5 Signs That Your Cancer Ex Does Not Want You Back

Are you still carrying the torch for your Cancer ex? Wondering if there’s still a connection that can work between the two of you? We all hold on – it’s natural – but sometimes, there are clear signs that he doesn’t want you back. It helps to know, so that you can move on and open your heart for new love. 

Are you hoping for a bit of closure on your relationship with your Cancer ex? It’s all too easy to hold on when we still think that there is a chance with him. Cancer men are especially sentimental and emotional, and get super attached to their partners, ex or not. 

However, there are signs that tell you he has moved on. And when you see those signs, it could hurt – badly – but could clear the way for you to move on, too. After all, we all want a chance to be happy and find our Mr. Right. Maybe he isn’t the one for you, and you need to let go. 

It’s never easy to let go, but rest assured that he feels the same way. Cancer men carry the torch for their exes forever, and you’ll always have a place in his heart. But perhaps it’s just not the right time, place or situation, and maybe you’ll be better friends than lovers, anyway! 

So, let’s explore a few indicators that he still wants you in his life, as well as the things that tell you he’s no longer into you: 

How Do You Know If A Cancer Man Still Wants You? 

He Finds Ways To Connect With You

Cancer Man Reaching Out To A Girl

If he really still wants you in his life, he’ll find a way to connect with you, even if you’ve blocked him. This means reaching out to you via social media (i.e., changing his profile picture, sending you a memory of you together, or contacting a mutual friend to ask about you). 

He’ll also do this by talking to your family, especially your mom, or reaching out to your bestie. He wants to connect with you, and will be rather desperate to find a way to do it. Pay attention! 

He Hasn’t Withdrawn

Cancer men withdraw into their crabby shells when they want to be alone. That’s normal. But he always comes out if he wants to be with you. Whether it’s a day or a month, he will emerge to try and find you again. 

This also means that he will reach out emotionally, and still be vulnerable with you about his feelings. You can take this as a sign that he still wants you in his life!  

He Hasn’t Fetched His Things Or Given Yours Back

One of the sneaky ways that you know he still wants you around is if he still has your things at his house, and hasn’t offered to bring them back or asked you to come and collect them! It’s a reminder of you and to win you back, you can be sure of it! 

The same goes If he hasn’t come to get his stuff. Maybe he wants you to remember him and remember all the happy times that you had together – and try again. 

So, now knowing the signs that he does want you around, what are some of the signs that he doesn’t want you back in his life? 

5 Signs That A Cancer Man Does Not Want You Back

1. He’s Totally Withdrawn

Cancer Man Has Totally Withdrawn 

A sure sign that he may not want your relationship back is when he withdraws and goes into his man-cave for an extended period of time… and doesn’t come out. At all. He doesn’t reach out at any point to contact you and tell you about his feelings, or that he misses you, or has a memory of you. 

When there is just absolutely nothing, it’s not just because he’s hurt. It’s because he’s trying to get over you and reaching out will make that worse. It’s a decision for him to try and move on, so you should mirror him and carry on with your life, too. 

2. He’s No Longer Sentimental

Cancer men are probably the most sensitive and sentinel signs of the Zodiac! They revel in memories, and the smallest one often makes them well up with emotions and feelings. Even after a relationship is long gone, they remember the romance! 

If he’s no longer sentimental with you in this way, sending you photos of being together or sharing memories, or if he’s not holding onto his favorite T-shirt you remind him of, you can be quite sure he doesn’t want you back. He’s moved on, in other words. 

3. His Family Isn’t Talking To You – And He’s Not Talking To Yours

Family is all-important for the Cancer man. His mom, especially, takes front and center stage in his life. He’ll have made it his mission to connect with your family over your relationship, who will become like his own family. 

If he no longer in contact with family, the you can be quite sure that he’s started to move on and doesn’t want you as a romantic partner anymore. This is quite a strong sign, so do take heed, as painful as it is.

4. He Has Deleted Photos Of You Together

Cancer Man Has Deleted Photos Of You Together 

Photos are a really big deal for the typical Cancer guy. It’s his precious memories of times with you, and how he holds onto you. If you find he has deleted or untagged pictures of himself with you, then this is a fairly clear sign he doesn’t want to get back together.

It’s a tough one, and can feel a bit heart-breaking. But at least it can help you move on faster! 

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5. He No Longer Tries To Take Care Of you

Cancer men just love taking care of their woman, and if they are still wanting to be with you, they’ll take care of you. They’ll find little ways to show love, such as dropping off a care package for you, sending you messages to as if you are alright or doing an errand for you, even if you have broken up. 

If he’s not doing any of these things anymore, even in the slightest way, he’s either trying to let go, or has fully let go of you. This is not a time to run after him or pine for the relationship. Instead, it’s a sign for you to move on and find your own new love, and take care of yourself. 

It can feel painful not to have his care around, but at the end of the day, you will learn how to be your own very best partner! 

Have you been through a tough breakup with a Cancer man before, or are you going through one now? How did you know it was over? I love hearing from you, my readers. All of your experiences help me to become a better relationship astrologer, so go ahead and share your stories below. 

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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