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Cancer will quickly notice how any tension or doubt in your love quietly disappears… as a new feeling of “where can we go together” enters his heart.

See him thinking and talking about the future with you. See him enjoying each day with you when he feels connected, loved and appreciated as you sync together – even when you disagree, you find common ground faster and easier than before.

Today I would like to reward your trust with an exclusive client-only offer that is designed to ACCELERATE & CEMENT your progress in your relationship with a Cancer man.

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The special reports I’m about to share with you are designed to work FAST & EASY… if you can follow basic instructions your Cancer man will flip that ‘Yes, she’s The One’ switch in his head once and for all.

Cancer can finally relax because he can go from ‘hunting’ a woman to focusing his attention on Protecting, Loving & Serving THE WOMAN.

This isn’t just a relief for him, but a step in his soul’s evolution… even if he’d never admit, he’ll secretly always give you credit for helping him evolve… and repay you with his love, loyalty, and devotion.

Here’s my promise to you: put these into action today, and experience a difference tomorrow!

Take a look below, I’ve made the tools available, the choice… is yours.

The Platinum Love Bundle

Here’s the special “Platinum Love Bundle” offer I’ve prepared for you today… (please note, this is a One-Time special opportunity reserved for my clients only, if you feel this is right for you, you need to add it to your order below)

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When you combine these together, it’s almost as if you’ve mixed a magic love potion.

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Special Report #1: The 27 Dirty Phrases That Turn Cancer On”… & Other Sexual Cancer Secrets He Wishes You Knew (valued at $37)

What if you knew exactly what to say or text to make him want you immediately?

Imagine you push a ‘hot button’ and instantly turn the heat on between you?

You see… there are specific secret desires Cancer wants, but is often too shy to reveal… now you can read his sexual mind and unleash his inner beast.

Inside 27 Dirty Phrases That Turn Cancer On” you get the exact dirty phrases that drive Cancer crazy… if you can copy and paste you can own his undivided attention… at the push of a button!

It’s true… you don’t have to be a beauty queen to make him feel like he’s in heaven! Just whisper these dirty phrases into his ear and you’ll take him to another reality.

PLUS, I explain the reason why these phrases work so you learn to develop your own variations triggering the same emotional and sexual response. You’ll never have to memorize a line when you know how it works.

The Power and secret control this gives you over a Cancer man… should probably be forbidden! Please use at your own risk — don’t blame me if he gets sexually obsessed with you.

Here’s a little overview of what’s inside:

  • 27 Dirty Phrases to Make Your Cancer Man Beg for More
  • 10 Dirty Phrases to TEXT Your Cancer Man When You’re Apart
  • 5 Things You Must Never Say to a Cancer Man
  • Favorite Sexual Positions of Cancer Men
  • 3 Kinky Things About Cancer Men They Wish You Knew
  • 5 Best Porn Fantasies to Watch Together
  • 12 Zodiac Sex Signs + Cancer in Bed Together
  • 5 Best Places to Meet Cancer Men
  • 5 Best Colors to Attract a Cancer Man
  • 7 Things That Turn Off a Cancer Real Fast

Special Report #2: The 7 Relationship-Killing Mistakes With A Cancer Man”... And How To Easily Avoid Them! (valued at $37)

Do you make these mistakes with a Cancer man?

“7 Relationship-Killing Mistakes” teaches you the most common subconscious mistakes that push Cancer away… physically and emotionally… the good news is that it’s easy to avoid or bypass these once you know what they are and why they raise such ‘red flags’.

Every woman dating a Cancer man NEEDS to know this if you want your relationship to move forward.

You may recognize here specific reasons that already pushed him away before or notice you are accidentally doing some ‘minor’ thing that can hurt your love in a major way.

You’ll never make these same mistakes again and automatically enjoy a better relationship!

It’s that simple.

Special Report #3: “Cancer Heart Opener” — 21 Questions To Ask Cancer That Force Him To Share His True Feelings (valued at $37)

Does your Cancer ever ‘keep quiet’ in a way and seems like he doesn’t open up all the way?

Ever wonder how to ‘get through to him’ when at times he acts like a brick wall?

Well… I’ve got a handy little solution for you. The secret to penetrating his shield isn’t what you say — but what you ask.

Imagine if just a few engaging questions could make him see you as the perfect fit?

Now, not all questions are created equal — to ask “what’s wrong?” would be a rookie mistake, instead… steer the conversation in a direction he’s comfortable in.

Get him to relax.

Get him to feel you’re on his side… even when you don’t yet completely agree.

Ask him the right questions and discover an entirely different side to him.

In fact — asking the right questions will give him all the right answers about you.

It’ll PROVE that you ‘get him’, that you can be trusted, that he can let his guard down… that he is safe with you. To him, it’s like the priceless feeling of coming home. Questions that make him feel… appreciated, valued, respected, understood… without ever giving him a direct compliment!

Questions that inspire his inner hero… wanting to protect, save, and take good care of you.

The amazing side-benefit here is that you will ALWAYS have something he is PASSIONATE about to talk about. 

