7 Tips to Move on From a Breakup With a Cancer Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Water signs such as the Cancer man are often the hardest to move on from. But there’s hope—you can move on and open your heart to new love. 

Water signs such as the Cancer man are often the hardest to move on from. Why? Well, the emotional attachment here can be even higher than other relationships. This deep connection makes it that much harder. But there’s hope—you can move on and open your heart to new love. 

Breakups are hard on anyone. One day, you’re planning your future, and the next, you’re curled up in a ball, crying your eyes out from the heartbreak. In my experience as a relationship astrologer, the hardest part is accepting that it’s over and moving on

Too often, we cling to the past without remembering the reasons why things didn’t work out. We hold onto the happy memories, forgetting the bad ones

This can be even more common when it comes to breakups with the Cancer guy. This is a sign that never likes to let go, sometimes even years after your relationship has ended. And that can make it hard for you to move on, too, especially when he’s texting to say he misses you. 

However, you have to ask yourself, is it fair for him to keep you holding on when you know that there’s no hope? He’s holding you back from opening your heart to someone new, so how can you find a way to escape and move on? 

This is where Astrology can help. Take my advice, and you can move on faster.

7 Tips to Move on From a Breakup With a Cancer Man

1. Cry It Out

Sometimes, the best thing you can do after a breakup with an emotional Cancer man is simply to cry it out. That may sound like obvious advice, but sometimes the impulse is to shed a few tears and then tell yourself to stop and get over it. 

However, being with a Cancer man has probably gotten you more in tune with your feelings. He’s one of the most sensitive signs out there, after all. So, don’t blame yourself or think you’re a cry-baby if you spend a few weeks, months, or even a year getting it all out.

Releasing pent-up feelings and really grieving properly means you can move on that much faster. Think of it as a heart cleanse, sweeping out any emotional debris so you can have a cleaner slate to welcome a new love. 

2. Stop Trying to Get Back Together

This one requires bluntness: stop trying to get back together. It’s tempting to want to go back to him and see if you can make it work again, but it’s more likely that you will just end up prolonging the pain and grief

Often, when we go back and it doesn’t work out the second time, it’s even harder to deal with the feelings afterwards. It’s a bit like a double-break-up—and no one deserves that! 

If you really think he is the person for you, give it a few months or longer without contact or communication. This will give you a chance to really process. Remind yourself that if it’s really meant to be, you will find your way back to each other—in time. 

3. Don’t Allow Him to Pull You Back

This goes hand-in-hand with avoiding trying to get back together. You may be doing all you can to avoid reconciliation, but he could be wearing you down. Don’t let it happen.

Maybe it seems innocent, such as inviting himself over to fetch his clothing or settle a financial issue. However, there are many ways to avoid him. Ask a friend to be home when he comes to get his clothes, or better yet, get that friend to drop his things off. 

Set your boundaries when he sends you emotional messages about all the good times you’ve had together. Cancer men are prone to sentimentality, and they often live in the past. They don’t always choose to see the bad things that happened, only the good. And it’s easy to get caught up! 

This will take a great deal of strength, but it’s not impossible to do. Love yourself first! 

4. Ditch the Photos

With social media and technology, it’s not easy to avoid seeing pictures of when you used to be happy (if you ever were, that is) together. It’s even harder to avoid going through the photos on your phone when you’re lonely. 

Cancer men love to do that, too. That’s when they reach out to you and vice versa. 

This is not a good idea. Photos never tell the whole story. You may have been happy in that moment or on that day, but perhaps the next day, or the next week, or even the next hour, there were problems. 

Of yourself a favor and ditch the photos. If you don’t want to delete them just yet, hide an external drive and put it deep in your attic or give it to a friend to keep until you’re over him. You’ll thank yourself! 

5. Cut Yourself Off From His Family

You may have realized by now that your Cancer man loves his mother more than anyone else. Even if it’s a difficult relationship, he likely has a strong attachment to his mom. And the chances are very good that you cultivated a friendship with her, too. 

Whether or not you actually like her is not important right now. However, if you did have any kind of relationship, it’s very tempting to stay close to her as a way of staying close to him. Perhaps it’s even a way to get through to him indirectly.

While it’s not bad to stay friends with his family in the long run, you need to back off for a while. You can explain to her that you need space to heal, but that you’d still like to remain friendly in future.

Once you have found someone else and truly moved on, then you can rekindle your relationship. But for now, stay away from his family. 

This goes for his friends, too.

6. Get Rid of His Things

You’d probably love to hold on to that sweater of his you so love, right? It reminds you of him, and perhaps you even sleep in it. 

However, this is just prolonging the breakup. It’s best to get rid of anything that was his, even if you just pack it away in a spare room for a few months.

And this isn’t just sentimental stuff—even if you ended up with his backpacking tent or his hand-me-down laptop, those utilitarian objects have a nasty way of becoming sentimental post-breakup!

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7. Realise He Wasn’t Perfect

This is perhaps one of the hardest things to accept about your Cancer ex. He wasn’t perfect, no matter what you thought of him when you were together. 

Don’t put him on a pedestal. He’s only human, and the sooner you realize that, the better—and the sooner you can move on! 

I’m not saying you should obsess over the bad aspects of your relationship, but reminding yourself of his flaws can help you to disconnect. 

I wish you all the very best in your journey moving on from your Cancer man. Please know that you will find a new love and open your heart again! 

Are you having trouble getting past a breakup? Please feel free to air your feelings in the comments section. I’m here for you.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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