Secrets 1 to 5

#1 — Cancer men are extremely emotional and easy to upset which means he can be both ultra-sensitive and caring and is incredibly touchy about how you deal with him.

Ruled by the moon, the water sign of Cancer is the most feeling-driven, intuitive sign of the Zodiac. Your Cancer man may be driven at work, highly intelligent and painfully practical but his feelings and gut-sense of people, places, and romantic opportunities are really what he bases all his decisions on.  

A rough word, raised voice, angry tone or an offhand text message will have a big impact on him, so think before you speak, and act with great care if you want to keep him charming. If you hurt him, and this is surprisingly easy to do, despite his appearance of being calm strong and in control, and he can retreat into a sulky silence that can last for as long as it takes for you to regain his trust. 

You can bring out the best in him by being tuned into where his feelings because when you display that you can deliver the emotionally intelligent brand of love he gives, he can reward you with the most astoundingly attentive and passionate romance you could ever imagine.

#2 — When a Cancer man is in love, he will instinctively protect his lover because he will go to extraordinary lengths to protect, nurture and care for his inner circle.

Cancer is a gentle, home-loving, child-friendly, marriage-suited lover who never forgets or undermines his strongest bonds. With him at your side, you may feel you have the loyal and faithful partner you have always dreamed about, and you may be right. 

Do not make the fatal mistake of thinking that because he is love with you, he will put you above everyone else in his life. You are part of a group he needs to nurture and protect and you are not ever going to be more important than his family and oldest or closest friends. 

If you get into conflict with his tribe or try to force him to choose between you and them, you will probably lose. The crab will never give up on his most precious heartfelt bonds so pick a fight with his family at your own risk. Treat them with the same sensitive care, awe and respect as he does, and all will be well.

#3 — A Cancer man is hard-wired to nurture and, when he falls in love, he may behave like a strict parent at first and this can put potential lovers off.

A Cancer man will patronize and try to dominate you, especially if he really likes you. Take this as a token of his love and appreciation for his efforts because if you rise up in rebellion or make fun of him, he could go scuttling back into his shell and then you will never discover what a wonderful lover he can be. 

When he gets to know you better he will know exactly what to do and say to make you feel comfortable and secure, so give him time, and respect his oddities if you want the bond to last.

#4 — Cancer men have an ability to understand your needs and a need to give you all the empathy, emotional support, affection and care you want.

His caring and empathetic traits are his best qualities, and if you don’t appreciate his protective concern and sensitive ways, then you are probably better off with someone else. 

 If you find his level of empathy and moody emotional tides overwhelming or intimidating, then tell him gently how you feel. No one is able to put themselves in another person’s shoes the way a Cancer man can, and once he understands your specific needs for affection, love and emotional serenity he will keep trying to hit your sweet spot as often as he can.

#5 — Cancer men need a partner who respects their commitment to tradition, family and old friends and one who appreciates their attentive caring, protective nature.

Cancer men are among the most loyal and steadfast partners you could wish for, but for their best sides to show, they need a partner who appreciates their attentiveness to those they love. 

He needs deep and meaningful connections and if you show you understand what is important to him he will probably never cheat on your or leave your side.

If he senses you do not respect his oldest and strongest bonds, he may avoid committing to you, no matter how much chemistry there is between you. 

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