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How To Get Immediate Clarity, Insight And 100% Personal Guidance About Your Relationship

Hello my dear,

Thank you for signing up for The Challenge! 

It will prove extremely valuable to your relationship as long as you put the daily challenges into action (and you should!)

I’d also like to thank you for trusting me in your search for insights & guidance... it really means a lot to me, and I LOVE to help any way I can.

Now I have to tell you honestly… Since I started publishing my astrology love guides, I grew quite a following & got to know so many of you in a very personal way. Many of you share your most intimate challenges with me, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the trust you put in me.

But sometimes I receive hundreds of messages in a day, and reading some of them makes me very concerned.

You see…

I really try to help everyone I can, but often, I am simply overwhelmed… and while this is not about me, I have to tell you why. I often feel powerless seeing that people trust me with their most intimate love challenges, their troubles, their heartaches…

Yet I am physically unable to respond to everyone. 

While I truly read every message I can — responding, and giving careful, accurate guidance… especially if you want to be accurate! - is a challenge I personally face every day.

And it often makes me want to cry.

After all, you are trusting me with delicate, private and important details. I thus have to take this very seriously. And I do.

Not just because of my reputation — but because of the respect I have for you, the responsibility I have to someone who has reached out to me for help.

But often I have to ‘pass’ a letter despite hearing a heartbreaking story… and then I must tend to the most urgent of cases… one’s where I couldn’t live with myself if I looked the other way.

Thank God not all cases are such. But it makes my hand tremble every time I need to open a new email or response… 

This is the nature of Astrology.

Clients don’t come to me when life is all ‘jolly’… on the contrary. They come to me when things hurt… when there’s a serious problem to solve… when there’s uncertainty or confusion. When they need immediate clarity.

I often imagine this is how doctors feel all day… especially if they work in a more urgent department.

Thus I sometimes view myself as a kind of Astrological love doctor. And I’m quite happy knowing that I always have a ‘cure’ that isn’t only effective… but works almost INSTANTLY.

I consult the stars and thus help my clients relax, understand, and get control.

I give them a bit (and often more) clarity about their situation... I listen to them. I talk to them... Then I point them in the right direction.

To this day I am still amazed how well it works.

I know where to look for the correct answers and how to interpret each situation, however complex - there’s always an answer waiting in the sky for you.

And that is why I absolutely love doing this. 

Because I know how valuable this kind of guidance is to them at this moment of vulnerability. 

It is a gift I have acquired over 15 years of practicing & studying Astrology… sharing it is my calling and duty.

Now this brings me back to my own personal struggle… first, I cannot clone myself.

Second, I have realized that, when I help people for free — because, yes, I do see myself as a good & caring person… they often simply ignore my guidance, and thus cannot properly benefit from it.

This leaves me feeling a bit empty and, even tricked… 

But on the other hand - my private offline clients are thrilled to consult me… and come back year after year… whenever they need help. And they happily invest $250 per reading.

So I came to a point where I am very skeptical about helping people free of charge. And I often only take on clients who are referred and trusted by my existing clients. 

I know this may sound a little arrogant, but I hoped I could be honest with you. I don’t want to make you feel as if I am after your money in any way.

The issue I am facing is a simple selection process…

Who is really open to being helped?

Who is really open to being guided?

After all… (and it took me a long time to learn this lesson) – you cannot help someone who is not ready to help him or herself.

I am determined to only help those who are ready & open to being guided to a better place in their life.

Are you?

If you are, I will gladly open a spot for you in my “VIP” express-line… and guarantee you my honest, and full help based on any challenge you currently face in love.

How to book my “VIP” consultation?

You’ll need to send me (on the next page) your own and your man’s exact birth data (if you have it, if not - we’ll ‘work around it’) and fill out a simple form/questionnaire to give me a bit of context about your current relationship situation — then I’ll have all the information I need to guide you through any challenge or desire you have.

I am happy to show you the way, and I am absolutely confident and able to do so.

I guarantee you my response (within 7 days or less) & complete attention if you show me you are serious about this, too.

This is how my “VIP consultation” works…

I will use the information you give me on the next page… to cast, review and interpret your (and your man’s) chart… I will carefully consider your situation, and email you back with my personal guidance, within the next 7 days upon your payment.

And here’s the good news...

This is the absolute best guidance I can provide you with, but without the regular $250 pricetag I normally charge for full readings.

Frankly speaking, you most often do not really need a full reading… what you want and need is clarity, guidance, and an answer to your biggest challenge.

And because you are already my client, today I am happy to provide you with a very special opportunity.

If you would like to become my VIP member today, and get complete clarity & personal guidance from me, it will be just a one-time investment of $87.

This is a special client-only offer I provide for you as my existing book client.

If this sounds fair to you… simply click the “Add To My Order” button below to add this to your original purchase… on the next page, you will be able to fill out the survey/questionnaire so that I can get started on your reading, and you can expect to hear back from me within 7 days (possibly sooner) with insight on your situation.

You Pay Only $87

NOTE: This “VIP Consultation” offer will be delivered to you via email within 7 days once you fill out the form/questionnaire on the following page. It comes at just a one-time additional charge of $87. Click “Add To My Order” to automatically take advantage of this special opportunity.

Once you complete confirm your order, I’ll give you immediate access to my ‘VIP’ email address where you can get in touch with me directly.

On the following page you will fill out a short survey/application form with the information I need to personally guide you. 

I will also email you from this address after studying your charts & your unique situation.

If you feel that this is not yet for you, that is also okay… and I would still love to remain in touch with you through my newsletter and books.

My ‘Crazy’ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Nobody else does this. But here’s what I have for you… I am so confident that I am able to provide you with accurate, meaningful and valuable guidance… that I’m happy to guarantee your satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you are not entirely happy with the quality of my guidance, simply email me within 60 days of your order, and I’ll return every penny. It’s that simple.

Sending you love,

your friend & Relationship Astrologer,


“What you do to help people is amazing. Thank you. I never put too much stock in astrology because the usual description of me is so far off the mark for me- but after reading a few things on Him and realizing it fit him to a T, I decided it was time to look more deeply into it. Your book is an amazingly valuable resource.”

Kyra, 45, Aquarius


“Thank you so much for inspiring books! Read them several times. My (potential) scorpio man is amazing... we have connected on such a deep, soul level, but the timing is awkward, difficult. I wanted to gain some insight, largely to know if I should keep going or distance myself. Your books have been really insightful. I only wish I'd read them sooner.”

Alex, 33, Sagittarius


“I recently dated a Scorpio and wanted more insight into this intriguing sign...The way our zodiac signs play a part in our mannerisms and personalities interests me, and understanding what actually makes a Scorpio man tick would be very helpful if I ever encounter another. I’d like to thank you for the incredible insight on the enigmatic Scorpio man. I’ve only recently discovered your guides and I was truly fascinated with your accuracy.”

Evangelina, 46, Scorpio


“You can have the relationship you want!”

Anna Kovach is known as the most sought after dating & relationships Astrologer and advisor to commitment-seeking women across the globe. Anna's guidance and astrological insights have helped countless women get the relationship they desire.

She is famous for saving 'failed' relationships, helping women secure their 'One' and showing seemingly incompatible couples “how to speak the same language.” 

She uses her gift and knowledge of Astrology & relationship psychology to help couples connect and gain an intense understanding of each other. All through the power of practical and accurate astrological advice that anyone can apply to their relationship — just without the hype, overcomplicated professional terminology or vague and confusing astro-speak.

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