Cancer Man Horoscope For August 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly June predictions for your Cancer man. What will his mood be for the spring season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, I’m really excited to bring you this month’s prediction for Cancer man particularly because it is going to be quite an amorous and sensual month as Venus retrograde in Leo is quite stimulating in terms of intimate sharing, caring and relationship bonding.

This guide is aimed at people who are either married to or dating Cancer Guy to help you understand his moves, his moods, his motivations, and the themes that will be affecting your relationship this month, August 2023.

This month Mercury is slowing down and going retrograde in Virgo, Venus retrograde is conjunct the New Moon in Leo.

His intuition and emotional intelligence can serve as valuable assets in various areas of his life, particularly when dealing with matters of the heart, relationships with colleagues and clients and understanding the subtleties of situations.

Venus Retrograde in Leo – the whole of August

This is potentially a time for romance and affection but it has to incorporate beauty, and harmony, because he’s turned off by anything overt or crass. It’s important to work on respect and show tolerance of his quirks and boundaries. This isn’t a good month for hammering out the more tricky issues in your relationship.

He may have some very specific and distinct desires in terms of intimacy and it’s a great time for the karma sutra or indeed introducing some exotic massage oils and enjoying each other via offering a little mini spa in your bedroom.

Nurturing and the extent to which you guys are emotionally attuned is absolutely intrinsic to love. He values security, stability, and emotional connections in his relationships in general and that’s very much so now.

Key to love is enhancing his self-esteem, stimulating his ego and understanding what really makes him tick. In new relationships, this is an opportunity to get to know him at a deeper level, but be patient as it’s quite tricky getting into his wavelength.

He’s an avid collector and this is an awesome time for him to be visiting antiques fairs or looking at catalogues to find collectables.

New Moon in Leo16th August

This signifies a potent and transformative energy affecting Cancer Guy in terms of self-worth, values, and material resources. The New Moon can bring about a fresh start in terms of his financial affairs, approaches to earning money and his confidence in his innate abilities.

Relationships that improve his self-worth become stronger however he can be very distant when it comes to relationships that are confrontational and potentially toxic.

Cancer Guy is naturally inclined towards nurturing and seeking emotional security and New Moon in Leo amplifies his connection to material stability and comfort, prompting him to reevaluate his relationship with money, people, and the things he values most in life. It’s a time of him looking to realign his life towards priorities rather than distractions.

During this period, Cancer Guy is more concerned about security, emotionally and financially, and may feel a strong desire to create a solid foundation for himself through seeking clarity and developing closer relationships.

The New Moon is a great time for him to set practical goals and take steps towards manifesting his desires, both intimate and material. This new moon brings a sense of renewal and an opportunity to reassess his values and priorities.

Mars in Virgo Opposite Neptune – 23rd August

This brings a creatively dynamic and complex energy to his communication, and he’s quite adept at expressing himself in a way that’s sentimental, artistic and inspired, but he’s quite bad at details and keeping track of time. He’s often evasive and sometimes he obfuscates, making it really hard to get a straight answer from him.

He may experience rather unusual unique challenges through his work and it’s a time when he’s definitely likely to make strange choices and go off the beaten track. He’s easily distracted by music, art and also romantic communication.

There is a potential for conflicts and confusion when it comes to his mode of expression and communication, as Neptune brings a dreamy and idealistic energy, often blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy. This can manifest as a tendency for him to be more passive or indecisive.

He may struggle to assert himself clearly or experience difficulties in finding the right words to express his thoughts and desires. Like the song, “He says it best, when he says nothing at all.”

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo – 24th August

This Mercury Retrograde enhances his psychic abilities, however as his thought processes are deeply influenced by the intuitive and emotional nature of Cancer, which can make him quite subjective.

This retrograde suggests that he may experience a few challenges and hiccoughs in the realm of communication, learning, and his intellectual pursuits. It’s not the best time for discussions, debate and decision making, so delay anything that needs concentration and a logical approach.

He’s definitely swayed by more subtle and subliminal messages and he’s likely to read between the lines in a helpful and possibly an unhelpful way, so try to keep everything clear and uncomplicated.

This Mercury retrograde can bring forth a tendency for introspection and reflection. For Cancer Guy, this can manifest as a deeply reflective and contemplative period where he’s quite and not always willing to share his thoughts. He may spend a significant amount of time analyzing his thoughts and emotions, seeking a deeper understanding of himself and his relationships, family, work and romantic.

This introspection can allow him to tap into profound insights and may increase his empathetic understanding of other important people in his life.

