5 Ways To Turn A Summer Flirt With A Cancer Man Into A Strong Relationship

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
I am open to showing you my five best ways for transitioning from a summer flirt to a strong relationship with your Cancer man. Let's dive into them!

If you’re in a solid flirtationship with a Cancer man, then you might be wondering how to take the romance to the next level. Cancer men are mysterious, this is true! It can be difficult to figure out what it takes to get them to settle into a serious relationship. 

How do you show the Cancer that you’re interested in a strong relationship? What is he looking for in a relationship? What should you be doing to help him settle down with you?

I’m Anna Kovach, a Relationship Astrologer committed to bringing you the best relationship advice under the Sun. It’s my passion to connect couples using the power of Astrology. 

I am open to showing you my five best tips for transitioning from a casual relationship to something strong with your Cancer man. Join me while I dive into the best ways to make a relationship with a Cancer man rock-solid!

5 Ways To Turn A Summer Flirt With A Cancer Man Into A Strong Relationship

1. Show Him You’re Committed

From Summer Flirt With A Cancer Man Into Strong Relationship

The Cancer man is ruled by the Moon. This means that he embodies all the lunar traits that you can think of. Introverted, sensitive, changeable, and gentle. He’s not your typical manly man. He’s much more in tune with emotions and moods. In fact, more than most men, he desires a committed and stable relationship with his lover.

Cancer’s seek safety above all else. They want what they love to stay within arm’s reach of them at all times. This is why he can’t be with someone who he feels might not be around for too long. He himself is like the ocean waves, ever-changing. He needs his relationship to be an anchor even when he’s volatile. 

Show him you’re committed by following through with your promises. Over the summer, don’t flake out on him. If he senses commitment even before you two are ‘official’ he’ll be far more likely to be comfortable with taking the relationship to the next step before fall arrives.

2. Be Attentive To His Needs

Most men will let you know what their concerns are without hesitation. Not Cancer. He’s a guessing game until the end. In my experience, Cancer men won’t tell you what they need from you unless they are asked directly… and even then, they may hesitate. It’s definitely like pulling teeth! 

I recommend that you learn to follow his patterns. Cancers are cyclical. They often go through a sad patch, a happy time, and some neutral times all within the same week or month. Their needs change during each phase, so it’s important to keep your eyes open for what they require of you. 

It helps if you’re intuitive enough to know what he needs without him telling you. Over time you may begin to get a sense for what you should offer him. However, during this summer, which may be the first you’ve had together, it may help you to ask the right questions and to keep an eye open for his changing moods. 

Once he sees that you’re willing to try to understand him, he’ll realize that you are relationship material. It’s not often that someone takes the time to notice his emotions. It’s not something he’ll forget quickly!

3. Let Him Take Care Of You

Summer Flirt With A Cancer Man

Cancer men have a caring streak within them. Cancer is the sign of the mother, so they tend to find things and people to take care of and tend to. A Cancer without a child, pet project, or other outlet for their parental nature will quickly feel listless. 

I’m not suggesting that you let him baby you (although…), but it helps the Cancer more than you know to allow him to keep you safe. Cancers, despite not being the manliest man of the Zodiac, are often physically strong. They are so concerned with protecting themselves and others that they become burly enough to be scary to those that might harm them. 

Tell the Cancer how grateful you are that he’s there for you. Allow him to hold you when you cry. Tell him when things in your life are going wrong, and them allow him to help fix it or comfort you.

4. Maintain An Emotional Connection

If you haven’t picked it up yet, Cancers are incredibly emotional. They are water signs, which means their energy tends to be internal and vague. They have a lot of feelings but could struggle putting a finger on what they are specifically. 

When you’re attempting to bring a Cancer man into a strong relationship, he must be able to feel your emotions and know that you feel his. This can be tricky since the Cancer man is guarded. It’s difficult to attain this before the end of single summer, but you can always show him you’re interested in diving deeper into his inner life. 

In my experience, the best way to get the Cancer to let you into his emotional world is to ask him lots of questions. Show him you’re interested in his opinions and his interpretation of the world. Knowing this information and then using it to better show him your love is the goal. When he realizes that you won’t use his private thoughts against him then he’s going to become more open to a long-term relationship.  

5. Be Gentle

When dealing with a Cancer, my number one tip is to be gentle and understated. Don’t be forceful with him. Don’t speed him along if the romance is progressing slower than what you expect. Just walk patiently beside him while he gets his bearings with you. 

Cancers are easily spooked. They are not going to stick around with someone who makes them, their ideas, or the people they love feel threatened. This is why gentle acceptance of the Cancer as a whole is the best approach. 

The Cancer man will feel safe with you when you make kindness a theme in your life. 

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Wrapping Up

The Cancer man has particular needs in a long-term relationship. He could have fears and insecurities about going deeper with someone because he doesn’t know if they’re ‘safe’ or not. Show a Cancer man that he’s free to be himself around you and eventually his guards will go down. 

Be gentle and kind with the Cancer. Show him you can handle his moods and never shame him for being emotional. Allow him to care for your needs so that he feels useful. 

How can you assist your Cancer in feeling safe around you? What method do you feel will work best for you on this list? Let me know what your plan is in the comments! 

If you desire more information on how to turn a casual relationship with the Cancer man into something more solid, then I know you’ll appreciate my guide Forever Love With A Cancer Man. I dive into all of the nitty gritty details that will assist you in keeping a Cancer man by your side. 

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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