Cancer Man with Gemini Rising: What’s he like?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Cancer man with Gemini rising has a bit of a personality difference. He normally would be shy and somewhat reserved upon meeting new people.

Are you possibly dating or plan to start dating a Cancer man who seems to be very outgoing and able to blend into any crowd? Perhaps he’s not as shy as other Cancer men. He is a bit different when he has Gemini rising. Keep reading for more information!

Comes Out of His Shell

The Cancer man with Gemini rising has a bit of a personality difference. He normally would be shy and somewhat reserved upon meeting new people. Gemini rising makes him more able to adapt to new surroundings and people.

This makes him more versatile when it comes to going on outings, parties, meetings, or events where strangers will be present.

He will have a more dazzling personality and easily liked.

He will not only be more outgoing but he’ll also be a bit more optimistic about being social. Whether this is with friends, family, or new people; he’ll be more open to meeting smiling faces.

His natural charm will make anyone and everyone around him feel very comfortable. He is the life of the party and won’t have trouble having a fantastic time with his partner.

Can Appear Flaky or Flighty

Cancer Man With Gemini Rising

Cancer men normally don’t make plans that they intend on breaking or that they aren’t sure they can go through with. Gemini rising on the other hand; can make the normally stable Cancer man seem unreliable.

He could have a tendency to flit from one activity to the next without too much thought. This can mean going from person to person as though it’s no big deal as well when it comes to romance.

If he’s not settled down with someone; he’s always looking to see if there is someone out there who may be better suited. You can feel this energy when you’re out with him and he’s ogling some other women in the room.

Cancer typically only flirts with the woman he’s into. He’s naturally a nice guy but saves the actual flirts for someone who he will develop a life with. Gemini rising is going to flirt no matter what.

This can make the Cancer/Gemini guy flirtier that one would be comfortable with. It has to be made very clear that to be a partner; he needs to tone it down so that he can explore a real relationship.

He may make some plans and then out of the blue call to either change the plans or cancel them. This can bring frustration to the woman trying to get to know him and is anxious to spend time with him.

The woman into this guy needs to hold him accountable and not be afraid to tell him what she wants from him. He may or may not take it seriously but at least there won’t be any games.

Having a Variety

Cancer/Gemini rising guy will absolutely feel that it’s more exciting to keep things fresh. That means that he may want to openly date others OR if he’s committed; he may want to try new things with his partner.

He’ll probably not like to be in any situation that would be perceived as boring. He’ll need a partner that will be thrilling and willing to be spontaneous. The Gemini rising portion makes him a bit more impulsive and free.

Cancer man seeks security in a relationship while Gemini rising wants more bang for his buck so to speak. A woman who can keep the home fires burning but still turn on the adventure will get his attention the most.

This can apply sexually as well. He will want to change things up as often as possible to keep it fresh, new, and worth it. If things become stagnant; he has a tendency to pull back and seek it elsewhere.


Cancer man with Gemini rising

The Cancer man with Gemini rising could be the type to cheat. This is one of the Cancer men that become restless and want to sample new treats (women). They may not be satisfied with just one woman.

It IS possible to keep his interest but the right partner will have to know how to keep things moving forward and not allow it to get stale between them. Should he feel things have fizzled out; he will get a wandering eye.

That wandering spirit could turn into a full on affair. He may also try to ask his partner for an “open relationship”. At which time; the Cancer side of him could end up getting jealous which would be highly confusing.

This energy going back and forth would make for conflict for the Cancer man. He needs to decide what he wants and stick to it. Gemini rising will make it difficult for him at times.

He’ll seem as though he is immature or isn’t ready to settle down. Cancer man is born to get married and have children while Gemini can go either way. The dominant side of him needs to be determined when considering him as a partner.

Only a strong willed woman will be able to handle and compromise with this guy. It will take lots of work but the right woman will be willing to handle it.

Overall Look at Cancer Man with Gemini Rising

In business he’s likely to be successful and he’s likely to be involved in more than one project. He’ll be interested in many things and try to be the master of most of them. He may not finish everything he starts though.

He’ll make decent income, will be a good father, and a wonderful partner should he be able to compromise and accept that not every woman is like “I dream of Jeannie”.

Finding someone to help him balance will be the best possible match for him. Do you think you have what he’s looking for? Perhaps you should take a peek and see what he’s after in a partner.

Learn more about the Cancer man today by clicking here now! The more you know; the more you may be able to secure something special with that Cancer guy.

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