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STEP #2: Thank you for your order of Cancer Text Magic. You made the right investment for your love life. The product details will be sent to you via email within 5 minutes. But before continuing to the download page, I have a SPECIAL OFFER you may want to add to your order. I’m sure you'll love this!

My dear Cancer-lover,

With your investment, you just guaranteed yourself the opportunity to build a lasting relationship with that special Cancer man.

Finally, those feelings of self-doubt, confusion, or disappointment will be all gone!

From now on, you will know at all times, what he's thinking, what he meant with that weird message, and you will easily decipher any strange texting behavior and regain back your confidence.

There's no more time to obsess about small things that really don't matter...

You want this relationship to unfold, flourish and fill your life with that special kind of bliss that only people in love feel, otherwise, you wouldn't be interested in understanding him in the first place and you wouldn't even consider buying my Cancer Text Magic.

So, I want to congratulate you for being brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and face the truth, for your own good. Although it seems counterintuitive - that having doubts about him, yourself, your relationship is some kind of a comfort zone, but it truly is, and I'll tell you why.

We, women, usually have some hidden insecurities that become triggered when a guy behaves strangely. These insecurities translate into emotions of self-doubt, self-pity, and anxiety...

None of these help you achieve a stable relationship with your love interest.

When you're overwhelmed with these kinds of emotions, you are entering this love story as a passive member - waiting for him to make up his mind and decide what's going to happen between you two.

It's the eternal truth that repeats itself until we truly understand where the problem comes from and how to become an active (and wiser) participant in your relationship.

This vicious circle of unsatisfying relationships and bad feelings comes from:

a) miscommunicating and confusion
b) not having enough confidence and self-respect (and not setting healthy boundaries)
c) giving too much importance to certain things he may have said that actually don't matter.

And our comfort zone is our worst enemy, and very often - it doesn't really involve much comfort, quite the contrary.

It's called comfort because of a human propensity to stick to the known - and most of the time, such patterns of thoughts (bad feelings triggered by hidden insecurities) become our routine and a well-known perspective, that we're not ready to change.

That's why I'm immensely happy that you're going to break this pattern of thoughts and feel relieved whenever you enter a quirky situation that used to drive you nuts before!

However, although you will gain much more clarity, ideas on what to write or not, and your confidence will grow - if you want to click his right buttons, make him truly crazy for you and make your special relationship last, then you need to see what I've prepared for you ;)

There are 4 core determinants of a successful relationship aside from mutual respect:

1. communicational - how well you understand each other (and decipher his confusing messages and/or reactions)

2. emotional - how you bond with each other emotionally

3. sexual - how attractive do you find each other

4. conflictual - how well you're able to handle tough topics and overcome arguments without dragging new burdens on your relationship

Doing all of these constantly, making sure that you truly understand his intentions, that your bond is strong, that your sex is still passionate and that he chases you and wants to conquer you no matter how long you've known each other and on top of that being able to have constructive discussions about things that matter to you are difficult enough to do in the physical reality - but through texting it gets way more complicated.

Often there's not enough context, they can't hear your tone of voice, the expression on your face and MANY things can go wrong (a lot of my clients wrote me in despair that they ruined their relationships with Cancer men because they couldn't have a real conversation through texts).

So that's why I wrote these 4 guides that are going to be your relationship saviors from now on!

The Ultimate Cancer Text Magic Bundle That Will Make Him Go Crazy For You and Fight For Your Love

Prevent Common Texting Pitfalls And Make Him Truly Connected To You 

Here’s what you’ll get:

Special Guide #1 - Cancer Text Decoder - The Only Way To Understand The True Meaning Of His Confusing Texts – valued at $47 

DISCLAIMER: “Cancer Text Decoder” is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

As I mentioned above, the quality of your relationship will depend on 4 core factors - and the first one is to know how to make sure you really understand his intentions.

He might be giving you mixed signals, he seemed very interested at first, but then started backing away... Or he's on and off all the time, and you really don't know what he's looking for...

Decoding his behavior and texts is the step n.1 in determining whether you two can work out or not. Cancer men's mind works in a specific way, and it's crucial to know how to speak his language in order not to fall into some common traps and lose that hot Cancer guy you liked so much.

I made this guide specifically because many women wrote to me about their "situationships" with their Cancer men - they were getting confused by his messages and their wrong interpretation of these texts made their relationships crumble to pieces...

In order for this thing not to happen any more for other women that are interested in a Cancer, I wrote this guide that will place you back in control of the situation, because you will know at all times what are his intentions, whether, when and what you should reply...

