Cancer Man Horoscope For September 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly September predictions for your Cancer man. Things to know about your Cancer man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello my Sweethearts and welcome to September’s reading for your Cancerian Guy.

Whether you are looking to enhance romance, have more success dating or improve your marriage with Cancer Guy, this is the guide for you, because we aim to unpack all the planetary trends for this month and let you know how it will be affecting his mood, his levels of desire and other aspects of his life or your joint life this month.

September is quite interesting because we have the New Moon in Virgo conjunct Mercury as it goes direct, Venus goes direct in Leo and Jupiter is going retrograde in Taurus, so just like the weather this time of year, as the seasons change, can be a little bit topsy turvy, things in our relationships are also more unpredictable right now and yet there’s lots of scope for greater understanding, more kindness and also creativity in romance.

The main planets triggered this month are Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus and these are all planets with a divine spark. It’s fantastic for connectivity, spiritual growth and greater awareness on a psychic level in relationships.

So while on the surface things can be a little bit muddy, at a deeper level everything’s really beginning to click.

So without any further ado, let’s have a look at all the main planetary activities this week.

Venus goes direct in Leo – 4th of September

Venus has been retrograde for about six weeks and this has made relationships slightly more challenging, it was required that you put more thought into the way you expressed affection for each other. It was essential to be tolerant and forgiving, and sometimes boundaries had to be redrawn.

In general, relationships needed rebalancing with more fair distribution of give and take. So hopefully you worked on all those aspects of your relationship with Cancer Guy and now that Venus is going direct, it’s a great time for treating each other, enjoying little luxuries together and rewarding yourselves.

All relationships need an element of spoiling and celebration, so this can be a great time for special little gifts and surprises. Gifts don’t have to be expensive, but they do have to be thoughtful and it’s amazing what a difference that makes.

This is also a time when it’s important to be generous with compliments, let Cancer Guy know how much he means to you, how much you appreciate the things he does and don’t forget to mention the quirky little things that are unique to him which you cherish.

Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus – 5th September

During this time, he sometimes undergoes a certain crisis of conscience, he can question whether he’s doing the right thing, he’s more concerned about the direction his life has taken and where it’s heading. This can actually be a good time for a mini life audit where he gets to think about the avenues he’s pursuing and if they are really a good fit in terms of his ethical standards or his ideals in life.

He does tend to be quite idealistic right now and this can make him sensitive, so he can be more easily moved by things that might not necessarily affect him normally, and this can really change the way he sees life. It’s actually a good time for him to get a perspective by hanging out with totally new people, or inviting different opinions into his life.

This is an ideal time for you guys to push yourselves out of comfort zones in order to get a clearer view of the opportunities that are available.

He’s generally quite restless right now and more likely to questions certain aspects of his life, but if you are happy to talk this through with him, a whole new range of experiences can come into view.

Do encourage him in his career, because this is a great time for gaining more knowledge on technological and cutting edge subjects, and there’s a potential for him to branch into those areas or use them more within his career l.

While this shouldn’t be a time when you guys are overly cynical, it may be a time when Cancer Guy actually begins to distrust some of the people or the institutions in his life, and this can make him change the compass and look for other leaders to follow or ways to again insight into future decisions.

This can be a rather spiritual phase for him, where he is quite dreamy and idealistic as he’s almost looking for a greater meaning and purpose to pin his hopes on and his perspectives can shift rather subtly.

New Moon in Virgo Trine Uranus – 14th September

This represents an excellent time for going out with friends, city breaks and escaping the routine. In fact, right now variety is the spice of life, so you and Cancer Guy should be broadening your perspectives, hanging out with new people and also having more contact with friends and family. It’s easy for him to feel lonely and isolated, so it’s absolutely vital for him to have a lot of activity and distractions in his life.

This tends to be a lively time and indicates a period when the tempo of life is picking up and things should feel more interesting, and it’s also a promising time when new information can come into your life that will help you to get a clearer perspective on the decisions you should make.

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Mercury goes direct in Virgo – 16th September

Mercury going direct in Virgo is particularly helpful for Cancer Guy as it’s much more conducive to his communications, to negotiating and to signing contracts. This is a great time for short distance travel and it should be easier for him to coordinate with his colleagues and make some good business decisions. This is also a suitable time for mass communications, working harder at his social media, doing more writing and publishing for the purpose of hobbies or to further his business interests.

In terms of relationships, he really enjoys communication and it’s important for you guys to brainstorm together, to act as sounding boards for each other, to generate ideas, etc. as this tends to be a solution-rich time. So even if you guys have certain problems right now, you should find it easier to deal with admin, bureaucracy and also to do analysis that will help you reach your financial goals and get more organized.

Relationships that are based a lot on communication media, like long-distance relationships, can certainly step up a notch and become a lot more lively and fulfilling.