Imagine never having to worry about what you’ll text next or what you’ll talk about on your date. Imagine never having to listen to his silence again. That’s what I’m talking about.

WHO do you think he’ll connect those positive feelings to? That’s right, it’s you.

Frankly, you’ll ask him questions very few people ever cared to ask… No wonder he’ll feel like you’re his perfect match.

And it doesn’t matter if you just started dating and are only getting to know each other… or if you’ve been married for a decade! You can still use these questions.

And yes, you can use these 21 questions forever. And in the process… you won’t just keep discovering new things about him, but also… inspiring him to be the very best man he could possibly be. 

Each questions Opens up another layer of his personality and reveals feelings to you… you’ll know when, how and why to use each question. It’s not hard to “read his mind” when these questions have him share everything openly.

Here’s the sneaky part – the more Cancer opens up to you, the more automatically IN LOVE he becomes with you. After all — why would he reveal his biggest secrets and vulnerabilities to you, unless… he does love you and you are his One. This is the natural logic he’ll explain to himself!

I assume you agree it’s easier when He is the one doing the convincing, of himself to himself, why he really loves you.

Now I must warn you — you probably won’t be able to use all 21 questions at once… some you could use immediately, some, when the timing is right… but what you will learn is how and why these questions work, so you can simply construct your own variations using the same principles.

The ‘framework’ I am giving you inside is something that stays with you forever.

Special Report #4: “The Cancer Man’s 7 Hidden Love Messages”... How Cancer Shows Love Even When He Seems Cold Or Sends Mixed Signals (valued at $37)

What if he loves you but doesn’t show his love the same way as you?

It’s true.

Every sign expresses love in slighty different ways, and so does your Cancer… What if Cancer seems cold or confusing, yet you’re just speaking a different love language.

If you misinterpret his love messages, you might feel unappreciated, unloved, or uncared for… and while this may be true, perhaps you are just misreading his signals.

Once you know exactly how Cancer communicates love, you’ll know if he really loves you and how to nurture and promote that behavior in him.

PLUS, you’ll know the love language he responds to and how to mirror it right back to him so he feels loved and appreciated in a way he is open to receiving your love.

Inside 7 Hidden Love Messages you’ll discover the true meaning of his behavior and how to subtly ‘direct it’ in your favor.

Special Report #5: “Cancer Withdrawal Factor” — The 7 Reasons Why Cancer Pulls Away… And How To Pull Him Back Before It’s Too Late! (valued at $37)

Is a Cancer man acting cold, growing more distant or even ignoring you in some way?

Well… wonder no more. Get complete clarity about your situation. Let me show you how to pull him back and flip the love switch back on in his mind while you still can.

“Cancer Withdrawal Factor” explains (with specific examples) the 7 most-common reasons why and how Cancer loses interest in a potential long-term partner… (and how to PROTECT your relationship in the future.)

It may not even be a particular mistake but the LACK of positive behavior that communicates you are indeed the One and Only best match for him.

The secret is to continually reinforce his desire and belief of your compatibility instead of triggering his inner skeptic.

Learn how to stop pushing him away and start to pulling him closer instead.

Special Report #6: “Cancer Man Sextrology”…  contains EVERYTHING you need to know about Cancer men in bed and their deepest, often hidden desires (valued at $39.95)

To take his obsession to the stratosphere and to drive him mad with lust you need more than just “feel good” stuff and this is so difficult for many women.

Most women assume they know what men want in bed; whereas fact is no two signs want the same thing.

Cancer men being moody are highly unpredictable and they can sometimes be pushy in order to get what they want or they can retract and sulk like a crab scared for life…

But how do you have mind-blowing sex with a Cancer that arouses primal love in him and he doesn’t take you as an “occasional hookup.”

Sextrology is Astrology tapping into his sex drive. It’s the hidden part of his personality, his deep dirty secrets that sometimes even he himself is not aware of.

Here’s a little overview of what’s inside:

  • Step inside his heart and pants, and uncover his deepest, darkest, dirtiest secrets he’ll never dare tell you…
  • Discover your compatibility with your man, and get his likes and dislikes in bed…
  • How to establish a deep, intimate bond with him and permanently banish insecurity from your relationship… feel worshipped by your man forever and ever…
  • How to attract him like a magnet with simple and safe techniques, watch his eyes change as a dream of an amazing future with you blooms… Use them with caution as he gets addicted to you.
  • Are Cancer men promiscuous or loyal?
  • What slaughters the passion in the relationship? This is so common; avoid this if you don’t want him to dump you… PLUS: Ways to flood a Cancer man with emotions and desires for you and only you even if he acts like a Vulcan now…
  • How to ignite fire in a workaholic Cancer man and become his “sex goddess” without lifting a finger… PLUS: turn up the heat with naughty adventures so he can’t take his hands off of you…
  • What impact his sexuality and what he loves to fantasize about?
  • Want to see him aching in desperation and red-hot lust for you? Light a fire under his pants with right clicks and he’ll be a cruise missile locked on you…
  • How to seduce him and turn him into a raging bull full of power and energy… you must understand and control a Cancer man otherwise he’ll channel his passion in the wrong direction…

Special Report #7: The Big Book Of Answers About The Cancer Man, your ultimate FAQ with instant-solutions to most common issues (valued at $37)

What if your Cancer man came with an “owner’s manual”?

