Cancer Man Horoscope For November 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

Hello, my darling readers, how are you? Is life treating you well, have you managed through this crazy Retrograde season? I hope all is well on your end, for I’ve come bearing tidings of the Cancer man’s moods and fate throughout November, so strap in and let’s get into it!

The first week of the month casts focus on the Cancer man’s career and social life. This is a good time to be attentive to his needs, and to listen to his complaints because the aspects are such that he might suffer slander and gossip at work, and that can be a big hit to his fragile heart… 

The second week offers a forced resolution to his social or friendship problems, and he might find out who was spreading some rumors about him. It’s also a very good time for romance and romantic dates, but do something intense and deep, something that can allow the both of you to feel each other on another level. 

The third week makes a significant rise in his optimism and good mood. Now is a perfect time to go out on a camping trip, or spend the night somewhere secluded beneath the stars. The Cancer man will be in the right mood to ‘spill his secrets’ and you will be wise to lend him a listening ear, for this knowledge might serve you well in the days to come. 

The final week of November offers a chance to start something new and exciting, as there’s a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd. This is a great opportunity to get him to move (off the couch) and to get into a healthy and optimistic daily routine together. 

They Don’t Wish Me Well… 

During the first week of November, the Cancer man’s focus will be on his career, and public and social life. He might be forced to deal with some hidden enemies and nasty gossip concerning his work and professional reputation. Retrograde Mars is the dispositor of the Moon, and this leads to some very unpleasant conversations and discoveries. 

The Cancer man will take this personally, and his mood will be significantly affected by these nasty rumors. However, since the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in Scorpio, his fifth house, if you offer to lend him an ear and a shoulder to cry on, hypothetical tears might turn into something very passionate and intimate. Plan wisely. 

The good thing is that both Pluto and Saturn are now direct, and he can make straightforward and long-lasting decisions regardings his love life and love situations. This is a good time to tackle some heavy problems that have been repeating for a while, for Saturn is a harsh but just judge, so if you make your plea to him now, despite a long-ruling, you might receive some unforeseen gifts. 

Be attentive to his moods during this week, listen to his woes and complaints (about colleagues and work), and take notes on what sets him off, and what deeply saddens him. This is a valuable time to learn about his inner workings and to catch the minuscule giveaways from his psyche that he otherwise keeps carefully hidden. 

Riding The Full Moon Wave Like A Pro

The second week of November holds a powerful change in the Cancer man’s social and romantic area of life, thanks to the Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus that opposes the stellium in Scorpio. This week he will be called to examine his social standing versus his hedonistic and emotional desires. 

He might not react very well to this Full Moon, but on the other hand, he might take it in a stride and not complain too much about it. The eleventh and fifth houses are not “heavy” houses; the worst-case scenario is that his lover or partner gets mad at him for him being ‘too much’ at the disposal of his friends and some social causes, over their romance. 

This is a great time for him to try and bring his femme to the ‘dark side’ where there are (Karmic) goodies. It’s a perfect opportunity for him to find a mutual cause with his lover or partner, and for the two of them to work together and unite their forces in achieving something that can be for the good of many. 

It’s an interesting time and an interesting lunation. The worst-case scenario is he finds out who has been spreading rumors and nasty gossip about him behind his back, and that person is one of his close friends. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. 

Optimism At Its Finest

The third week offers an opportunity for the Cancer man’s good mood and romance. The Moon will be in his first house, and it’ll make some nice aspects with his fifth house, which screams “raveling in emotions and passion.” 

This is a good time for romancing him, for getting under his skin, and for making him dream of you. It’s also a great time to cook for him, buy him gifts and show your love for him in mundane ways. 

The Cancer man will be optimistic and in high spirits during this third week of November, his head will be in the right place for dates, seduction, and passion. Spending a night in a cabin or under the open sky and stars can be a perfect opportunity to bond for life, and to make something great together. 

His communication skills will be sharp and will come from a place of emotions. Whatever he says during this time, he will mean it, and it can offer you an insight into how to approach him further down the line, and how to remain in his good graces (mood-wise).

Work It

The fourth and final week offers a nice opportunity for business growth and optimistic relations at work. If you wanted to start a daily routine with your Cancer man, now is a perfect chance – go to the gym together, start going to a yoga or Tai Chi class, or learn a foreign language. All are a green light, go, go, go!

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd makes for a great opportunity for new, optimistic, and enthusiastic beginnings, and using this transit to implement yourself in his daily routine can be a great idea. 

The Cancer man will feel the positive effect of Jupiterian energies, and if he has wanted to get in shape or deal with his body or health issues for a long time, he will receive a needed wind in the back to do so. 

It’s also possible that he will get a raise at work, or have an opportunity to travel for work. It’s a great time for him, and it’s going to do wonders for his mental state and overall health. Make sure to give him the support he needs to get out of his shell more and start doing things that require action from him, not just meticulous planning and visions in his head. 

Final Thoughts 

Surprisingly, my sweeties, the Cancer man will be in a better mood this month than the rest of the Zodiac, and that is a great chance to use it for your own good. Since his mood will be lighter and brighter, you might want to present your ideas and initiative to him, and get him to do more outgoing things (together, of course). 

The Cancer man will feel grateful for the support, now more than ever. He might suffer from a feeling of betrayal during the first two weeks, but later, that will be pushed aside and almost forgotten thanks to the new developments that will ensue during the third and fourth weeks. 

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Until next time, my lovely readers – I wish you all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Hope you are right, have felt very confused lately but have a cabin booked the 3rd week of November hoping that is a real turning point for us after nearly a year of ‘dating’

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