Theme of the Month – This is a great time to reinforce his self-confidence by reminding him of his talents and being supportive of his aims. Cancer man is sometimes a little bit self-effacing, he doesn’t like to make a fuss, but he certainly enjoys any level of care and concern that you show to him. It’s a time to be confident in the relationship and approach problems and opportunities with zeal and a desire to succeed and prevail.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 14th of September to the 29th of September this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

The waxing phase is great for new diets, fitness regime and joining a gym. A good time for activities and businesses connected to the service industry or animals. Recruitment and skills training is successful. Excellent for his relationship with colleagues. Networking, political and group activities are favored. A good time for activism. Attending large group events and festivals is favored. A great time to hang out with new friends.

Good for property matters, home improvements, family events and having family to stay. Catering and hospitality businesses are successful.

Avoid: He needs to be cautious in new financial dealings and making brand new speculative investments.

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Week 1 – Taking the High Road

This is a week to be practical and hardworking within your relationship, this is excellent for couples who are pragmatic and who enjoy working on concrete goals together. This is certainly a time when you can increase your financial security through good decisions and you may also enjoy shopping together and buying things to enhance your lives, your social lives, or your home itself.

It’s important for you both to uphold high standards, this is not a time when you should slip into any negative behavior, it’s important to be both positive and kind at all times. Even when little things like some jealousy and envy creep in, try not to let that get the better of you. There are times this week when Cancer Guy can be a little bit possessive, and you may feel he’s becoming rather controlling, but it’s simply the way he expresses his protective instinct which is strongly aroused right now and you shouldn’t be concerned.

Week 2 – Always Take The Weather With You

During this week, Cancer Guy can be quite preoccupied, it’s a time where he is doing a lot of thinking, he may be doing research and things are rather busy at his work as well. He’s not as affectionate right now and as a partner this is a time when you need to support him, be a good listener and be willing to change tack at a moment’s notice, because he is a lot more unpredictable.

Cancerians can be quite changeable, simply because they are very quick to respond to changes in the emotional atmosphere which they pick up almost psychically. Thus during this time, he tends to be quite opportunistic and that means that he’s eager to run with new things as soon as they arise. It’s not a time when he necessarily sticks to schedules or keeps promises because he sees everything as a dynamic environment and he’s adapting.

So this is probably a good time to be flexible and not try to do anything in romance that’s rather contrived, he likes to be amongst crowds and among people, he’s less likely to be his normal homebody self.

Week 3 – Fun With The Sun

This week is actually a very good one if you guys are traveling for work or for pleasure, it’s a time when you need a mixture of work and total relaxation. Cancer Guy can become quite easily overwhelmed right now, this is probably not the best month to introduce discussions about heavily charged emotional matters or things that are likely to upset him.

He’s wearing his heart quite close to his sleeve right now, he’s more easily swayed by emotions and less likely to be rational, so it’s probably a good time to avoid any activities that require a certain toughness or pragmatism. He’s far more likely to err on the side of idealism, escapism and sentimentality and these are not often helpful to making progress.

Do respect his intuition as he’s feeling his way along and sometimes he’s a little bit quiet, but that doesn’t mean he’s being evasive, he’s just beginning to get a grip of things on at an emotional level.

This is not a time when he likes to be cajoled and if you put pressure on him, he will simply slip away because he needs a little bit of his own space.

Week 4 – Charity Start at Home

This week the Sun enters Libra and Mars is already in Libra, and this indicates an exciting time for events on the family front. There may be some big family birthdays coming up soon and it’s also a good thing time to start getting things in order in your home before either the summer or winter season kicks in.

Personal matters come to the fore and you guys probably need to be quite decisive when it comes to issues that you need to attend to for the benefit of the family. This is a great time for doing DIY and any renovations, but the idea is to fix things within your personal sphere for the purpose of making your life a lot more comfortable and also prosperous.

Sometimes this is a time when you guys contemplate really long-term decisions and start debates about where you all might be as a family five years from now, and then what you need to put in place now to ensure success during that period. This is certainly a more proactive week in terms of Cancer man, this week he’s eager to jump on things and take action, rather than to avoid, although bear in mind, he’s still a little bit volatile emotionally, so sometimes his reactions can be out of proportion.

Summing Up

This is rather a good month for you guys experimenting, thinking bigger and doing things slightly different than before. The success of this month is all about both of you having an open mind, it’s important to support each other, and you as Cancer Guy’s partner need to be the one who’s fairly pragmatic because sometimes he is more likely to veer towards an idealistic, lateral type of thinking.

This is a great month for working together as a team, because, although you may both think of things in different ways, together you can achieve a holistic perspective that will help shape the rest of the year to the benefit of your relationship and family.

Romance right now is more powerful when you guys are with friends, having lots of social stimulation and also being in novel surroundings with a brand new atmosphere.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Cancer Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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