The Cancer Man with Gemini Cusp: Who is he?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you dating a Cancer man that seems to be a bit flaky or busier than any other Cancer you’ve ever known? Find out more about Cancer man with Gemini cusp.

Are you dating or considering dating a Cancer man that seems to be a bit flaky or busier than any other Cancer you’ve ever known? If he’s on the Gemini cusp, he’ll have some of its traits as well. Keep reading for more useful information.

Logic versus Emotion

The Cancer man is accustomed to going by what he feels in order to make choices and plans. When he has Gemini as a cusp, he may sometimes lean toward trying to be more logical.

While this can be helpful at times, it can also be very confusing for the ever so deeply feeling Cancer man. He’s not accustomed with having to think things through. It makes him not sure if he can trust how he feels.

He may also may not trust his thoughts if they don’t line up with how he feels. He’ll have to figure out how to trust his own intuition which will overrule feeling and logical thought.

Learning to balance, the Cancer/Gemini cusp man can combine his talents and make the best choices in life possible. He can also problem solve far better than he could via only one vessel.

He is likely to be able to find inspiration in what would normally be very mundane things in life. He’ll also get involved in many different projects that allow him to express how he feels about people, his work, or his life in general.

Learning Balance

Cancer Man With Gemini Cusp
I mentioned that the Cancer man with Gemini cusp will have to learn to balance himself between emotion and logic. If he doesn’t he’ll never learn to trust himself and may be often confused by simple things.

He may sometimes let his emotions get the better of him and lead him down a path that he wouldn’t normally take if he were to think about it before taking a leap. This is where Gemini cusp can help.

Learning to understand where logic is useful will help him to not let his day dreaming emotions take over. He also has to learn how to NOT hold back when he feels something.

Gemini cusp can sometimes cause him to be devoid of feeling where he really needs to be expressive. He may try to hide his feelings or lock them away then unexpectedly let them pour out at the inappropriate times.

Regarding relationships, he’ll need to learn how to openly communicate and logically discuss his feelings about things, what he wants, and where he sees things going with his partner/potential partner.

Relationship Issues

The Cancer man with Gemini cusp is VERY charming and has no problem at all being social with other people who strike his interest. He’ll be someone that you can take with you to any event as your date or boyfriend.

When he’s dating, he may struggle a bit as far as knowing when to become more serious. His feelings will have him in a state of bliss or indecision while his logical side will tell him all the reasons he should wait or go faster.

This will be a long process for him. Expect the Cancer/Gemini cusp guy to go slow. He wants to be certain he’s making the right choice for himself. He will play tug of war between the two sides of himself before he finally makes a choice.

His empathy will be strong and his ability to talk to his partner about her feelings will definitely be a plus for any woman who is trying to start a relationship with him or who is already with him.

This man knows how to create comfort in his home and will look to spend lots of time there. Gemini cusp is amazing at being in social settings but his home base is his favorite place to be.

Cancer man loves to be with his partner as much as possible. Gemini cusp however, wants to still have time to himself. You may find your Cancer man trying to do things to spend time alone.

It has nothing to do with you or with anyone else. With him having Gemini as his cusp, he takes on the characteristics that are there. This does mean he will want some solitude or he may want time out with his friends or family without you.

As long as you two can find compromise, things should work very well. Showing hi you have a life of your own will help him feel more comfortable. He’ll have to work on his jealousy though that Cancer definitely can bring forward.

Intimacy Information

Cancer Man with Gemini cusp
The Cancer man with Gemini cusp may very well be an interesting mix. The dominant Cancer side will make sure that all his emotions and passions are present in his lovemaking.

The Gemini cusp side of him will have him perhaps wanting some type of variety. This could make him suggest having an “open” relationship or marriage. That is if the jealous side of Cancer doesn’t emerge.

If not, he may at the very least, want to try a variety of things in the bedroom to keep it exciting, fresh, and new. This would mean outfits, role play, handcuffs, flavored lubricants, body paints, porn or other various forms of stimuli.

Whatever the case may be, your Cancer/Gemini cusp guy shouldn’t be very boring in the sack. Have fun with him and open up your fantasy life. He’ll love it! Experiment and let your freak flag fly.

Possible Pitfalls

There are some wonderful qualities about the Cancer/Gemini cusp man. There are also some possible problems. Cancer man may feel more drawn to step outside of his relationship due to Gemini’s desire for variety.

There is also a possibility of lying or withholding information. This is one of those things you’ll have to pay attention to and watch for red flags. If they start to build up, trust your intuition and act accordingly. Not all of them are this way but some of them CAN be this way.

Naturally it’s important that you get to know Cancer man as much as you can. Click here to obtain more information that may be useful for you.

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