5 Secrets To A Happy Marriage With A Cancer Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
No marriage is easy, of course. That in mind I have a bunch of secrets I have to spill to teach you how to have a happy marriage with your Cancer man.

Aren’t you a lucky girl! Being married to a Cancer man must feel like domestic bliss! These men are fantastic at relationships and really know how to make their partners feel loved and cared for.

A Cancer guy really knows how to go above and beyond when caring for a partner. You will find that this man is usually two steps ahead and really knows how to anticipate your needs. Of course, he has his flaws, I mean who doesn’t?

At times he can be quite needy, and there are moments where he is definitely moody, but this just shows how uniquely sensitive and empathetic he is as a man. This man feels everything and this is why forming a strong and deep connection with his partner is so important to him.

No marriage is easy, of course, but being married to a Cancer man does help. He is more likely to try and work and fix things if they go wrong in the marriage. He will always give his 100% and all he really expects from you is to be there for him and show him the love and support he deserves.

But if you are looking for more ways in which you can show him how much you care then keep on reading. I have a bunch of secrets I have to spill to teach you how to have a happy marriage with your Cancer man.

5 Secrets To A Happy Marriage With A Cancer Man

1. Be Sensitive And Caring To His Needs

Happy Marriage With A Cancer Man

It is important to note that the sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon in Astrology is the planetary body that rules our emotions, feelings, and our need for security in life. And because the Moon changes signs every two days, it makes sense why your Cancer husband can be quite up and down with his moods.

He is very sensitive and he feels everything so deeply. There might be times where he overreacts or misconstrues something you have said, so it is important to note to be rather gentle with him.

He is the type of guy who will overanalyze everything you say to him in detail. He drives himself crazy with all the overthinking sometimes and this is why it is so important for you to be really patient with him and reassure him about how you feel about him.

There is a level of insecurity that comes through being a Cancer. They just want to know that someone cares about them and sees them as valuable and important. When they feel this support, there isn’t much they can’t do.

Having the love and support of a partner tends to really motivate a Cancer man because he feels compelled to protect the people he loves and cares for most.

2. Don’t Take His Moods Personally

You probably noticed way before you ever got married that your Cancer man can be rather, well, crabby for the lack of a better word. One day he is on top of the world feeling fantastic and the next he is feeling rather depressed and anxious.

You never quite know what you are going to get with your Cancer guy, and this is why you shouldn’t take his moods too personally. It is important to remember that his moods aren’t your responsibility to take care of. He is an adult and he needs to learn the maturity to figure them out on his own.

Just remember as quickly as his foul mood has come along, it’ll dissipate into something more cheerful just as quickly. You are going to have to learn how to adjust an awful lot, but it is most important that you don’t take any of this personally.

This is when that saying “it isn’t you, it’s them,” comes into action. Be patient with him, but by no means do you have to take on his craziness.

3. Give Him The Security He Desires

A Healthy Marriage With A Cancer Man

A Cancer man is a lot like a Taurus man in many ways. He is concerned with safety and security in his life. Once he loves and cares about something, he will go out of his way to nurture and protect it.

If you are ever in need of defending, your Cancer man will be there in an instant. When someone he loves feels hurt, he will go out of his way to make it right. He feels the need to keep his little bubble protected.

But this means that when his security feels threatened, he can get quite anxious and nervous. This is when he needs your reassurance that everything is going to be okay. Just remember a Cancer man is extremely intuitive.

So, he can feel when the energy in the air doesn’t feel quite the same. He is very sensitive to the moods of others especially. If you’re ever feeling a little off or not yourself it would be best for you to express how you are feeling and make sure that he understands that he didn’t do anything wrong.

Unfortunately, because he is so sensitive, he can very well see a change in the air as a personal attack and feel like he has done something wrong. It can be a tedious task at times, but you are going to have to get used to doing a lot of reassurance in your marriage.

4. Make Sure He Knows That Family Comes First

Cancer men make wonderful partners and even more wonderful parents. These guys really value the importance of family above everything else. They are determined to form close bonds and connections with the people in their life, but above all family comes first to them.

A Cancer man is an amazing father and he will do his very best to give his children the life they deserve. Even if the two of you don’t end up having a family of your own, you will notice that he has a couple of people in his life who he treats like his chosen family.

Nurturing and taking care of others is so important to a Cancer man. He needs people in his life to take care of and to give his support. If you want a happy marriage with your Cancer man, you need to realize that family comes first and that there are going to be many family gatherings you are going to have to attend.

Feeling this closeness with the people in his life is important to him, so you better make it important for yourself as well if you want this marriage to work.

5. Give Him Ample Space

Cancer Man Happy In Marriage

Sometimes a Cancer man can also be a little bit of a contradiction. On the one hand, he can be needy and insecure and need a lot of attention from you, and on the other hand, he can be so moody and need a lot of time on his own.

The nature of being with a Cancer man is needing to realize that you are going to have to learn to go with the flow. There are going to be times where you just need to give him his space to brood and get over whatever it is that is bothering him.

However, it will be really valuable for the two of you to learn how to communicate with each other in a really honest yet kind manner. He needs to know how his moods influence you, and he also needs to learn how to communicate his desires with you without getting too passive-aggressive.

Ask him to express when he needs affection from you, and when he needs you to give him space. If the two of you can learn when to express your desires to each other, then this marriage is destined to work.

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