4 Things Nobody Tells You About Dating a Cancer Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Want to know more interesting things about the Cancer man? Keep reading and I’ll share with you the four things nobody tells you about dating a Cancer man.

Have you ever dated a Cancer man?

Or — Have you ever thought about getting to know a Cancer man, but felt turned off by him or thought he was too closed off or mysterious?

If the answer is yes, my hope is to help you get to know the Cancer man by sharing four things nobody may have ever told you about dating him.

As one of the zodiac’s most loving, nurturing, and considerate signs, Cancer men are excellent lovers and providers, although they do have a moody side.

But underneath the surface they are kind and calm-natured. They value tradition while still honoring and seeking the highest quality of living life has to offer.

Cancer men are loyal counterparts and faithful lovers. They are not known for polygamy or playing the field.

Want to know more interesting things about the Cancer man you may not know?

Keep reading and I’ll share more.

4 Things Nobody Tells You About Dating a Cancer Man

1. They’re Homebodies

When it comes to dating a Cancer man, it’s important to note that they are the proud rulers of the fourth house, the house in astrology that rules one’s place of living, family, and emotional home.

Therefore, when it comes to love, the Cancer man is a natural homebody.

He prefers quiet and private environments, rather than being front and center of a crowd.

Instead of planning an outgoing night out, Cancer men would rather plan a wild night in.

They are typically not party poopers or squares, they just want to party on their own terms, and that means bringing the action to them.

So, if you haven’t noticed yet, a lot of nights for Club Cancer will take place at — you guessed it, home.

2. They’re Hopeless Romantics

Romeo, Casanova, Cupid, and Cancer men all have one thing in common.

Do you know what it is?

Besides them all having a name that begins with a C (except Romeo), what they all share is a common case of “hopeless romantic syndrome.”

They are all plagued with the cureless disease of wanting love at all costs, even when it hurts them.

Known for his watery-moods and extreme sensitivity, the Cancer man is one of the hopeless romantics in the zodiac.

He is always going above and beyond to be there for his special lady, in any way he can.

From sending her flowers, to making sure she’s always happy and fed, the Cancer man takes pride in being a present partner, spouse, and one day, a dad.

3. They Love to Eat

Speaking of making sure his lady is always fed, did you know that the Cancer man loves to eat?

Whether you’re dining in or dining out, it doesn’t matter, food is food to the hungry Cancer man.

But, nevertheless, the woman who can cook herself will gain some easy bonus points in this nurturing man’s heart.

It’s always been his dream to have his own family surrounding him at the dinner table prepared by the woman he adores.

This is a family man, and believe it or not, food is at the center of all his best family memories and moments.

If you want to win his respect or gain his admiration, put some love and soul into your food.

Make him a dish that when he tastes it, he says, “I know exactly how you feel about me.”

4. You Have to Nurture Him

Nurturing Him - 4 Things That Nobody Tells You About Dating A Cancer Man

Much like his water-sign counterparts, the Cancer man can use some extra coddling.

From making sure he has clean clothes, to listening to the latest work drama, these are sensitive men, and they need you to make sure they feel loved and cared for.

A big part of this comes from their need to constantly take care of others.

Can Cancer men be independent?

Yes, most of them are financially independent, but emotionally autonomy is a whole other story.

Therefore, it’s important that you know how needy these men can be, and what that means for your relationship moving forward.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read the top four things nobody ever tells you about dating a Cancer man, do you feel shocked by what you learned, or do you feel like you knew that before?

What are some interesting things you may have learned about the Cancer man through your experience?

Care to share with me in the comments?

I’d love to hear from you.

And if you’re curious to know how your zodiac sign pairs with the Cancer man, take my free compatibility quiz here.

Sending love and light on your relationship journey.

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “4 Things Nobody Tells You About Dating a Cancer Man

  1. I love reading all your articles about cancer men they are true there are some things that I don’t really see in my so called man and that’s because I believe that he has narcissistic tendencies and lies almost on the constant and I believe that for our whole entire relationship it has been based on a lie that just has snowballed into more and more lies and it was turned around on me on the beginning and and had just ever since just been made to make me look like a lying manipulative cheating backstabber and he will be loving and caring and then when I don’t give into what he wants and it’s usually all sexual then he gets mad and upset and accuses me of all sorts of things that aren’t true and belittles me and it has just turned into a nightmare and we have two little boys and they have been affected by this and it’s so hard to deal with cause I have always given into him cause he melts my heart but I can’t honestly say how he feels about me cause he doesn’t talk about anything that he has done to hurt or upset me cause he doesn’t care to I’m just supposed to let it go but I’m just asking if you have any advice or if the stars can tell you something about me

    1. Hi Andrea!

      I think it’s more that Cancer men have a tendency to have obsessive compulsion rather than narcissism. If he learned to lie then yes, he will keep doing so until he realizes how badly he’s destroying his own life and relationships by doing so. Karma does actually eventually square up. I’ve known Cancer men like how you’re describing. I think if he’s toxic for you and your boys then you may want to consider being apart and co-parenting. Your children will figure out the truth for themselves in time. They are super smart. They’d rather see mommy happy than to see mommy torn apart by daddy’s behavior. Trust me on this one honey. Think about it. It’s your situation to decide on but please trust your gut and do what’s best for the kids. Staying with him because of them will not help them. I wish you all the best sweetheart.

  2. As a Cancer man I know they have there certain air of arrogance… still waters flow deep. As such they play the ‘scenario’ game in their head… They day dream and sometimes do not realize it is all a fantasy.

    What they do more than anything is the ‘handle it’. They handle the mailman, they handle the cable people, they handle their best friends, family, and lovers…

    They always handle… everything… because they hate surprise.

    Whether there good of bad occasions, they try to handle it all. Which leads to the tantrum disposition, the moody element, the mystery.

    You can’t handle everyone – it pisses people off.

    Say as much to the man of the moon sign and they will stop, completely, understanding your right because they have done this since birth. And they know it.

    Get past that with the trust intact and it will be a great adventure… experience…a truly weird wild world.

    1. Hi D.D.!

      I’m glad you wrote in and shared what you know based on who you are as a Cancer man. Thank you so much! I’m sure women will find this very useful as will I. I wish you lots of love in your life as you truly deserve it!

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