The Cancer Man Predictions For July 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Hello, my lovelies, and welcome to your Cancer man’s July forecast! Today we’re going to get a glimpse at the Cancer man’s predictions for his month.

Hello, my lovelies, and welcome to your Cancer man’s July forecast! Today we’re going to get a glimpse at the Cancer man’s predictions for his month, so get strapped in, and let’s go.

The first week of July puts the Cancer man in a better and more stable mood than he’s been in weeks. This is a good start to his birth month, and it’s a good start for romantic and adventurous activities. Go out and explore nature together, while holding hands and sharing hugs and kisses, you know, as all Cancers love.

The second week of July holds special intensity and depth for the Cancer man, as it’s building up emotional pressure and drama just to be released during the 13th of July on a pesky Full Moon in Capricorn. The sea is calling out to him during this time, so my advice is to avoid drifting out into the open ocean, stay harbored and stay safe. Both out in the sea, and in the emotions…

The third week of July puts the Cancer man in a jolly good mood. He’s cheerful, he’s content, and he’s (finally) happy to be where he is. Spending a romantic time with his partner or love interest is all the jazz right now, and he’s down for it – all the way down if you catch my drift…

The fourth week of July is made for hiking and camping, staying away from all the online and social drama, getting in tune with oneself and nature, and breathing fresh air, and these should be the number one priorities on the Cancer man’s to-do list.

The World Beckons…

At the beginning of the month, your Cancer guy is going to feel quite intense and talkative, as both the Sun and Mercury are in his sign and his first house. His ruler won’t be making any hard aspects during this first week (apart from that one opposition with Pluto Retrograde) so he’ll feel more balanced and less moody than usual.

This is a great time to talk about his dreams and play out his romantic scenarios. It’s possible that he will want to revisit some old romantic places and destinations thanks to Pluto Retrograde in his seventh house, and that’s important for his healing journey, so indulge him and be open to hearing his experiences.

This is a very lucky and productive time for his career and his social life. He’ll be asked to go out and about more than he’s used to, and his friends will expect him to deliver on his time and promises he’s made when he was in a friendlier mood. Remind him that friends and social activities are all a part of a (healthy) life and that he should not shun them.

This week is a great period for exploring foreign languages, cuisines, and countries, so if he asks you out on a very faraway date, don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’ and see where this new adventure takes you with your Cancer man.

Cradle Me Softly

At the end of the second week, on July 13th, there’s a strong Capricorn Full Moon, and it’s conjunct Pluto Retrograde in the Cancer man’s seventh house. He is bound to feel this lunation the most out of the entire Zodiac, as it’s affecting both his first and seventh houses.

He is not feeling upbeat and well during this lunation, no ma’am… But this is necessary for his emotional growth and healing. This is the perfect time to release built-up (emotional) trauma and heartbreak that has been building within his heart for years.

He might want to storm this one out alone, but it’s a great idea for his love interest or partner to be by his side and to show him the “new” world that awaits him if he only dares to step out of his (safe) shell.

This is a perfect time to flush out any emotional trauma and drama, to resolve and let go of any emotional hurt, and to welcome the gentle calm after the storm of feelings that this lunation brings with it.

Going out into the sea and open waters might not be the best and safest idea right now, but if the presence of the water can help your Cancer man to release the feelings and accept healing more easily, then so be it. Just be safe and sound out there, the sea is not a forgiving mistress…

Blessings After A Curse Has Been Lifted…

The third week of July brings calm after the storm as Venus moves from Gemini to Cancer and brings a sorely desired glow-up for the Cancer man. Finally, he can feel a bit more relaxed and open with his emotions. And his emotions are ready to be out in the open, as he has done serious healing work and is now ready to shine and be warm again.

His second house will also see blessings coming its way, thanks to Mercury transferring to Leo and drawing fun jobs and luck his way. It’s a great time to explore each other’s emotional depths through spicy intimacy.

Going out on a boat, spending time at the sea, and holding hands under a sunset can be a perfect idea for getting closer and healing together right now.

His career is seeing some serious progress and strides right now, so the Cancer man doesn’t have to worry about his finances and income. Instead, he can spend it on something romantic and emotionally fulfilling, like paragliding or skydiving.

It’s a perfect time to be content, to see the happiness in detail, and to be grateful. Meditate, do yoga, and pranayama together, in nature, preferably.

Nature Is Calling Me Home

The fourth and final week of July is going to be quite content, and at the end, there’s a mighty New Moon in Leo, his second house, that will take his monetary blessing up a notch, which will make him a very happy man, indeed.

The Cancer man is feeling not just pretty and handsome right now, but also very lucky and in-tune with the surrounding energies, as Fire signs would say – he’s on fire!

He might, however, experience some turbulence in the social area of his life, with his friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, thanks to Mars, Uranus, and the North Node all conjunct in Taurus, his eleventh house.

These are necessary turbulences and changes that will lead to something healthier and better in his social life.

Now is a perfect time to donate and partake in charitable activities, but it’s essential to stay safe and think about your own safety, first and foremost.

This is a perfect time to have grandiose dates and to go to adventurous places. Hiking in some of the most gorgeous national parks that the U.S. has to offer is a perfect date idea for a Cancer man and his love interest or partner right now!

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Final Thoughts

The Cancer man will feel the lunation of July the most, but he’ll have the most character development as well.

During the beginning of the month, he’ll feel good and positive. Then during the second week, his emotional state and mood will slowly deteriorate, reaching the peak low at the Full Moon.

After the Full Moon, it will be uphill! He’ll feel better and better, and his inner landscape will peak at the New Moon at the end of the month.

The Cancer man will do a lot of emotional healing and mending during July, and I feel he’s the one sign that will do the most work during these hot summer days.

At the end of the month, it will be his time to shine, and since he’s a dual sign, he won’t forget his partner to shine with him. It’s a nice emotional arc for the Cancer man, and we should all be happy for him.

Some of these transits are going to feel different for individuals than I have explained here. While generally accurate, these predictions don’t reflect the entire depth of information found within your partner or love interest’s Birth Chart.

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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