He’s not necessarily great at expressing his thoughts and ideas in a straightforward manner, which can incline him to use innuendo and hints as a way of circumventing direct communication which could lead to debate.

He may need to make a conscious effort to maintain focus and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the feelings that arise from the depths of his inner personality.

Theme of the Month – Cancer Guy is drawn to abstract or artistic endeavors, spirituality, or romantically and while this can bring a sense of inspiration and creativity, it may also pose challenges in terms of practicality and realistic goals. Remember to be particularly clear in communication with him and maintain boundaries in order to keep things in your relationship smooth and free from unexpected crossed wires.

Magic Phrase – “You can only do what you can do, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”

Magic Text – “We need to let our hair down and get wild.”

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 16th of August to the 30th of August this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

The waxing phase is great for personal expression, romance and fun.

A favorable time for him to get a loan or receive donations or benefits. Recruitment and outsourcing are successful. A good time for work involving animals.

An excellent time for health matters and new diets.

Property and home improvements or family celebrations are favored. Good for group activities, professional networking and large events.

Avoid: Venus is still retrograde Leo so a time for caution and due diligence in financial matters, investing and buying gold, silver or stocks. Not a good time for big purchases or outlays.

Not a suitable waxing phase for long distance travel or trade and commercial contracts.

Short journeys are not favored. New IT projects and communication goals are not successful. Not a good time to launch a website.

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Week 1Working and playing hard

With Mars in Virgo trying Jupiter in Taurus, this is a really good week for you guys, particularly if you know each other through work. It’s a fantastic time for socializing, work socials and joint networking events, even if you don’t know each other from work, it’s highly likely that Cancer Guy will be very busy this week engaging with work colleagues and you may be invited to go to events with him.

It’s also likely that he may travel for work, so it’s quite a busy and hectic schedule and there’s a lot on his plate. On the other hand, he’s in a very proactive, energetic frame of mind and positive interactions within his work tend to feed into general optimism about his life, which he plows back into the relationship.

So encourage him and support him in work even if it means he has to be a way evenings or for a couple of nights. Remember to sneak in a lot of fun time because he’s working hard and playing hard right now.

This can be a good time for long distance relationships and friends with benefits relationships.

Week 2Caution, trust and passion

This is a week when he needs a lot of affection, it’s important to be amorous and to focus on the physical side of the relationship. It’s all about touching, feeling texture, luxury and enjoying sensations together.

So it’s not so much about dates that involve a lot of communication, it can be more about dates where you feel pampered and rewarded like spa days. Alternatively, going out to a really nice restaurant can put you both in a very romantic frame of mind.

Cancer Guy is traditional, he’s a romantic and this week, those particular traits definitely come to the fore. However, he is a little bit conservative right now, so don’t push him out of comfort zones and really respect his boundaries.

It’s important not to cajole or harass him, and don’t dare him to do anything that he really doesn’t feel comfortable with. It’s all about how comfortable and respectful you are with each other and building trust as a way of stimulating romance.

Week 3 – Put on the red light

During this week you have to be very careful how you handle his friends and your male friends, in fact rather give other male people (other than blood relatives in your life) a wide birth because he is a little bit sensitive to competition right now.

Cancer Guy it can be slightly insecure and when he’s insecure he really wants to own you, so it’s very important that you don’t invite distrust into the relationship through any behavior that is a little bit flirty or not straightforward.

It’s time to really ground the relationship, so show him strength, be pragmatic in the relationship and be logical in all discussions.

Week 4Let sleeping dogs lie

This week Mars heads off into Libra ruling his solar fourth house, meaning this is a great time for getting stuck into projects around the home.

He may enjoy some DIY, renovations or yard work but it doesn’t have to be that, it can also be enjoying fun time with the family, or family outings where you all do something physical like camping, an adventure holidays etc. which can be a great way to introduce a lot of positivity into the family arena.

Do remember that he is still quite sensitive and he will need a little bit of private time to think about his next move. This is a time where he’s ‘on’ he’s ‘on’, but when he’s ‘off’, he’s ‘off’, and when he’s ‘off’, he really wants to be left alone. So let sleeping dogs lie and don’t interrogate him when he wants his space.

Summing Up

This can be a time when he has to deal with some issues of a moral nature, it’s often a time when he has to think clearly about what the right thing is to do in any situation. It’s often not clear how to resolve problems without either upsetting or alienating someone so he needs to navigate this period carefully.

It’s often a time when he has to just bite the bullet, make a difficult decision and just deal with the fallout in a philosophical way. You can’t win them all and you can’t please all the people all the time as the saying goes, so remind him of that.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Cancer Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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