Cancer Man And Pisces Woman in Bed: A Good Fit or Not?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What would it be like to have a Cancer man in bed? Keep reading to find out what a Cancer man and Pisces woman in bed might turn out like.

Are you really interested in a sultry Cancer guy but aren’t sure that as a Pisces woman, you’d be a good fit for him in the bedroom? What would it be like to have a Cancer man in bed? Keep reading to find out what a Cancer man and Pisces woman in bed might turn out like.

Romance Is Present

When it comes to the Cancer man with Pisces woman sexuality, the beginnings typically will include romancing each other. They are both imaginative people who have some interesting ideas of what intimacy is.

Cancer man is the classic type of guy that will buy flowers, candy, or will want to treat a woman to something she really likes. He may write her poetry, songs, or do something else that is symbolic of his desire for her.

Pisces woman is also very romantic and tends to be rather symbolic in her care for her Cancer guy. Even if these two aren’t trying to have a committed relationship, they will still play the role to make each other feel connected.

These two will likely want to go out on a romantic date, light candles, put on some “mood” music, and possibly start out with kissing that leads to sensual massage, lots of foreplay, connecting their souls and finally actual sex.

These two both enjoy building up the moment so that when they finally do get physically intimate, they’re able to let loose and really enjoy their time together. By that alone, these two are tremendous sex partners.

Not all signs are into the level of intimacy these two are able to dish out. Not everyone understands connecting on a soul level. These two blend energies as though they’ve always been together and will always be together.

That doesn’t mean they will stay together as a couple. It simply means that when they have sex, they are likely going to enjoy each other quite thoroughly. They will make each other feel like royalty and enjoy the sensual experience.

Inspiring Type of Intimacy

Cancer Man and Pisces Woman in Bed

Both Cancer man and Pisces woman are dreamers. That means that they have the imagination to open up and inspire each other with artwork in their lovemaking. I call it lovemaking regardless of their relationship status.

Neither one of them refers to intimacy in any other way. Making love is what they like to say and they absolutely mean it. They may read stories or poetry to each other in bed while feeding each other sensual snacks.

Truly there are no limits to what these two can dish out with each other. One inspires the other. Both can come up with some insanely hot fantasies that they may want to play out with each other.

These two may feel uninhibited with each other and decide to take classy yet very sexy photos together. They may also decide to make an adult film together but agreeing it will never be public.

However, sharing it with other may not be too taboo either actually. They’re both very sexual people and they could join an online club in which they share photos with other couples just for exploration purposes.

This will turn them both on and make their sex that much more intense. They seek to really enjoy the pinnacle of ecstasy with each other therefore they’re open to try new things.

They may even try things like body painting, eating food off each other, or doing other types of artistic things while they are intimate with each other. Truly there aren’t many limits with these two.

Love Makes It More Intense

Clearly, the Cancer man with Pisces woman can be a heck of a sexual connection. If they do actually fall in love and want to pursue a long term or forever relationship, they will likely succeed.

If these manage to fall deeply in love, it will only make their sex that much more heightened. They will want to have it as often as possible and delve deeper if they can. Both are typically up for creative ideas.

Perhaps they try making love with different types of music each time to experience a different mode of intimacy. Perhaps they try classical only to end up playing industrial rock later.

No matter what they’re both in the mood to do, they will use their love to form a really tight bond between them when they are in the throes of passion. They will enjoy using toys with or on each other.

Truly these two do not see sex as taboo when they’re deeply in love with each other and are in agreeance on what they want to do. They could easily have an open relationship and/or marriage.

They could be swingers or they may just stick to each other and be alright with that too. It always depends on each individual but I can tell you that the level of passion between these two is quite high.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with these two sexually, I’d give them a 9. Yes, it’s that high! Truly these two can be magnificent with each other in the bedroom. They can also be amazing life partners.

Should these two decide to give it a shot in or out of the bedroom, they will succeed and they will absolutely love every step of the way.

Final Assessment

Handsome Cancer man and Pisces woman in bed

I really cannot speak highly enough about the Cancer man with Pisces woman sex. These two are a hot pair and an equally as fulfilling love affair. If they decide to try a relationship, they will find great success.

As long as they remain open to each other and communicate with regularity, they will be able to maintain a very healthy sex life whether they are partners or just have an “understanding” with each other.

The sex between these two is likely to be intense, hot, romantic, and really fulfilling. Pisces woman will enjoy her Cancer man’s sensitivity and empathetic urges.

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