Here just a tiny bit of what you'll learn inside this guide:

  • Never-before-revealed methods of deciphering the real meaning behind Cancer’s confusing texts.
  • Cancer’s motivation hacker: The 8 main reasons a Cancer Man is sending you confusing messages and how to reverse-engineer the process,
  • The 8 most common confusing texting situations with Cancers and how to bring much-needed clarity into your relationship,
  • The 3 little-known ways to flip his confusing messages in your favor,
  • The real reason why Cancer man sometimes takes too much to respond and how to motivate him to text you promptly,
  • A simple way to find out whether he’s prepared to settle or he’s just stringing you along
  • The cruel way in which Cancers are known to use women (it’s not just sex) and how to make sure that you’re LOVED instead of USED,
  • The 1 childish game that Cancers play on social media and how to win the game… so that you both win each other,
  • If he never asks you out, but only flirts with you… learn how to encourage him to make the leap of faith and finally ask you out,
  • The quick bomb defuser that will teach you how to easily deal with his Cancerian mood swings,
  • Easy ways to make him work hard to win your affection,
  • Cancer toxicity antidote – If Cancer gets excessively sexual, sends dick pics, chauvinist messages, ghosts you or pushes you away, this is how you will awaken the emotional sweet guy in him,
  • All about the infamous “morning after” message, who should send it first, and how to make sure you don’t mess up this important step of the journey,
  • My text spice will bring so much color into your chats that he’ll start daydreaming about spending his life with you,

Special Guide #2 - Cancer Romance Triggers - 36 Sneaky Message That Push His Love Buttons And Make Him Feel Deeply Connected To You – valued at $47 

The second step is to know how to bond with him and make him enter that "Romance zone" without ever thinking of friendzoning or even worse, ghosting you. 

My Cancer Romance Triggers will give you the exact roadmap to conquer his heart without him even noticing it. You will learn how to push his love buttons and make him deeply connected to you with my ready-to-send messages. 

All you need to do is to understand the right timing (but if that comes difficult to you, don't worry, you have that covered in the Cancer Text Decoder you just received), and send them one of the ready messages I prepared for you. 

Let me tell you briefly what this special texting guide is about.

This guide will reveal to you:

  • The smoothest Conversation Openers for flirting and bonding with a Cancer Man – the exact texts you should send to double the levels of intimacy between the two of you,
  • Secret ways of bringing him closer into your world, so that all he can think of is you!
  • How to align with his Venus at the beginning of the relationship and bond deeply with either of the 5 types of Cancers (according to his Venus sign),
  • A simple way to tell what his Venus Sign is and align your communication style to him so that you develop a sensual, caring, nurturing energy,
  • The 6 texts that you must never send if you want to stay with him, 
  • A sure way of creating a strong sexual tension, getting to know and leverage his fetishes, and becoming a heavenly match,
  • Tell-tale signs that he’s in love with you and how to get him to want to settle down with you,
  • Ultra-sexy ways of playing your seduction cards right and keeping him in love with you, 
  • Best online conversation blueprints that will make your communication sparkle,
  • A secret “Hold the Mystery” formula that makes him want to know more about you,
  • 14 topics to keep the fire between you burning + the perfect emojis to flirt with and make sure that you get the desired response,
  • The ultra-seductive “appear and ask” tactic that turns any boring cold conversation into a flirting minefield,

Special Guide #3 - Cancer Chasing Activator - 36-Ready-to-Send Texts To Make Him Chase You – valued at $47 

DISCLAIMER: “Cancer Chasing Activator” is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

Once the emotional bond is strong, it's crucial to make sure there's enough passion and sexual attraction between you two... Not only because sex is a very important aspect of each relationship, but also because you're dealing with hot Cancers who are well known for being passionate lovers.

You don't want him to think you're only this sweet, lovable girl that he can't imagine in his wild dreams. At the same time, you also need to know how to set up boundaries and show him your worth so he doesn't see you as a one-night stand opportunity he won't be paying enough attention to.

If this doesn't come naturally to you and kind of makes you feel anxious (like many other women) then this guide will be truly invaluable for you.

I created this special bonus guide - Cancer Chasing Activator that will make you simply irresistible to him... As soon as you try out some of the messages I specifically created to make him go wild for you - you won't believe how soon he'll start chasing you...

This is just a glimpse of what you will learn inside this guide:

  • Chasing Activator Messages and the proven texting tactics that turn the tables to your advantage and make him work hard to win your love and affection,
  • Sure ways of increasing the temperature until his heart’s melted and he can’t wait to hear from you again,
  • No more one-message texts from him, and no more boring, disinterested texts -- get that Cancer man thinking about nothing but you all day with my 5 Tantalizingly Teasing Texts,
  • The 3 ways to get your Cancer man crazy about you by making him more curious and playing with him,
  • The 4 deadly sins of texting a Cancer + real life examples & the specific messages that Cancer guys send
  • All the wrong ways women answer Cancers and how to answer in the right way and make him think you’re irresistible,
  • The 3 texts that always make a Cancer smile (pro tip: the more you make him smile, the more he’ll think of you throughout the day),
  • The 3 mind, heart and loins-piercing texts that will make him call you, ask you out and dream of being with you all the time,
  • The 5 “Virtual First Date” conversations to have with him online and easily get him BEGGING for more,

Special Guide #4 Angry Cancer Fixer Texts - Little-Known Texting Tactics To Get Him Back And Reconcile After An Argument – valued at $37

DISCLAIMER: “Angry Cancer Fixer Texts” is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

Finally, when you already have a strong emotional bond, the attraction towards each other is wild, you need to be prepared to handle some more complex things - potential arguments, and important topics you need to discuss...

