How To Attract A Cancer Man In April 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Cancer man in April 2021? The planets change every month, and events in April might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

Cancer man is feeling quite low in April. It’s Aries season, and this is possibly the worst mix of energy. Aries is loud, fiery, aggressive and competitive. Cancer is compassionate, sensitive, intuitive, and emotional. Overall, such a strong fiery energy confuses him and makes him feel disconnected from his true self. Luckily, he still has a lot of strength reserved from Pisces season! So, don’t despair. There are still ways to connect with him and make him realize you are worth his affection and care. 

How To Attract A Cancer Man In April 2021

1. Protect And Nurture… With Creativity

Protect and nurture: this is your mantra for April. Cancer qualities include an extreme desire to protect and serve. He is nurturing and protective, deeply instinctual too. He looks for the same in a partner. He will need extra care and emotional support this month. He needs to find the light and focus on his strengths, there will be a tendency to fall into mild or even major depression. Despite the springtime energies, there is a lot of harsh and brash energy around. 

Show him how supportive and nurturing you are but with a ‘creative twist.’ Bring him into the light, into his strengths and talents, through helping him leave the darkness. The same applies with vice versa, bring him out of his darkness and despair and into the light. Creativity and imaginative gifts are his light. The Cancer man is one of the most artistic and imaginatively gifted signs of the Zodiac.

By aligning with creativity and his ability to channel universal archetypes, concepts and ideas, he will see the positivity within and around. Some people don’t see how certain qualities can be synergistic, or synonymous. For a Pisces, for example, spiritual and psychic gifts are often synergistic with creativity and artistic talents. A Pisces finds strength and abilities in both of these areas through subtle energy. 

For the Cancer man, the same is true – caring and protective qualities are tied into his creativity. If you can find the perfect balance between the two, you will find an amazingly optimistic and open man happy to connect and share with you…

2. Shine Like The Sun

Attracting A Cancer Man In April 2021

He really needs some love and laughter this month. Aries season signifies how much positivity and light there is in the world, and how important it is to connect to it. Yes, Aries may be the child of the Zodiac, immaturity and impulsiveness are two of the worst traits – not to mention the Aries temper tantrums! Yet, they are also extremely positive and know how to bring out the best in people. They believe in optimism and high-spirits.

Cancer needs this in April. The more you shine and are free to be yourself, the more comfortable he feels. The Cancer man is very connected to his environment and inner and outside worlds. He sees everything is interconnected; he is attuned to a frequency of “oneness.” This means he feels a close affinity and bond with everyone because he is connected to an emotional frequency. He is amazingly empathic and sensitive – his empathy is arguably extraordinary. 

Simply being is enough to raise his spirits. If you’re happy and upbeat, he’s happy and upbeat… if you shine and are full of joy, he shines and is full of joy… When you choose to see the positivity in any situation, so will he… Hopefully you get the picture! 

3. Step Into Self-Leadership

Take an assertive role this month. Please, whatever you do, don’t abuse this sensitive and compassionate watery man! He is naturally submissive with a self-sacrificing nature. He longs for connection and bonding, soulmate love and companionship, and he is deeply nurturing and emotionally vulnerable. This is a strength, not a weakness. If you’re someone who sees kindness and sensitivity as a weakness you should not go after this man. It won’t work in the long haul. 

On a positive note, you can be more direct and self-assertive for success. He is open to being led and guided. Guide him with love, light, empathy, and compassion. Show him the way! Remind him of his talents and soul gifts, successes and strengths. 

Also, consider looking up your relationship compatibility. Knowing the ins and outs of both your and his personality will help you tune into the characteristics needed, also showing you which ones to avoid or “tone down.” As it is Aries season, you should be mindful of his desire to be led by a powerful and confident woman. If you like to be the boss and use your femininely assertive strength to steer a relationship, now is the time to do so. 

4. Let Him Care For You

Cancer Man Attraction April 2021

Above anything else, the Cancer man will always be a nurturer. He loves to care for his loved ones, friends, family and partner. This is where he draws his strength! In other words, to find himself this month and step into personal authority he will need to connect to his caring side. Something as simple as raising your light and supporting you gives him a boost. In addition to being caring he is also extremely intuitive, so much so he is clairvoyant.

Talk about psychic gifts, spiritual powers, and dreams. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The moon, of course, represents feminine energy, the subconscious, and qualities like magnetism and receptivity. Nurturance, empathy and instincts come under the moon’s influence. So, this is where he shines! 

Mention a vivid dream that provided deep insight. Share stories of astral travel or projection, or lucid dreaming. Not only will these allow him to see you in a favorable light, as a soulmate and potential “real deal” partner, it will also spark something inside of him that empowers him. The Cancer man is a gentle but multi-talented soul. He needs attention and special care.

5. Be Mindful Of His Sensitive Nature

Aries season means he is feeling very sensitive. He feels confident and grounded in earth months, and completely self-empowered in water months. But, during the season of the ram, there is a sense of dread and doubt. It can be confusing for him; he likes to feel and suss out people and environments. His instincts are highly evolved and fine-tuned – he is at one with the emotional and watery realms of existence. 

The energy of Aries makes him super-sensitive and disconnected from his core self. He feels like he’s swimming lost at sea, not connected to the shoreline and coasts that ground him. Also, you need to remember that many people come alive during April. There is so much upbeat optimism, fiery zest, and enthusiasm that they exist on a whole new frequency altogether. 

Until the 19th, you will need to pay him extra care and support. Be as nurturing, caring, and lovingly supportive as possible. Things will ease up from the 20th when the Sun enters Taurus. Cancer and Taurus are deeply compatible, thus there is a harmonious energy there. The Full Moon in Scorpio will also bring some much-needed inner peace to this soulful man’s inner vibration.

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

You should do everything in your power to uplift this soulful and emotional man during Aries season. He has many talents, is incredibly nurturing and providing, and loves to converse about spirituality, dreams, and the occult. Although he is feeling more down and stuck in a rut than in other months, he’s also open to loving and assertive guidance. Help him to see the light, strength and positivity all around him (and within!). 

Remember the power of knowing his personality traits, strengths and weaknesses too. Check out the Cancer man secrets

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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