What To Text A Cancer Man After A Breakup

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you hoping to get him back? Do yourself a favor and keep reading so you can find out exactly what to text a Cancer man after a breakup.

Breaking up with a Cancer man is a hard thing to do. At some point in the relationship, it’s certain that he loved you or at the very least, cared about you quite deeply. Whether he broke it off or you did, there still has to be something there, right?

Are you hoping to get him back? There are some things you should know if that’s the case.

Do yourself a favor and keep reading so you can find out exactly what to text a Cancer man after a breakup.

Does A Cancer Ex Want To Hear From You?

You really have to know whether or not your Cancer ex will actually want to hear from you or not. The truth about Cancer men is that if they were very close to you, then the answer is “yes.”

Most Cancer men will never forget the person they were once very much in love with. So, if the love was there between you two, then he will definitely want to touch base.

There are more things you need to consider before you pick up your phone and start texting him again. The Cancer man is likely very hurt.

It really doesn’t matter if he was the one who broke it off – his heart will still hurt, and he will be in mourning over the loss of you.

The Cancer man is sensitive and requires lots of care when it comes to communicating with him and trying to move forward.

Of course, if this is the opposite situation where he wasn’t into you enough and so it ended, then he may not be quite so welcoming with talking to you.

Look at how things were with your relationship and you’ll know the answer as to what to text a Cancer man after a breakup.

When To Reach Out To A Cancer Ex After A Breakup

When To Reach Out To A Cancer Ex After A Breakup

Did you break up with him out of frustration, but you didn’t really mean it? If he really loved you, then you’ll have to be very understanding of why he’s tucked away in his shell.

Honestly, if you were the one who ended it, then you would need to give him a week or two before you say anything. And when you do, be very gentle. Tell him that you’re sorry for what happened and why.

Tell him that you’re still there for him if he wants to talk. Don’t text again after that for a few more weeks, unless he texts you back.

Treat him the way you would want to be treated if the reverse happened. You would want him to be tender and offer a genuine apology.

Now, if he broke it off with you and you have no idea why, or you don’t believe his excuse, wait for a few weeks.

He needs to think about what he’s done and whether or not it was the right thing. When you do finally decide to message him, you should say: “I will always be here for you.”

It will rattle him because if he thought he did the right thing, he may now have second thoughts and want to talk to you.

Your Cancer guy will miss you and want to know if you still want to be with him. It will open him back up.

How To Reach Out To A Cancer Ex After Breakup

As I mentioned, you shouldn’t ever text him right away after a breakup, unless it’s to apologize. The Cancer man will need time and space to sort what he feels and to work through it.

Do not bombard him with texts! He will decide that you’re irritating or clingy. It makes him want to be very far away from you.

Once you do finally make a breakthrough with him, you need to keep it very calm. Just text him every now and then to let him know you’re still there.

Only text him again if he answers, otherwise, you’ll need to give it more time before you try again. And by more time, I do not mean a few days or a week – I mean weeks, if not a month.

It’s often best if a Cancer man reaches out to you, but it really does depend on how you two left it.

If your Cancer ex actually does text you back, then keep it light and friendly with very simple things like: “How are you?” or “How has your week been?” You can ask him about work or his projects.

Try to avoid talking about feelings unless he initiates. This is where patience plays a huge role in where things will go from there.

Your Cancer Ex Wants To Be Friends Again

Cancer Ex Wants To Be Friends Again

Your Cancer ex may actually take the bait with your small and easy text messages. If he does and you two have a “friend” status, then you’re in!

Friendship can develop into something more (again). He just will need time to see if things will be better between the two of you. If he feels it can be, then the door just may open up again.

Of course, if you’re alright with just friendship, then, by all means, go for it. If you want more than that again, patience is a necessary virtue.

He will be friends with you only if you’re important to him in his life. Take it if you can get it. When you text him as friends, try to be open, truthful, and again, try not to discuss feelings.

Let your Cancer ex initiate discussions about feelings or whatever else he wants to talk about. He’ll let you know if he wants to get back together or not. Enjoy the friendship he is willing to have with you.

If you’ve tried with him and he doesn’t seem responsive as a friend, then your time with him may be finished… but there may still be some things you can do to salvage the relationship.

It’s never over until it’s really over. You’ll know if it gets to that point if he stops talking to you, stops responding, blocks you from everything, and acts like he never knew you.

Just watch for the signs of whether he’s interested in rekindling, interested in friendship, or just wants to be left alone.

You have to abide by his feelings if you ever want to keep any sort of connection with him.

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Other Things You Can Do To Save Your Connection With A Cancer Ex

Did your breakup happen spontaneously, out of left field? Was the Cancer man the initiator?

Maybe you broke up with him thinking that it was for the best, but now you regret it…

Knowing what to text a Cancer man after a breakup can be tough to navigate. I can help you!

I want to share with you some key tools that you can use to win him over again.

Get your Cancer man back to communicating with you regularly.

The Cancer man is a warm, tender, loving guy. If he ever loved you, you can still win him back.

Don’t throw in the towel just because you two broke up unless you’re really ready to let go of him for good.

If you want to save what you had or rebuild it, you’re going to have to do some things.

Be active and take some steps that will lead you in the right direction, back to your Cancer man!

I have formulated some things for you to read that may actually get him on the front burner with you again.

In fact, click here now to learn more about how you can salvage your Cancer union! << 

Take a shot! Give it your best! It never hurts to do everything you can.

I hope you do what is right for you and have all the love you want!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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