How to Attract a Cancer Man in September 2020

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Cancer man in September 2020? Draw the attention of a Cancer man or improve your relationship with one in September!

Every month, the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, it may be tough to understand the needs and desires of the Cancer man. But with my tips based on the monthly energy, you can draw the attention of a Cancer man or improve your relationship with one in September 2020.

Attracting a Cancer Man in September 2020

1. Get Organized

As an emotional water sign known for his unpredictable nature, the Cancer man may find himself easily distracted in September 2020. 

However, with a stable partner by his side, the cosmic energy of September 2020 is beneficial for the Cancer man. 

Instead of creating an internal and external environment of nervousness and mental confusion, the Cancer man can experience a month of self-expression, emotional healing, and research-based learning. 

If you’re wondering why September 2020 is such an important month for the Cancer man’s relationships, it’s because the Sun is transiting his third house of Virgo until September 22.

During this period, the Cancer man is most attracted to the woman who brings order and inspiration to his life. He wants someone who can logistically organize his thoughts, not disrupt them.

Because September is a busy month for the Cancer man, do your best to be punctual and in good spirits. He won’t have the patience for ill moods. To avoid any missed outings or forgotten messages, sync your calendars so you’re always aware of each other’s routines. This will help the relationship stay on track. 

Also, be mindful of your personal and shared environment. 

If you and the Cancer man live together, make sure you’re both adamant about keeping things organized and doing your part. Don’t settle for being a slob.

To stay in the flow, take a gentle but firm approach when communicating. 

At the end of the month, when the Sun leaves persistent Virgo and enters sociable Libra, get ready for a peaceful yet lively time. 

During these four weeks, the Cancer man is most attracted to the woman who is open-minded and helps him feel safe. 

2. Be True to You

Although the Cancer man has many feelings, it won’t be easy getting him to show it. 

However, I’ve found that the easiest way to get the Cancer man to show you how he really feels is to open up and show him who you really are, especially in September. 

In September, Venus, the planet of love, will transit Leo and highlight the Cancer man’s second house. 

In Astrology, the second house rules values, self-worth, and possessions. It showcases the standards and expectations that the Cancer man chooses to live his life by. It illuminates who he is as a man. 

During this period, the Cancer man is most to the woman who inspires a sense of pride and creativity. He will want someone traditional yet liberated. Someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves and live in their truth. 

As his potential or current partner, stay true to your roots. 

Instead of shaping yourself to be what you think he needs, play by your own rules. Don’t be so quick to people-please or fight to prove your worth. As a nurturing but dominant soul, the Cancer man is turned on by the woman who knows what she likes. So don’t hold back in this department. 

If you like to dance and drink rich wine until 4 in the morning, then invite him along for the ride. Just make sure that what you show him is who you are. Because if you’re not, if will come out in October. 

On the other hand, this intense focus on values can show you how much you have in common, especially if you have similar childhood memories or experiences from the past. 

If you are getting to know a Cancer man, this is the perfect time to show him that it’s okay to be yourself and love yourself no matter where you are in life. 

Regardless of where you are in your relationship journey, make sure you let him know that you appreciate him. 

If you’re looking for new ideas during uncertain times, think simple extravagance. You can never go wrong with a luxurious dinner or a candlelit movie night for two.

3. Get to Know the Family

It doesn’t matter if you’re married, dating, or just met—in some capacity, September 2020 brings focus to the Cancer man’s home and family. 

And if you haven’t talked about or met his family yet, you probably will soon because from September 5 until September 27, Mercury in Libra will transit the Cancer man’s fourth house of heritage.

This is an excellent transit to start discussing, visualizing, and planning to start or expand your family. 

For those who are in a serious relationship with a Cancer man and are not planning to have children yet or at all, take time getting to know and connecting with his family. 

As a natural provider and spokesman, the Cancer man is attracted to the woman who easily blends in with his environment and overall familial dream. However, if you want to keep his attention, you’ll need to do more than play the perfect homemaker. 

Instead of talking about what you want to do, make sure you put it into motion. Libra is an action-oriented air sign, so show him you’re brilliant enough to be the co-captain of his ship. Let him know that you can handle your affairs and, with his help, still be present at home. 

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Think Long-Term

Investing in the future isn’t something you would choose to talk about on a first date, but if you want the relationship to last, you should think about making it your go-to conversation starter pretty soon.

On September 9, 2020, Mars, the planet of actions and willpower, will station retrograde in the Cancer man’s tenth house. Expect the Cancer man to go through an intense period of refinement and redirection regarding his long-term plans. 

As his current or potential partner, try to join his efforts and see the bigger picture. Think long-term. 

If dating, take your time when establishing the relationship. Be clear about what you want for the future and how you think you can get there. 

If married or in a relationship, use this transit to recommit to a shared goal. Perhaps you would like to renovate or purchase a home or start a college fund for your future kids. 

Whatever the case, make sure you’re keeping your eye on the prize. Your actions should align with your desire to build a fun and free-spirited life together—a life where you can experience true independence and do what you want. 

During this period, the Cancer man is attracted to the woman who is willing to be persistent and giving at the same time, no matter life’s struggles or demands. 

Mars retrograde in Aries helps the Cancer man find healthy ways to release and detach. 

Instead of splurging on activities to make life exciting, get creative and make the fun yourself. Think about connecting with your successful couple friends and plan a safe night in or socially distancing on the town. 

Overall, September 2020 is an excellent month to attract and build a healthy relationship with a Cancer man. If you want to keep his attention, get organized, be true to who you are, get to know each other’s family, and think long-term. 

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Have you noticed these astrological influences on your Cancer man? Let me know in the comment section below!

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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