Cancer Man Horoscope For May 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly May predictions for your Cancer man.

Hello sweetheart, how is your April going? I hope that you enjoyed last month’s forecast. Are you ready to hear about the prospects in May for Cancer man?

Well May is an absolutely action-packed month in the heavens, as the planets are very busy and there are a number of extremely significant transits and conjunctions. There’s going to be lots to contemplate within your and Cancer guy’s life, and plenty of great opportunities to form a relationship with Cancer men, if you are single.

Venus is entering Cancer trine Saturn, which is the ruler of Capricorn which rules his solar seventh house, and therefore this is a wonderful time for harmony, companionship and renewed depth to relationships.

This is a very important time to solidify a relationship, and if things have been rather problematic or the emotions a little bit see-saw between you and Cancer guy, this month’s a period of stability where you can get your head around problems, come to the table and have good communication.

Venus enters Cancer Trine Saturn (8th)

Venus entering Cancer is an excellent time for sexual healing. It’s an opportune period for you and Cancer guy to renew the physical communication side of your relationship. It’s definitely time for some date nights, blissful romantic time away from the kids, and for indulging and rewarding each other. Gifting is quite important now, so surprise spontaneous gifts, being thoughtful and coming together in a way that’s not necessarily conventional is the key to romantic excitement.

Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus (9th May)

This is quite a significant and highly energizing transit. During this phase Cancer guy is in an ideas rich frame of mind, it’s a good time to encourage him to be innovative, to embrace new technology and new ideas.

If you and Cancer man happen to work together, this is a fantastic time to travel with colleagues to conferences or trade fairs, or jump into activities where you can gather information and be with like-minded people.

If you are currently in the friend zone with Cancer guy, this is a time to deepen and strengthen your friendship, however it may not be a time when he necessarily wants to turn that friendship into a full blown romance.

However, he will definitely want to spend more time with you, have more conversations with you and get to know you a lot better, as his curiosity is piqued. He’s particularly drawn to women whom he already knows and shares interests with, for with whom he’s not yet had a chance to connect with. Remember, the key to keeping him tuned in this month is to arouse his curiosity, teach him new things and have enlightening discussions.

Mercury goes direct Sextile Saturn (15th May)

Mercury going direct is good news because it means that communications, travel, networking and initiatives connected to groups and organizations can proceed with fewer hitches. This is a great time to unite with others and to share in. common goals. In terms of Cancer guy, the key right now is company and reaching out, so he shouldn’t feel that he has to tackle anything alone. It’s important for you both to cultivate your networks, to stay in touch with friends and to be open to contact with the wider community.

This is definitely a not a good time for him to isolate himself. I know that Cancer guy can occasionally be a little bit shy, and he’s reticent about communicating with strangers, but this is certainly a time when meeting new people and going to events with crowds of strangers is actually highly stimulating, and can be a rewarding experience.

So when it comes to you and Cancer guy, don’t stay in your usual friendship circles or comfort zones, it’s time to get out among diverse groups of people with lots of different ideas, because this could be stimulating to your romantic life, can help communication in the relationship and is also quite fruitful if you’re looking for new career ideas.

Jupiter enters Taurus (17th May)

This represents a the start of a very outgoing time for Cancer guy. It’s a time of increased confidence and also a desire to have more exposure in terms of his career public life.

On a personal level, self-expression is enhanced and so you should encourage him to display his talents, to improve his networks and just be more visible particularly within the professional community. This is an ideal time for him to use social media more extensively to enhance his prospects or get noticed professionally.

Meeting a Cancer guy via social media networking is quite a good avenue for romance but results are not immediate.

This is a perfect time for him to think big. The last few years particularly because of covid restrictions and everything we’ve all been going through, it’s been easier to easy to stay small, to be more conservative and to be more cautious, but the message for Cancer guy right now is – the world is his oyster.

Jupiter Square Pluto (18th May)

It’s very important to stay positive and not to waste energy standing in his way, rather encourage him to do what he feels is right, because that can make all the difference right now in terms of both of your lives.