As I said before, texting makes it hard to transfer your true intentions and feelings - especially when it comes to some tough topics... Plus, Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means it's harder for them to get out of their head and see their partner's point of view - which can result in needless and avoidable quarrels.

Angry Cancer Fixer Texts will help you overcome all those situations and stay ahead of further problems that might make your relationship crumble.

Here's what you'll learn inside it:

  • Cancer’s angry “break up” style will teach you how to avoid a whirlwind of confusion and pain,
  • Thoughts on “make up sex” and how to make sure that you REALLY make up instead of just having sex,
  • Intensely deep insights into some darker parts of the Cancerian psyche and how to balance his Yin and Yang,
  • How to “draw the line” and get him to apologize for treating you badly without causing a fight…
  • The best ways to quickly neutralize his anger and make up for it in case you made a mistake,
  • Little know techniques of leveraging arguments so that they strengthen your relationship instead of ruining it, 
  • 2 most common situations in which fights occur and 5 best ways to deal with those situations,
  • 5 relationship killing situations in which you never want to find yourself and the 1 message never to send to him,
  • The 12 very different types of Cancers (depending on the whereabouts of their Mars), how to recognize them and present yourself as the woman he wants to keep by his side,
  • 3 very specific Cancerian traits to watch out for,
  • Exactly how & what to text him/tell him to really convey that you’re trustworthy and make him bring his guard down,

Now, since you need to know his time and date of birth in order to know where his Venus and Mars are placed, I will give you a bonus gift to help you get his birth data (without seeming creepy). 

Plus, you'll be able to have fun with it and use these tips for anyone that you may want to learn more about. 

FREE BONUS GET HIS BIRTH DATA (Without Scaring Him Off) – valued at $17

DISCLAIMER: “Get his Birth Data” is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

Once you combine all the knowledge from these guides and use the practical tips I shared in them, you will watch your love life literally reach the heights you never thought were possible for you...

This is my way of helping the world heal and establish bonds and connections powered by Love – the mightiest force in the Universe.

That’s why I’m giving off the complete package for an amazing price.

I don’t know how long I can keep this special package at such a low price, so I advise you to order now and ensure that you are able to attract your true soul mate.

In only a few minutes you’ll have access to secrets that will forever change your connection with that special Cancer man. 

I want you to think about this…

What’s it worth to you to:

  • Deepen the emotional connection between you two
  • Increase your sexual attraction so that he wants to see you and make love to you all night
  • Make him fully acknowledge your worth so that he chases you and wants to conquer you every single day
  • Make him treasure you as a true queen you are
  • Be ready to confront him in a wiser way about all the topics that truly matter to you
  • Never being afraid of any difficult topics to discuss with him because you just know how to serve every important issue 
  • Significantly deepen the intimacy and yearning your Cancer lover feels for you,
  • Never have to worry about not being able to reconcile
  • Finally get all the support and affection you deserve,
  • Finally have him commit to a long-term relationship
  • Have him bring you to most romantic dates you've always dreamed about,
  • Fall asleep in the arms of a man that truly loves and protects you?

I remember a time when I’d give all the money in the world to get this sort of shortcut to understanding how a Cancer man's mind works and how to remove all that confusion out from our texting conversations. 

And now you’re given more than just a chance…

You’re given a guaranteed way to form a long-term stable relationship with Mr. Cancer, and plus make him crazy about you like never before.

There you have it.

So here’s what you get in total… if you order today, a one-time investment of ONLY $37 will get you:

The entire Cancer Text Magic bundle containing:

  • Cancer Text Decoder (valued at $47)
  • Cancer Chasing Activator (valued at $47)
  • Cancer Romance Triggers (valued at $47)
  • Angry Cancer Fixer Texts (valued at $47) 

PLUS 1 Premium Bonus

  • Get His Birth Data (valued at $17)

The total value of this special package is $205…

And although I know I can charge as much, I’ve made a special deal for you today for less than what you spend on monthly cosmetics…

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The guides are in PDF/electronic format so simply click on the links and they’ll start downloading immediately. You can access the files on your computer, phone or tablet.

You’ll will also receive an email with a Direct link so you can re-access your purchase anytime in the future.

...Sounds fair enough?

What are you waiting for?

Maybe a sign?

I believe you are here for a reason. It is up to you…

You can either read this as a sign, and tap into the wisdom of astrology that so many successful and truly happy people use to guide them through their life decision… And if you do interpret this as a sign from the skies, I’m sure that all those confusing situations while texting your Cancer guy will finally become much clearer, and you won't be making the same mistakes ever again. Everything you'll read will just explain so many things about your relationship, that I'm sure you will feel both empowered and relieved. 

OR you can ignore this offer and continue throwing darts in the dark, while trying to figure out why the hell you can't work it out with this Cancer guy…

With this being said, I leave you to decide on your own…



Can't wait to see you inside!

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