Understanding A Cancer Man: How To Show Him Adoration

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What does the Cancer man need most from a woman? If you’re involved with a Cancer man or are interested in one; you may find this quite useful. Please read to find out what it is he really needs.

What does the Cancer man need most from a woman? If you’re involved with a Cancer man or are interested in one; you may find this quite useful. Please read to find out what it is he really needs.

Feeling Wanted & Needed

The Cancer man’s purpose in life is to be a healer, caretaker, and someone whom others seek comfort from. He’s often an excellent listener and is who people go to when they have problems.

Somehow he knows the right advice to give. He’s in tune with the Universe and so he’ll often draw from that power to help others in need. He’s a very natural vessel for healing energy.

What he needs from a woman that will be his one and only; is to feel needed and worthy of her love. He’s not looking for a woman that cannot take care of herself or is a doormat.

He simply wants a woman that can take care of herself but wants for him to help her with things to make him feel useful. He almost has the old school mentality of being the “breadwinner” of the family.

Now don’t get it twisted as he’s not hung up on finances and who makes more than whom. He also doesn’t expect his woman to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen; though he may enjoy the thought.

He is modern enough to know that women don’t need to be like they were way back when. He still in some way needs to play the role of the doting partner, spouse, or father.

Whether you’re super independent or moderately independent; you’ll need to find some things he can do for you so that he won’t feel that you don’t have any real need for him. If he feels he isn’t needed; he may stray.

Family Oriented

understanding a cancer man

Cancer man is the guy that absolutely wants to have a family. He wishes for the typical wonderful wife and happy children lifestyle. He wants the white picket fence with a gorgeous house he either built for you or searched long and hard for.

This guy daydreams about having a beautiful wife who is very feminine, stylish, independent, talented, great cook, and a wonderful woman who will become the mother of his gorgeous cherub children.

It would be very difficult for a Cancer man who has not yet had children to commit to a woman who either has no intention of having children or cannot have children.

If she can consider adoption; he’d still be happy. He really just wants to fulfill the roles of husband and father. He knows this is his destiny and he wouldn’t have it any other way. His family IS his life.

He will also be very doting on his own family including his parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, etc. The family is everything to this man and he won’t ever change with this.

Feeling Trust

Cancer man is looking for a woman he can be absolutely secure with. Unless he has complete trust; then security doesn’t exist. If you’re trying to win a Cancer man over; you’re going to need to prove to him you can be trusted.

Always be honest with him. Even if it’s something unpleasant that you really would prefer not to mention; tell him. He’ll find out eventually anyway as he’s very perceptive and intuitive.

It’s better to upset him with the truth than to lie or keep it from him. He’ll be far more upset knowing you weren’t honest with him. Security cannot be built from keeping secrets or not speaking up.

If he even suspects something is going on; he may have reservations about you and start pulling back from you to observe you from afar. Trust should never be breached or he will consider not staying in the relationship.

Empathetic Love

understanding a cancer man

The Cancer man is already very empathetic to everyone else around him. He’d really thrive better to have a partner who is also somewhat empathetic. She’ll be able to feel him and know what he needs.

If you aren’t one that is particularly empathetic; as long as you can prove to him that you’re there for him no matter what he is going through; then he may not consider this so much of a requirement.

However, you will still need to be an understanding person. Not just of him but also of people he cares for. Try not to get jealous of the many people that reach out to him for assistance.

With his being fantastic with advice; he will be a sought-after person. There is no place for jealousy here. If you bring it into the mix; you may be sorely disappointed when he calls it quits.

Feel your deep love for him; don’t worry about what other people are doing. Remember that it takes two to have an affair, not just one. If you have trust in him and can FEEL who he is; then you can live peacefully.

Trust is a two-way street. Make sure he’s giving you full trust but also make sure he’s giving you the full truth. Sometimes Cancer men can skirt around the truth. Look him straight in the eye and you’ll know.

KNOW him

A Cancer man will always retain a certain amount of mysteriousness. That’s their nature. What you need to really know about him is the core of who he is, what he needs, and what he wants in a woman.

Knowing all the important stuff is all you really need to know him fully. The rest may be revealed over time and will not be anything that should make or break your bond with him.

Truly see who he is, build a bond, build trust, and understand that he is a light in this world. He can teach you how to be one too if you allow him to. To truly get to know more about your Cancer guy; please click here to discover what you can.

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