who will teach him about his own weaknesses and shortcomings; just like a mirror.

Fates Are Weaving Their Net…

Around the 9th of May, the Cancer man’s public life and career are bound to receive some attention thanks to the transit of both Venus and Jupiter into Aries. This should feel good for his career confidence as he is about to receive many beautiful blessings as well as monetary compensation the Cancer man is so fond of.

His twelfth house also gets some positive attention as Mercury transitions into Gemini where he’s in domicile. This is bound to activate the Cancer man’s intuition and dreams, so many answers can come to him in the form of a prophetic dream, especially where his love life is concerned.

The Moon activates his second house of finances and monetary gain, which is coupled very nicely with his tenth house transit, and monetary blessings are bound to happen. If we take into account that Mars and Neptune are still in Pisces, in his ninth house, this can spell out a start of a new business venture somewhere over the seas.

His love life is still under a karmic scope, so anything and everything that happens during this time was bound and predestined to happen. It’s a great time to go with the flow and not push against the Universe. Follow your intuition and don’t fight the Universe!

The Day Of Reckoning

On the 16th of May, there’s a big Full Moon Eclipse taking place in Scorpio and Taurus. The Sun conjuncts the North Node in Taurus and the Moon conjuncts the South Node in Scorpio. This activates his fifth and eleventh houses respectively, and as such it’s bound to bring closure to some of his friendships and his romantic involvements.

Considering the involvement of the Nodes of Destiny in this Eclipse, there’s a lot of emotional discharge bound to happen. So, this date shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it should be used as a catalyst to let go of what doesn’t serve the Cancer man any longer.

Venus conjuncts Chiron in Aries and Jupiter is on the 1st degree, so there’s a lot going on in his career life as well. Something is bound to give in, and it’s possible that some karma will be cleansed where his professional life is involved, as well.

The good news is that Fortune is also in Scorpio, his fifth house, where the Full Moon takes place opposing the Sun in Taurus, so not all is bad, and not all are bound to turn sour. There’s a silver lining in the whole situation…

The New Moon And A Campfire

The end of May brings forth a New Moon in Gemini that takes place in his twelfth house of dreams, fears, and illusions. This is a good thing as it will shine a light on some fears and hidden enemies in his life, and the Cancer man will finally be able to discern if there’s a real reason to worry or not.

Mercury digresses back into Taurus due to its retrograde movement and is conjunct the North Node and opposing the South Node in the Cancer man’s fifth house. This means that he’s bound to have important and karmic conversations that are concerning his love and romantic life.

Thanks to Venus moving to Taurus and Mars moving to Aries (conjunct Jupiter), there’s bound to be some good news and good things taking place concerning his career life and his friendships.

Now is a good moment to talk about your feelings, to go out in nature and spend time around the campfire, to hash out your true feelings in a calm environment and decide what comes next.

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Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it my darlings – May is a bumpy month and there’s a lot of important celestial activity packed into just a short 30 days…

The Cancer man will feel great at the beginning of the month as travel and friends will be his main focus.

But as the month progresses, as you can see, there’s going to be a lot going on for him to digest. The good thing is that his intuition will be on point and his dreams will have his back for whatever’s coming.

Towards the end of the month, he’ll have an opportunity for new beginnings with the New Moon in Gemini, as well as hashing out all that needs to be said about his love life.

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “Cancer Man May Predictions 2022

  1. I am a Scorpio woman. I’ve recently started seeing a cancer man and instantly there was strong connection between us. When we’re together the chemistry is so strong! In the beginning he would initiate conversations first and was really talkative. Recently this has tailed off and I can barely get a conversation out of him like I used to. When we do meet it’s like we’ve never been apart. He’s very affectionate and caring. He said in the beginning he doesn’t want a relationship but his behaviour when we’re together is very intense. I’m confused about how he feels. I have told him I’ve developed feelings for him but he didn’t respond, we converse about other things. I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to keep entertaining him only to get hurt. I’m not sure if I just have to be patient with him and let him open up slowly or if he’s just messing me around. Please help.

    1. Hi Pixiedust!

      I understand how the chemistry is between you and this is because you’re both passionate people. The thing is, he has the capability to be every romantic and filled with chemistry but the bottom line is, he said he’s not ready for a relationship or doesn’t want one. Because you kept going with it, he figured you were alright with the setup between you. Now you have feelings and he still doesn’t want what you want. I know usually I’d say watch his actions but sometimes you still have to take into account what he’s said. If you aren’t into being with him without committment then you need to decide if leave it alone is best for you. You can do it. I have faith in you! Wishing you all the best.

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