Cancer Man With Sagittarius Rising: What Is He Really Like?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you with or possibly interested in a Cancer man that seems a bit more adventurous and loves to travel? He may be different than the norm if he has Sagittarius rising. Keep reading for more intriguing information about this blend.

Are you with or possibly interested in a Cancer guy that seems a bit more adventurous and loves to travel? He may be different than the norm if he is a Cancer man with Sagittarius rising. Keep reading for more intriguing information about this blend.

Agreeable with little conflict

There are benefits the Cancer man may get by having the Sagittarius rising in his chart. Water and Fire can sometimes be a little problematic. Cancer man is typically introverted while Sagittarius is extroverted.

Sagittarius has no problem speaking up and telling people what needs to be said while Cancer would rather keep his thoughts to himself or shy away from talking with someone he should open up with.

That being said, the Sagittarius rising could give Cancer a little more courage to help him step up to the plate and take charge from time to time. It can help him to be a little more social as well.

This can work very well sometimes but then other times, the Cancer man’s mood kicks in and rules out Sagittarius rising thus causing him to clam up into his shell and not want to talk to anyone.

This is a kind of back and forth thing for Cancer man but if he can learn to properly use his Sagittarius rising skills, he can balance himself out and not be one extreme or another.

Where he doubles up

cancer man with sagittarius rising

There are some things that both signs have in common so when Cancer man possesses both signs, he’ll feel more compelled to feel these emotions. One is having a temper.

Remember that Sagittarius is a fire sign which means when they get mad, they get REALLY mad. Cancer man is a moody person by nature. Thus when he gets hurt or angry, it will be doubled up.

He’ll be a ticking time bomb if he doesn’t learn how to properly channel his emotions such as doing things like yoga, meditation, or doing something to relieve physical tension such as exercise or sports.

Another area he’ll likely be doubled up on is being really kind to humankind. Sagittarius rising much like Cancer man is one that people seem drawn to for advice or for a shoulder to cry on.

This will make him a magnet for people that seek his comfort or advice. This could help many but he’ll have to learn to say no or he’ll become depleted of his energy which could drag him down.

Sagittarius rising will bring out Cancer man’s flirty nature as well. Cancer is already a super nice guy to everyone he meets but with Sagittarius rising, he’ll take things a step further and be flirtatious.

As a partner

When it comes to relationships, the Cancer man with Sagittarius rising will be very loving, warm, and be somewhat social. People will like him and he’ll seem like a welcome asset to any gathering or party.

When you bring this guy home to meet your family, he’ll win them over with his charm and ability to make people feel good. He’ll say the right things, say the right jokes, and make everyone at ease.

He’ll be very sweet, romantic, and he’ll also be incredibly creative in his approach to winning your heart. If he’s already won it, he’ll still try to keep the passion alive. Sagittarius doesn’t do boredom and is often finding new ways to do things.

This means that this combination of man will bring sparks to the bedroom. He’ll be lively and willing to please. He’ll probably come up with some new suggestions to try out for him and his partner as well.

Sagittarius rising wants to find new and exciting ways to live, love, and be refreshed at all times. This Cancer man with Sagittarius rising will be someone that you’ll rarely be bored with.

He’ll always have something fun to talk about, places to travel to, hobbies to take up, and exciting sexual experiences. Just watch out for his temper! If he becomes visually upset, walk away and let him calm down a bit.

When he’s calm, he’ll be ready to talk about things so that the two of you can work out any misunderstanding that you may have had. If it wasn’t about you and he was upset about something else, he’ll let it go and things will be normal.

Interesting aspects

cancer man with sagittarius rising

This version of Cancer man is very intriguing. He’s filled with mystery and loves to travel. He probably doesn’t even mind moving around. Cancer man is about home and family.

Sagittarius rising loves home and family but has no qualms about moving home and family around as well. The combination will keep him fresh and make feel as though life is truly worth living.

He will require a partner who is spontaneous, loyal, truthful, and is willing to, at the very least, take trips periodically. He’ll likely want to visit places that have much water.

This is the type of guy that may even be happy living on a boat to travel the world later on in life. He’ll love the beach, the ocean, kayaking, sailing, skiing, or many of the other activities that include being in or around water.

Cancer already gravitates to the water then with Sagittarius rising he draws the traveling aspect of it as well. He’s a very interesting guy and there is rarely a dull moment, if ever, with him.

He’s a lover, he’s exciting, he’s adventurous, and he wants to find someone who can keep up with him, become his partner, marry him, and have children with him.

There are other things you should learn about Cancer man so that you get a fuller understanding of what he brings to the table in a relationship. Knowing him is something that will help you secure a relationship with him and make it last for the long haul!

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