5 Things That Kill A Cancer Man’s Desire For You

The Cancer man is the archetypal, strong silent type, and this is a big turn on for many women. Who wouldn’t lust after an emotionally literate family man?If you want your relationship with the Cancer man to last for any significant amount of time, then there are some things that you need to keep in mind when looking at your own behavior. 

The Cancer man is the archetypal, strong silent type, and this is a big turn on for many women. Who wouldn’t lust after an emotionally literate family man?

If you want your relationship with the Cancer man to last for any significant amount of time, then there are some things that you need to keep in mind when looking at your own behavior. 

He’s a finicky guy who tends towards those who can keep their cards close to the vest, just like him. He isn’t one for outlandish behavior in his partner. 

Now, that’s not to say you should change yourself to fit into his attractive little box – heck no! However, you should be aware of both his likes and dislikes, because then at least you know what you’re in for. And, who knows, maybe you’ll gain some self-awareness when it comes to these things, or they could be points that you’re willing to compromise on. 

Either way, you should be informed! And, I’m happy to let you in on some behaviors and habits that will have a Cancer man burrowing his head in the sand or maybe even looking for someone new. 

5 Things That Kill A Cancer Man’s Desire For You

1. Desperate For Attention

One thing to know about Cancers is that they are one of the most reserved signs of the Zodiac. Rarely do you find them posting long confessionals on Facebook or hitting up random people on dating apps.

They also don’t appreciate this type of behavior in their partner. They have a hard time wrapping their heads around why anyone would seek that level of attention from people you aren’t close to!

The Cancer man will be put off by this behavior because the firmly believe that your main interest should be in appeasing those you’re close to and those that are there to support you day in and day out… you know, like he does! 

He believes that the secret to success is taking care of your support system… In his mind, if he prioritizes you, then you should prioritize him. 

2. Potty Humor

A Cancer is highly emotional and he can get offended easily due to his watery nature, which forces him to interpret the world through a sentimental lens. This is one sign that has a hard time taking a joke. 

As a result, humor is sometimes lost on him because he is easily put out by any negative, gross, or insensitive feelings behind the jest. It’s hard for him to detach from emotion long enough to have a laugh!

He’ll be overwhelmed by crass, uncouth behavior. He isn’t the type to sling mud and he won’t appreciate jokes that put down others because he believes in being kind (for the most part).

Since Cancer is heavily associated with family, he’ll lean more towards innocent ‘dad’ jokes over jokes that make him blush. He isn’t built for crude behavior or humor! 

3. Inconsiderate Behavior

Woman Being Inconsiderate

Cancer men are not jockish manly-men with no sense of consequence. Rather, he is always considering how others will feel about his actions, because he is deeply concerned with keeping those around him satisfied with him. 

He is going to have a hard time tolerating thoughtless behavior for this reason. He’ll be the first to defend the person that was a victim of someone else’s unsympathetic approach, going full parent mode in an instant. 

The Cancer man is a sensitive soul himself, and he is easy to offend. He takes the words and actions of others very seriously, and a word said in anger may just rattle the Cancer’s cage.

He’ll be much more open to someone who is kind, understated, and compassionate, rather than someone who rushes in without considering how they’re affecting those around them. Confrontational Behavior

A Cancer is a private sign in many ways. It rules the home and it’s almost like there are also four walls and a roof surrounding his thoughts regarding others – they’re locked away and kept quiet. 

People who openly tell others where they can shove it really bother Cancers and make them uncomfortable. If there’s a part of you that isn’t afraid to call people out on their behavior, it will likely have the Cancer crawling into his shell while you do. 

He doesn’t operate well in the world of conflict and close encounters, to say the least. He’d prefer quieter and more demure ways of showing displeasure. 

If you’re going to be confrontational, that’s okay. Just be mindful of your Cancer man’s presence otherwise he may just find himself slipping quietly into the shadows… and away from you!

4. Playing Games

Things That Kill A Cancer Man’s Desire For You

Cancers are a pretty serious sign due to their deeply feeling natures. They don’t tolerate tomfoolery very well, and they definitely do not enjoy feeling of being played. They’re shrewd people who see right through all facades, so they’ll quickly figure out what your goals really are. 

One thing to know about being with a Cancer is that due to their lack of emotional display, you may just feel tempted to do things to usher a response from him so you know that he cares. 

A Cancer man isn’t going to tolerate behavior that puts him in a position to react. If you’re doing things just to put him in this position, he will certainly walk away first, or else feel imprisoned by efforts to control him. 

He isn’t a very daring sign on the whole, but in this case, he may just call your bluff and leave the relationship for good.

So, speak to him truthfully, but gently. This is going to get the message across while respecting his sentimental nature. If you need him to tell you how he feels more often, or better yet, just tell him that while also praising all the things he already does to let you know he loves you.

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5. Bringing It All Together

Your Cancer guy is ruled by the Moon and as a result, he prefers the soft and gentle approach in his partners to the loud and obnoxious type. So, ditch the full disclosure policy with others while the Cancer is present. He’ll appreciate the two of you being a bit more anonymous. 

He’s not a fan of abrasive humor either. He’ll be the one with a straight face if you crack offensive jokes for kicks and giggles. Stick with puns and other guiltless humor if you want the Cancer laughing for days.

And if you have a bone to pick with the Cancer or someone he knows, it’s best to do it in a subtle, kind way. Pointing fingers and screaming matches would be hell for a Cancer, so it’s important to keep tempers low. 

And if you’re one for tons of time out on the town, I have bad news – since your Cancer man would much prefer that you stay with him rather than galivanting around. 

The Cancer man is deeply loving, caring, and nurturing as a rule, but the behaviors that I mentioned will have them feeling like they miscalculated when they partnered up with you. 

A good rule of thumb for outgoing people dating a Cancer is to turn down the volume about ten notches on your words and behavior. This will appease the Cancer’s need for low stimulation in the relationship arena. And if that doesn’t sound like something that you’re ready to do, then at least you now know what you would have been getting yourself into with a Cancer man!

Have you ever dated a Cancer man? What kind of things drove him totally batty? You’ve got to let us know down below in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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