Theme of the Month – The theme this may is renewed hope, energy and enthusiasm for goals, especially those that bring him closer to others. It’s important to remind him that within himself is all that he needs for your fulfillment, all he needs is faith: faith in the universe, his heart’s desire and the kindness of strangers.

Magic Phrase – “Have faith and take chances because the universe will reward your optimism and bless you.”

Magic Text – “Let’s get those concert tomorrow tickets for next weekend.”

Do: With Mercury going direct, it is also a favorable time for dealing with bureaucracy. So, if you guys have to deal with any government departments, sought out your passports or your driver’s licenses, or just deal with red tape, you can do so effectively. Thus, if there’s anything Cancer guy has been putting off – probably because it’s a real drag – encourage him to start working on that now, because he will be able to tick it off his list and it’ll be weight off his mind.

Avoid: He should avoid clashing with authority figures or taking on fresh responsibility at work. He should focus on new fields and new activities rather than becoming more embroiled in the same old things which are essentially stale.

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Week One – Grounded

It’s important for you and Cancer guy to keep your feet on the ground and see things for what they are rather than how you want them, or indeed how others may want you to see them. Do your research and don’t make decisions, especially about family, when feelings emotional.

It’s important to take a common sense, factual approach and deal with things as they come, don’t cross your bridges before you come to them.

Being mindful is an important part of this week, be aware and don’t let Cancer guy jump the gun. Problems often come from perceptions based on fear and so it’s important to focus on what’s in front of you rather than getting carried away with scenarios.

Week Two – Relaxing and letting go

The ideal medicine for any relationship right now is relaxation. It’s about you and Cancer guy learning how to be relaxed in each other’s company and enjoy silence. Don’t try and fill every moment with conversation, use your body language, eye contact and mirroring to show how much you truly care for him, because he’s very responsive to that.

Always remember that Cancer guy is a sensitive soul and he’s very emotionally observant, so often the best way to communicate with him is through your physical presence. Use body language and sensual touch or massages to show you care, and of course do remember that the way to his heart is definitely through his stomach, so you can inspire some romance with clever use of your culinary skills.

Week Three – Inner Light

It’s time to encourage him to be really expansive and to renew his commitment to his hopes and dreams, which are probably similar to your hopes and dreams. Support him in pursuing things that are close to his heart.

Right now it’s very important for him to connect with what is spiritually important and what matters in his soul, so it’s important for him to not merely fulfil duties and responsibilities or seek traditional routes of success, it’s time for him to look for a more holistic type of achievement which incorporates success in a more universal way.

He often gets an enormous amount of fulfillment out of humanitarian and charity work, and out of aligning himself to a cause he feels strongly about. He’s confident when he is part of something bigger than himself, and that’s why I said at the beginning, if you guys have political or social interest that inspire you, this can be something that really brings you together, makes you stronger as a couple and provides a lot of focus and also excitement in the relationship.

Week Four – Under Pressure

Right now his leadership is really called for, so support and encourage him when he wants to lead, allow him to express his fears and his anxieties, but also his ideas, because he’s likely make good decisions under pressure right now, and that’s a good thing.

At a deep subconscious level, there’s something he wants to get off his chest, but he’s not quite sure how to do so without the added intensity of a heated debate. Thus try to see any confrontation as him trying to broach things that are very difficult for him to do in a calm way or in the regular course of conversation.

Summing Up

It’s not going to be a boring month, there should be plenty of interesting places to go, and often sudden invites connected to work or his friendship circles.

This is an excellent month if you are introducing Cancer guy to your friends as he’s eager to meet new people and very open-minded, and so if you’ve been dating a while but haven’t really got to know each other’s friends yet, this is the month to do it.

This is also a very unifying time for you and Cancer guy, especially if you have similar political or social interests and belong to a lot of groups and organizations. There are loads of events and lots of news in these fields or industries, which gives you loads to talk about, so communication is supercharged.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Cancer Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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