Cancer Man Horoscope For June 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly June predictions for your Cancer man. What will his mood be for the spring season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, it’s already June, and it’s time to look ahead and see what the month is looking like for Cancer Man.

This month Venus is in Cancer, the Sun moves into Cancer, and this is great news in terms of his ability to open up, give and receive affection; and it’s also quite a good time for him to begin to get a new perspective on life.

It’s ideal for some of his personal initiatives to begin, especially if these can help take your lives in new directions. It’s a fairly good time for brand new relationships, however, there is a little bit of tentativeness and shyness within him at the beginning of the month, but as his Sun moves into Cancer, he’ll be feeling more outgoing and more able to express himself. However, the first part of the month is the time when his emotions tend to be demonstrated in a way that is much more subtle and variable.

It’s important to be tender with him, don’t shatter his illusions, and it’s important not to be too blunt or too straightforward. He’s feeling a little bit emotional now, and sometimes he needs to be let down gently or handled with kid gloves.

This can be a very good month for the finances as Venus moves into Leo and during this time he’ll probably be feeling quite generous and it’s a good time for you guys to splash out on important purchases to enhance your home or bring you some pleasure. It’s also a good time to do things to make life easier.

Sun in Gemini Square Saturn in Pisces (19th June)

This is a time when Cancer Guy can be quite ambivalent about things. He’s probably holding two different opinions in his head at the same time, and there’s some degree to which he is emotionally or sentimentally attached to certain ideas, whereas the more logical forward-looking side of himself is pulling him in a different direction.

There may be just a little bit of sadness that he has to let go of certain things, but it’s important to remind him that as we grow, we have to shed our skin; we have to cast off what is outworn. Many a time during our lives, in order to evolve, we are implored by the universe to focus on what is fresh and exciting and to look at what is ahead rather than indulging in nostalgia.

Sometimes his weakness this month is that he over-glamorizes the past with almost rose-colored glasses, which can be a little bit unhelpful, but remember it’s not good to shatter his illusions about the past; it’s better just to help him focus on the future with more eagerness.

Mercury Square Saturn (16th June)

This is a time when he has self-doubts, he lacks a little bit of confidence and he doesn’t feel certain, so even with respect to things that he knows he’s good at, he’s less likely to understand his full power.

In relationships, he’s also rather doubtful about the best way to proceed. It’s a time when he is unsure of what to do and how to go about it, but you can help him by taking the pressure off, not being critical and allowing him time to resolve things in his own way.

In fact, if he is spiritually inclined, this is a wonderful time for a little bit of meditation and mindfulness. He certainly does require time and space to just sit back or maybe do a little bit of reading, whether it’s philosophical books, the Bible or other self-help books, as these can actually be quite useful to him in order to help settle the doubts in his mind.

Mercury enters Gemini (12th June)

This is definitely quite an escapist placement for Cancer Guy, he may be slightly more withdrawn, and since he enjoys the aesthetic things in life, it’s a great time for you guys to appreciate movies, music, or short trips away.

It’s an ideal week for him to release the pressure valve, it’s important for him to focus on his mental health, and that means a good work-life balance, getting enough sleep and fresh air. It’s more likely that his sleep will be restless and troubled, so he needs to pay more attention to diet and to avoiding caffeine and stimulants that will keep him awake.

This is a time when a lot is going on in his head, and it could be helpful for him to write a journal or a dream diary just to keep track of the process that he’s going through. This is definitely a more thoughtful and reflective phase for him, so don’t be disconcerted if he is more likely to avoid in-depth discussions and enjoy his own company.

Mercury Trine Pluto (12th June)

He has excellent powers of concentration; however, there’s a fine line between being able to focus on an important goal or becoming fixated on something negative or which is not very important. So it’s essential for him to hone in on what is essential and use his mental tenacity during this time to remedy situations or to gain greater understanding.

Sun enters Cancer (21st June)

This is a phase where he once again emerges from his shell, his confidence begins to pick up, and he starts feeling more outgoing, so it’s a better time to start the ball rolling and begin actioning many of the initiatives that you guys have been talking about. He’s warm and generous when dealing with yourself and other people, his sense of humor has returned, he’s quite playful, and he is ready to embrace life again.

He’s more purposeful, and it feels as if he’s more present.

Venus enters Leo (6th June)

This indicates that most of this month is suitable for making purchases and investments. It’s a good time for you guys to maybe use some of your savings to make an important purchase or in turn to buy an asset that would make your life easier, like a new car, solar panels or a new kitchen.

This also indicates that he is more affectionate and tactile but that he needs more hugs and physical closeness too. He is very responsive to being treated; he loves it if you buy him little gifts and remember his favorite things. He could have a birthday coming up at the end of the month, so this year it would be a really good idea to make a big deal of his birthday; he kind of needs that extra boost right now.

