How To Reverse A Break Up With A Cancer Man

Are you going through a break up with a Cancer man, but not ready for it to be over? Are you wondering if there is a way to reverse things and get your relationship back? 

If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place.

Through relationship advice and astrology, I can help you turn things around and fix your relationship with a Cancer man. 

In this post, I will be sharing five ways to reverse a break up with a Cancer man. 

Keep reading for more. 

Leave Him Alone – You Both Need to Let Emotions Settle & Heal

Tips To Reverse A Break Up With A Cancer Man

When it comes to dating and fixing a broken relationship with a Cancer man, it’s best to leave him alone at the very beginning. 

Instead of texting him or calling him repeatedly or showing up at his house, give him some space. 

As a sensitive water sign, the Cancer man withdraws and pulls inward when he is hurt or feels threatened. 

Not giving the relationship the proper amount of time to heal right after the break up could ruin any chance of success. 

However, when you relax and give it some time before you reach out, you allow the Cancer man to calm down and better understand his emotions. He’s more likely to open up and potentially talk it out. 

It’s also important that you don’t give the Cancer man too much space. As a needy person, he can sometimes get involved in casual flings to take his mind off his break up with you. 

But most Cancer men are so in love with their significant other that it takes them years to move on. 

These romantic crabs have soft hearts, they are very loyal to those they love. 

Be The Bigger Person – ApologizeBe The Bigger Person – Apologize to Cancer Man

After you’ve given the Cancer man the space he needs to heal and calm down, reach out to him and ask to meet. Let him know that you are ready to talk in person. 

Once you and the Cancer man meet, make sure you keep the conversation light and causal. Don’t dive into the sensitive topics straight away. 

Rather than discussing the issue directly, apologize first. Be the bigger person and let him know that regardless of the circumstance you care about him. Tell the Cancer man how much you want to make the relationship work. 

But being a cardinal water sign, the Cancer man wants more than irresistible words and empty promises, the Cancer man wants you to express your love through action. He wants you to show him that you’re ready to make things work for the right reasons. 

So, while you’re being the bigger person or apologizing to the Cancer man, make sure you only say what you mean and establish commitments you will keep. 

The last thing you want to do when you’re trying to reverse your break up and get back with a Cancer man is lose his trust. 

If you want him back, be the bigger person. Apologize or reach out. 

Kindly & Directly Address The Issue That Caused The Breakup

Once you’ve broken the ice and are both ready to talk, kindly and directly address the issue that caused your breakup. 

If there was an issue about miscommunication and lack of affection, address it. If there was an issue about infidelity or lack of commitment, address it. Because the only way you will move on is if you clear the air. 

Your new relationship with the Cancer man will not survive unless you let go of the past. 

Over the years, I’ve found that Cancer men do well in therapy or having a mentor. It helps them constructively express their feelings and thoughts. 

Therefore, if you both consent and have the ability to do so, it may be helpful to seek out the services of a licensed therapist or couples’ mentor to help you work through any subconscious defense mechanisms you may be harboring. 

Even if you choose to work through your issues yourselves, be gentle and respectful in heated moments. Keep a level head. Don’t let your feelings get the best of you. 

Take Things Slow – Work On Rebuilding Trust

Building Trust With Cancer Man - Reversing A Breakup With Cancer Man

Once you’ve talked things out and cleared the air, you and the Cancer man can slowly work on rebuilding a healthy friendship and a solid foundation of trust.

Like the beginning of your rebuilding phase (when you first broke up), you need to take this “dating again” process slow.  

As a sensual lover, the Cancer man can easily attach himself to someone he cares about. However, his deep sensitivity can make him somewhat of a skeptic after he’s been hurt. It’s hard for him to give his all during his second time at love. 

Therefore, you need to be patient. Don’t rush back into where you left off, ask yourself, how can we use the last time around as practice (as experience) to create something more sustainable, something that we both want to last forever, if not a long time?

