7 Ways To Dress For The Cancer Man In Your Life

Want to seduce the Cancer Man in your life using your wardrobe? We have you covered! Most men are visual creatures, and the Cancer man is no different! Here’s how to capture and keep his heart with the oldest trick on the book – fashion! 

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. So even though a Cancer man is born in a woman’s body, he’s very feminine indeed, and may be one of the few guys who actually notice the details of what you’re wearing. 

So, knowing this, you’d naturally want to try and leave some kind of impression on him. Dressing beautifully is one of the easiest ways to get any guy to fall for you, and while requiring effort, is something fun to do. And a whole lot easier than trying to read his mind! 

If you think that this is someone who’s going to be an important part of your life, it’s worth making an effort. So maybe you have to go out and buy a few things – or even borrow from a friend. Consider this an investment in your future! 

Of course, you should never change who you are, or transform your personal identity for him. That will just end badly once you go “back” to your normal self. 

Instead, pick one or two ideas from the list below and see if they work for you, if you can build these ideas into your current wardrobe. 

With that said, these are seven great ideas of how to dress for him that will surely leave him wanting so much more of you in his life! 

7 Ways To Dress For The Cancer Man In Your Life 

1. Wholesome And Cute

Girl Dressed Wholesome And Cute For Cancer Man

Have you ever followed Zooey Deschanel? Watched her in “The New Girl?” If not, her style is very wholesome, cute and sexy at the same time. She has gorgeous bangs and wears well-fitted pinup-style dresses. 

This is the perfect style for the Cancer man. Because he’s ruled by the Moon, which rules the Mother archetype, he does have a slightly “motherly” style. He likes it when girls look wholesome and well-kept, as if they know their way around the kitchen (his favorite place). 

Go grab yourself a tailored dress that outlines more of your curves, a dress that makes you feel flirty and cute, and watch him drool over you! You got this, girl! 

2. Floaty, Dreamy Fabrics

Just going back to his sign ruler, the Moon, Cancer men tend to favor floaty, dreamy fabrics. Preferably fabrics that are white, pale or silvery in some way. These are the colors of the Moon, and will speak to his subconscious in an important way. 

You can wear, for example, a billowy white blouse with pretty silver buttons, and a slight shimmer to it with a pair of well-fitted jeans. He likes you to look comfortable, because he likes to be comfortable, too. 

Of course, you can also choose a skirt or dress that flows. Cancer is a water sign, so this flowing energy will remind him of his ruling element, too! 

3. Keep Changing It Up

Cancer is a sign that is constantly going through personal “phases.” They love a bit of change, and you may notice that their physical appearance is always changing, too. A typical Cancer man may have a full beard for a few months, then nothing at all for a while. 

Keep him on his toes. Appeal to his love of change by showing your own chameleon side. If you want to be a goth one day, then dye your hair pink, then decide high heels are your thing, he’ll be totally down for that. 

He’s quite an accepting guy, and he’ll seldom judge you for your dress sense. As long as you look good wearing whatever you want to wear, he will be happy. 

After all, we also need to feel good in what we wear in order to come off as confident, right? And as we all know well, confidence is very, very sexy! 

4. Don’t Be Scared To Show Cleavage – And Plenty Of It

Girl Dressed For Cancer Man

Did you know that the sign of Cancer is in charge of the breast area in Astrology? As this is a sign associated with the Moon (and therefore the Mother), it means that these men are, even more than most, drawn toward the boobs! 

Whatever assets you have – show them off. Never, ever by shy to give him an eyeful, and don’t worry at all about not having the most perfect and perky set! He’s so responsive to cleavage that he really won’t care about mismatched breasts or a touch of sag. 

Plus, that’s what push up bras are for, right? Invest in a new pair or two – this could be total game-changer in your relationship! 

5. Wear Lots Of Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is also ruled by the Moon in Astrology, which rules Cancer. 

These men will definitely notice your most gorgeous silver pieces, whether it’s a lovely silver chain with a pendant on it (major tip – wear a Moonstone pendant – he won’t be able to stop looking at it!) or a well-crafted silver bangle. 

He’ll also notice a solid silver ring, and you’ll find his eyes are constantly drawn to your hands. This is one of the best ways to use those silver pieces that have been lying at the bottom of your jewelry case (or the perfect excuse to spoil yourself!). 

6. Wear An Heirloom Piece

The sign of Cancer rules memories and sentimentality. This is often a man whose tastes runs towards the antique, especially if it’s been passed down the family line

Did your grandmother ever give you a lovely piece of jewelry? Or do you have a family ring? Perhaps there’s a gorgeous scarf your mom gave you that belonged to her mom, or a vintage dress that looks amazing on you. 

An item of clothing or jewelry that has some history will pique his interest, and get him talking. He will absolutely love that you have these things and have treasured them. They might not even be the prettiest thing you have, but its history makes it irresistible to him! 

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7. Look At How His Mom Dresses

Finally, if you want to impress him, find out what his mom like to wear and adopt a little bit of her style. Yes, that does sound perhaps a little bit creepy, but it really, really works for him. Cancer men are very attached to their mothers. 

Even if there’s a small reminder of her in you, it’ll make him feel more at ease and comfortable with you – more familiar. It may simply be noticing that she likes delicate jewelry and copying her. Or wearing her favorite color, or the same brand of shoes or handbag. 

You don’t have to be her twin – then that would be creepy indeed! Just adopting a few elements here and there is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Do you have any tips to share? Anything you have noticed that your Cancer man particularly likes? I’d love to hear them! Please feel free to post in the comment box below! 

And now that you’re dressing to catch the Cancer man’s eye, why not see if he’s your perfect match? Check out my free compatibility test, here!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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