Venus opposite Pluto (6th June)

This aspect is particularly favorable for new relationships and dating, but there are some cautions. He tends to be quite sensitive, and he picks up on things you may not realize, so when you’re dating him, you have to be really careful about what thoughts you are having.

If you’re on a date, but you’re really worried about work or how you look or something like that, he will pick up any bit of negativity that you’re projecting, and he could take it quite personally. So, it’s very important when you’re dating him to be mindful and focused on the date, and if you’re not feeling up for it, just be honest and say it’s not a good time for you.

It’s also important in dating Cancer Guy that you keep your own boundaries up because he’s quite persuasive right now, and he can draw you into situations that maybe you aren’t particularly comfortable about. If you feel that he’s becoming too dependent on you, which is something you need to watch out for because he does have insecurities right now, and you don’t want to be drawn into a position where you are accountable for too much of his emotional well-being.

Theme of the MonthThe theme this month is gaining a deeper understanding through contemplation. On the surface, he may feel a bit all discouraged and unmotivated, at times, he is confused, but he is looking for solutions and a positive way forward.

This is a fantastic month for him to understand what truly makes him happy or passionate. If he does feel apathetic, then it’s a key indication that he is moving in the wrong direction and needs to put that right. As the month goes on, he will pull himself out of this mood and he will realize the solution is right in front of him and he will be able to move forward.

Magic Phrase“You are the cream that always rises to the top.”

Magic Text“I love your idealistic nature; you always make me feel like our relationship special.”

Do: The moon waxes from the 6th to the 21st, which is the best time for him to initiate new projects and come to solutions. This is an initiation phase however, this month, he is not particularly in the mood for initiating anything particularly competitive, but it can be a great time to initiate things to do with relaxation techniques, better diet and better work-life balance, so this is where his focus should be.

This is an ideal time for reading, understanding and philosophical goals; it’s a great time for him to work on self-improvement projects.

This is a good time for delegation at work to save himself time and money, and it’s also great time for making positive changes to diet to improve his health. He can make great progress on his health if he is prepared to make sensible changes.

Avoid: Having family over or planning big events within your home is not advisable. This is also not a great time for him to be highly competitive or do anything strenuous.

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Week One

During this week, he can either be very romantic or distracted; if he’s with someone whom he’s truly passionate about, he’s likely to want to indulge you, spoil you and make special memories together. However, if you’re not in the mood for love, you may find him a little bit too sentimental.

If he’s not happy in a relationship, he’ll be quiet and more difficult to reach, however, he is increasing his awareness about his needs and what he wants in a relationship, so he’s more aware of what is true needs are, and if these are not fulfilled, he’s more likely to feel dissatisfied. This, however, is the first step to restoring love and getting onto a better track.

Week Two

It’s very important that he reads between the lines right now, there is a lot to be understood about the dynamics of what’s going on in terms of family life and his career, and so it’s a good time for him to use his gut feel and intuition. You guys should talk more about how you instinctively understand situations as well as what’s actually happening because it’s very important for you to understand the hidden motivations or agendas at play. There’s more to events than meets the eye.

Sit back and talk honestly about the way you are perceiving certain matters in your personal life and then identify ways to move forward in a holistic way.

Short breaks away are very important to relieve tension right now; it’s also during travel that you guys may have more meaningful conversations. Perhaps riding in a car together, where you don’t necessarily experience the tension of sitting around the kitchen table, could be a time when you both open up.

Week Three

There’s a sense within him that he has to steal himself or psyche himself up to something. He isn’t in his most confident mood in terms of debating, and he certainly wants to steer clear of any arguments or public speaking.

As a partner, it’s good not to force the issue on any subject, as sometimes he’s a victim of his own fears and insecurities, but the good thing is he is reaching a new stage of self-awareness (which is a very good thing) and as the week goes on a more confident him will emerge.

Week Four

This is a highly energetic and electric placement that will increase the tension and need for excitement in all star signs. For Cancer Guy, in particular, things at work can be a bit of a roller coaster; he may get surprise news, both good and bad, from his employer, because some adjustments are coming in the way he does his work. It’s important to help him to see that for every door that closes, there’s a window that opens because there are many opportunities right now, but sometimes in the short term, it’s easy to be disconcerted by what happens.

This is a time when you guys should be financially cautious, in your own work, you may be experiencing a change in your career as well, or changes to your income stream, so it’s very important to maintain your cash flow and not make any additional outgoings this week.

Summing Up

Remember, he needs to hear the words of love, and sometimes actions are not enough; he needs to hear it; you need to look in his eyes and tell him how much he means to you and how much you appreciate him as a partner.

When dating, it’s very important to boom him up as well to compliment him about his physical appearance, his dress sense and do give him a reason to be confident and proud.

The key this month for Cancer Guy is creating more harmony and convenience in your lives and getting rid of things that drag you down. So it’s important to identify influences that are toxic or not very helpful and to move away from these methodically, not in a knee-jerk way.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Cancer Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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