8 Ways To Make A Cancer Man Feel Appreciated And Loved

written by Anna Kovach
How to show a Cancer man you care about him? Keep reading to learn the eight ways that you can make a Cancer man feel appreciated and loved.

What can you do to show your Cancer man that he’s your everything? Is there a way to get him to stick around forever? Yes! Where there’s a will, there’s a way – and I’m going to tell you exactly how. 

You’re going to want to read this article if you’re deeply in love with a Cancer man. It’s important to know what you can do to keep him. Keep reading to learn the eight ways that you can make a Cancer man feel appreciated and loved.

8 Ways To Make A Cancer Man Feel Appreciated And Loved

1. Be Warm & Tender

Making A Cancer Man Feel Appreciated

The Cancer man is quite sensitive and requires a partner who will always have his back. He wants you to treat him as though he’s a very special man. To do that in a way he appreciates, it all begins with a little bit of sugar.

I know you can’t be sweet all the time, but when you are, he notices and appreciates it! Compliment him, say thank you when he does something for you, and give him lots of affection. 

He feeds on the attention you give him. It makes your Cancer man feel appreciated and loved for sure! When you are with him, lay on the hugs and kisses as much as he likes. 

You’ll know if he isn’t into it if he tries to shrug it off. If he wants it (which is most of the time!), he will gladly hug and kiss you back. The Cancer man is very physical, whether it’s sex or just physical intimacy.

When you talk to him, be soft with him. He doesn’t like being yelled at or criticized. Treat him the way you would want to be treated! 

2. Try Being Vulnerable With Him

Something that a Cancer man craves is trust and security with his special lady. When he feels he can trust you and is secure in the relationship, then he will feel loved and appreciated. 

One of the very basic things you can do is open up with him. If you want him to open up to you, you need to show him that you’re willing to do the same. This shows your appreciation for his efforts.

Make it a very positive experience to be vulnerable to him. Tell him one of your secrets. Share things you don’t share with anyone else. He needs to hear it. He’ll feel loved by you telling him things that you hold in.

When this goes both ways, he will feel so connected to you; he’ll never want to leave. You’ve got to get him there so start opening up to him today! 

Be patient with him when you start opening up the doors of communication. He may not tell you things right away, it takes him time to be able to share the most intimate things about himself.

He’ll get there eventually, but you’ve got to stay calm and optimistic with him. This will also make him feel you really care. 

3. Home Cooked Meals Are Huge Plus

Cooking For A Cancer Man

If you’re a good cook he will love this. If you aren’t really the cooking type, you can opt to get food for him from his favorite restaurant. Find out what he likes and pay attention when he tells you!

Cancer is one of the men of the Zodiac that you can win over and show appreciation to via feeding him delicious cuisines or treats. He loves the thought, effort, and love you put in when you hand make it. 

Even if you get order takeout, he will truly appreciate the effort you put in to take care of him. It’s one of the biggest ways you can make a Cancer man feel appreciated and loved. 

Just try your best to make some sort of effort to provide him with something that makes him feel good and food is one of those things. 

A suggestion for those of all cooking abilities: taking a cooking class together would impress him as well! Expanding your kitchen skills or learning a few basic dishes that you can do well are great either way.

He’ll think this is brilliant and will love doing it with you. It opens up creativity but it also shows him that you really care about him. 

4. Plan A Romantic Date Or Getaway

To Cancer men, romance is a big deal. He is someone who loves to buy a woman flowers and gifts, and take her somewhere special. He wants to show you how he feels. He’ll want to give you the very best. 

Do him a favor and treat him the same way. Plan a romantic dinner, take him on a boat ride, take him to the beach, or whisk him away on a cruise. You can think of anything that involves water is sure to be a it!

This will impress him and make him feel really good about his love for you. It shows that you actually do see his need for spirituality and love. The two of you can bond better. 

You can charm him with your beauty, your desire to look your best, and the romantic feelings you want to share with him. 

Wear an alluring bathing suit and make sure to make a grand entrance into the water so he can watch you. He’ll feel like the luckiest man alive! 

Cancer men love beauty in all forms, so when you show off a little something sexy for him, he will eat it up! It appeals to him when you show him that you’re all his and you’re happy about it. 

5. Share Your Silly Side With Him

Behaving Silly With A Cancer Man

The Cancer man loves a good laugh. Show him who you really are. Can’t dance? Try anyway. He’ll love watching you having good humor about yourself. No, I’m not kidding! 

Be yourself around him. If you find something funny; laugh. If you know that you can do some goofy things that make him burst out laughing, then do it! 

Grab him and dance around the living room. Have fun, liven up, and show him why you’re the best partner for him. He will not forget things like this. If he isn’t already in love with you, he soon will be…

This is yet another form of vulnerability with him. It inspires him to show who he really is as well. Maybe his brand of humor will blend in with yours allowing you to have lots of fun. 

6. Ask About His Family

As you may already know, the Cancer man loves his family. He knows how important they are to his heart. For this reason, you need to get on their good side. 

If you aren’t at the phase yet of reaching out to them yourself, then ask him how they are doing. He will absolutely appreciate that you care about them. 

In turn, he may ask about yours or form a good bond with your family as well. That will lead to marriage and possibly children down the line. Family is a huge part of the Cancer’s life.

When you’re interested in his family’s welfare, he feels you’re someone he wants to be with for the long haul. The closer you are to them the better. If his mom is sweet, get to know her! 

7. Everyday Chats

Everyday Chats With A Cancer Man


Some Cancer men want a little space here and there. That’s alright for him to want it and take it. When he gets close to you though, he won’t do it quite as much.

Checking in with him daily or every other day will show him that you care enough to want to stay in his life. Simple texting will include things like asking how work was, how his day was, or telling him you miss him. 

Chatting about mutual interests, hot topics, and sharing your experiences are all great ideas. This communication helps lead to more solid communication.

The little things allow him to build up his love and his trust with you. Showing you care enough to check on him is something he will hold dear. You’ll find the right rhythm with him once you to are regularly talking. 

8. A Steamy Bedroom Experience

I cannot close out this article without mentioning the importance of sex and intimacy with your Cancer man. He lives on your love and your physical attention. 

I did mention hugging and kissing… but he also really loves sex. He will likely have a high libido. He will absolutely appreciate you romancing and being gentle in the bedroom. 

He loves sensuality. Bring in soft feathers to stroke him with. Tickle him with your tongue and show him the delights he really loves. Keep the fire burning between you and you’ll definitely be showing how much you make a Cancer man feel appreciated and loved. 

I truly hope this article helps you do the right things and say the right things so that your Cancer man will feel complete with how you treat him. He’ll forever be yours! 

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