How To Attract A Cancer Man In August 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Cancer man in August 2021? The planets change every month, and events in August might be different then what you're expecting.

Leo season… A Full Moon in compatible Pisces… August is a really positive month for love and a new spark. The fiery, bold, independent, playful, and creative energies of Leo are bringing out Cancer’s charismatic and confident side. He enjoys the electric spark and buzz of this noble Lion, and he shares mutual qualities such as warmth, loyalty, and a deep love of affection and companionship. There are a few key ways you can connect with him, so be sure to apply the wisdom and guidance below. 

How To Attract A Cancer Man In August 2021

1. Get Grounded

Tips To Attract A Cancer Man In August 2021

It’s important that you get grounded and honest with your feelings. Leo is very direct. They have a fiery and intentional nature; they don’t water down their words and they don’t possess the “wishy-washy” nature of an overly adaptable or people-pleasing water sign

They can be quite selfish! But this is actually good for sensitive self-sacrificing Cancer, and the Cancer man appreciates a more direct approach to love and communication this month. 

One thing he will always be is intuitive. This means he is sensitive and receptive to the cosmic themes, or universal currents, at play. Cancer navigates life with an instinctual self-awareness and even if he hasn’t read some wisdom or article on the current Astrology, he will naturally and organically know what’s going on. His sensitivity shouldn’t be overlooked nor should you take it for granted. 

Being grounded in your body, emotions, and empathy center is a sure way to put yourself on his radar. There’s a tendency to become low, depressed or moody (over sensitive) as is reflected in the ‘shadow side’ of the Cancer personality. This is only because Leo is so intense and passionate!

Be mindful and careful of your energies. Present yourself with class, dignity, and grace while steering clear of over-emotionalism. You’ll be surprised at how confident and expressive this guy is during a Leo Sun. 

2. Show Ambition

Leo’s influence sparks ambition in this sensitive and soulful man too. One quality they share (Leo and Cancer) is passion – both signs are intense and wholly passionate in their own unique ways. 

The Cancer man is feeling more self-expressive, communicative, action-focused, and willful this month. He is glowing and shining in his magnetic, subtle, and inspirational way. The Sun is the ruler of Leo, and with Leo being the heart of the Zodiac, Cancer senses it’s time to go after his goals and apply an ambitious mindset to his personal life.

So, ask him questions, show a genuine interest in his life and career, and try to inspire him where you see fit. In other months, minor aggression may be taken badly, however during Leo season aggression is received as loving action. Bask in the glory and radiance of the Sun and don’t be afraid of showing off slightly, meaning it’s okay to share your own successes and achievements! 

Cancer is more attracted to prestige, wealth, power, fame, and self-sovereignty than at any other time of the year. Being the star sign just before Leo, the Cancer man is also familiar with the cyclic nature of life, i.e., he is used to the upbeat and excitable energy that follows his own birthday season. Be sure to tune into the aspects and characteristics mentioned for the best success!

3. Protective Qualities Are A Major Attraction

Attracting A Cancer Man In August 2021

Nothing turns this man’s mind, heart, and soul on more than someone displaying devotional protection. As the nurturer and caregiver, Cancer is extremely attracted to instinctive protectiveness.

If you can show your heart of gold and sincere inner pull to looking after those you love, you are instantly in his good books! You’ll appear like gold to him, with a fine wrapper of celestial silver and emotionally harmonious blue. 

Cancer is a colorful individual with a few specific (and special) categories of strengths and qualities. Passion and emotional intensity, nurturance and empathy, and creativity and evolved imaginative abilities paint his personality. 

All of these make for a wonderful friend, lover, and companion who will truly put your interests and needs above his own. Devotional strength defines Cancer and Leo season brings the best out of him in this aspect. 

4. Be Sensitive But Open-Minded

There is a lot of positive and harmonious energy this August. Leo brings the fire and zest which leads to optimism, the Sun entering Virgo on the 22nd opens a door to a down-to-earth and introspective, caring, and warm vibe, and the Full Moon in Pisces allows for deep merging and resonance. 

The Pisces Moon on the 22nd is the perfect balance of sensitivity and creative genius. The Cancer man is very tuned into his imagination and inner creative spark at this time – he’s fully aware of his talents, and is more than happy to converse and share. 

How can you build a magical and musical connection? Do you have shared passions and artistic abilities that may be able to bind you together? Are you skilled in music, storytelling, painting or drama? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself and acting on. 

Pisces further brings the energy of expansion and open-mindedness. This sign’s ancient ruler is Jupiter, the planet of luck, philosophy, travel, higher learning, and expansion, while it’s modern one is Neptune. Neptune, of course, symbolizes dreams, instincts, spirituality, and psychic gifts. 

Cancer’s receptive to all of these things this month, therefore make sure you make an effort to connect in this way. Know thyself and the collective themes, in other words. Let slip at some point that you’re loyal and faithful in both friendship and romantic love, because he will love to hear this!

5. Charm Him With Grace

Wow him with social grace, charm, and charisma. Usually attracted to ultra-feminine and introverted types, Cancer is more open to bold and extroverted displays of love and affection until the 22nd. 

The Leo New Moon emphasizes this and the playful but dominant energies of Leo assist the Cancer man in coming to terms with his own independence. Codependency should be avoided at all costs. Aim for self-respect and seeking the spotlight in a self-loving and modest way instead.

For example, if you’ve got a creative or musical talent you wish to show (as this is a very artistic time of the year), do so in a way that projects humility balanced with a healthy sense of self-worth. Use your imagination to charm him, speak from your soul and know that there’s a green light for dramatics, performance, and entertainment. 

Referring back to the Pisces Full Moon, this opens a portal to higher consciousness and unconditional love – profound creative insights and genius sparks of inspiration too… 

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

The Cancer man is extremely sexy this month, and needs an optimistic and sensual spirit to match. He is thinking about love, friendship, and living life to the fullest. 

His imagination is soaring and he’s ultimately in need of a partner who can share in the magic, music, creativity, and artistic passions, and the like! Embrace your curious, free-spirited, and creative side and you’ll be drawing the Cancer men to you in no time!

If you’re looking for ways to grow your love with Cancer guy to greater heights, then check out my guide Forever Love With A Cancer Man to find out how to sustain your love with him for all time!

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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