By doing this, you help the Cancer man create new memories. This way he isn’t always nagging or referring back to the painful memories of your breakup. 

Wait Until You’re Both Willing & Ready

Reversing A Break Up With Cancer Man

With the Moon as his planetary ruler (the fastest orbiting celestial body), the Cancer man is always changing his mood. 

One day he may decide that he’s ready to work things out and commit to the relationship again long-term, and the next he’s thinking about walking away.

To avoid the back-and-forth episodes that come with the Cancer man, be consistent. Focus on setting up daily habits and activities that you can do together. 

For example, maybe on Wednesdays you go for walks or Saturday mornings you meet for brunch — something that you both commit to sharing together. 

Another way to avoid the Cancer man changing his mind about getting back together, is only talking about commitment until both of you are ready. 

If he’s not ready or doesn’t want to talk about it, leave it alone. You both will know when it comes time to decide. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to reverse your breakup with a Cancer man, how will you win your crab back? 

If you’re wondering why your relationship didn’t last, you can take my free love compatibility quiz here.

Sending you love on your journey. I hope it works out! 

Your sister and friend, 

Anna Kovach 

4 thoughts on “How To Reverse A Break Up With A Cancer Man

  1. Hi Anna. I purchased your ebook aries woman and cancer man, that is very useful.

    Long time acquaintance, with a strong mutual attraction. 9 months ago he finally asked my number, we started texting, calling and dating. A little bit hot and cold at the beginning, then he came on strong and consistent. Strong connection, we both opened up about our feelings.

    One month ago, suddenly he asked for a break up, (personal issues ) he said maybe we will restart again in the future,that he hopes I can understand that this break up is no easy for him because he doesn’t want this to stop.

    I accepted his decision without drama and chasing, but telling him that I will miss him. He went totally silent for two weeks. I reached out to checking in. He answered warmly saying he misses me, and again said “maybe one day”.

    After that,
    I didn’t reach out again, because I felt like a plan B.

    Silence again for two weeks, then he posted a picture with his ex.

    I deleted his number without saying anything to him, I feel so hurt and sad. I met him but I ignored him.

    I thought his feelings were genuine, the connection was real and deep, but maybe I made I mistake. I think this is the end of this connection. What do you think?

    Aries sun, cancer moon and scorpio rising.

    1. Hi Aries!

      Something is wrong in his personal life. There has to be more to the situation with the ex than he cares to explain. Perhaps she is pregnant or had his baby. There is something he’s not saying. I get the feeling it’s a blackmail sort of situation. She needs him and so he’s obliged to take care of of her. I am so sorry he put you through this. I do think he still deeply cares for you. She’s got something on him and is manipulating him. If she wasn’t then he would never tell you “maybe one day”. I hope you see what I mean. I don’t think you made a mistake but yes, I think it’s probably done at least for now. It’s probably best for you to just let him go. Try to work on your own path and then maybe later when he fixes his situation, he can come back and show you. You could end up meeting someone new entirely that will give you all you deserve in love. Wishing you all the best!

      1. Dear Anna,
        Thank you so much for your reply. I let him go, and I respect his decision, I don’t chase anyone. I feel hurt, the connection was strong and I really miss him. But I am trying to move on, even though It is not easy. He didn’t reach out after that “maybe one day”. Total silence. I know ignoring a cancer man doesn’t help, but I can’t hide my feelings and disrespect my shuttered heart. If I see him around I ignore him, even though he always stares at me.
        Thanks again for your thoughts.

  2. Dear Anna,
    Thank you so much for your reply. I let him go, and I respect his decision, I don’t chase anyone. I feel hurt. He didn’t reach out after that “maybe one day”. Total silence. I know ignoring a cancer man doesn’t help, but I can’t hide my feelings and disrespect my shuttered heart. If I see him around I ignore him, even though he always stares at me.
    Thanks again for your thoughts.

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