As a professional Relationship Astrologer I have consulted thousands of women dating a Cancer man about their situation.

Many questions repeat themselves, and here I’ve selected the 41 most common questions and solutions into a kind of ‘ultimate FAQ’ - your solutions handbook.

Here are just some of the questions ‘The Big Book’ answers for you:

  • should you purse this relationship or not,
  • how do you get him commit,
  • is there a way to turn things around and get him back after a break up,
  • how to get him interested in a long term relationship,
  • is he really interested or just playing around,
  • how to get him comfortable with you and your relationship,
  • how do you get him to want to marry you,
  • how do you get him to be more serious about you,
  • how do you 'de-complicate' your relationship,
  • how do you get him to open up and talk about his feelings,
  • the thing to do when he's angry, moody, and of course…
  • how do you get him to change his mind even when he's super stubborn!
  • how do you get HIM to chase you (for a change),
  • how do you get him to stop working so much and pay attention to you,

And dozens of other questions that I answer for you inside.

Hidden within these answers, you'll discover hundreds of little secrets that can have a profound positive effect on your relationship. Fast!

Special Report #8: “Forever Love With Cancer Man” – Discover The 10 Ways To Keep Him Interested & Engaged For A Lifetime Of Love! (valued at $37)

There has never been a guide that sheds light on the checklist for a long-term relationship with a Cancers man. If you want to keep him HOOKED, ENGAGED, and INTERESTED in you for a lifetime - “Forever Love With A Cancer Man” shows you how.

Keep your relationship exciting and fresh even if you've been married for YEARS. This is how you keep him IN LOVE with you.

Inside this special report, we go into all the details of how you can make sure that your relationship with a Cancer transcends the fling-phase and enters the forever-phase.

The chances are I've seen everything ever written on this sign... and I’ve never seen a book like this one. That’s why I’ve set out to create it myself.

Here’s just some of what ‘Forever Love’ will to teach you:

  • What makes Cancer man fall in love with you and what makes him shut down and start to look elsewhere?
  • Why he is so enigmatic and what diverse side of his you’ll need to learn how to balance if you want your relationship balanced and prosperous?
  • 12 reasons why your Cancer man chose you… and how to keep him choosing you over and over again (Page 4),
  • 14 reasons why he’s such a catch and why you are a great fit. Nurture these traits of his and he’ll reward you with love beyond your imagining (page 5),
  • How his Water sign influences his mysterious character and how you can tap into his soul to make him all yours,
  • Did you know that Cancer has 2 ruling planets? That’s what makes Cancer man so complex and hard to tame… However, if you understand the role that Mars and Pluto play, the role you’ll play in his life will be a leading role,  
  • The #1 biggest thing that your Cancer man can NEVER resist and how to uses it to keep his passion for you alive (page 6),
  • What trait he disdains and what never to showcase in his company (page 6),
  • 7 ways to Tapping into the inner labyrinth of mysteries that you two will lovingly roam together for years to come (page 7),
  • Because Cancer is ruled by 2 planets, he can sometimes appear to have double standards… Learn how to handle those standards and you’ll become his only mistress (page 7), 
  • Exactly what needs to be shared and what needs to be kept a secret with a Cancer if you don’t want to engage his notorious passive-aggression,
  • How to set boundaries and which boundaries to set? What are his boundaries that you have to respect without questions asked,
  • How to ease his mind and let him know that he can always trust you and give in to you completely (page 9),
  • What to be transparent about and what NEVER to leave him guessing,
  • Find all about the major red flag for a Cancer, how not to signal it, and what to do instead in order to convince him that you’re really the one for him,
  • Sex is definitely important to a Cancer man… but there’s one thing that’s equally important and that concerns your mind. Learn how to master it and you’ll seize his heart forever,
  • What Cancer are really sensitive about and what makes him instantly put up walls… Don’t worry, play on his obsessions and you’ll jump over those walls easily and stay safe with him inside forever, 
  • 6 best ways to surprise your Cancer man… in a good way. Excite him and he’ll always feel intimately connected with you (page 12)
  • 6 best gifts to give to a Cancer if you want him to become more affectionate than ever (page 13),
  • How to make your routines exciting and novel even if you’re living together for years… Let a fresh breeze feed the fire of his eternal love for you (page 15),
  • 6 subtle ways to show your appreciation and play on his heartstrings so that he starts appreciating you more than any other woman he’s known (page 16)
  • How Gina learned to accentuate Cancer gifts instead of clashing with him all the time. Learn from her example how you can bring about peace and serenity when your relationship needs them, 
  • How to fuel the spiritual connection with your Cancer man and be recognized as his one true soul mate, (page 18),
  • 15 in-depth questions that will touch him where no woman has touched him before. These will allow you to connect with him on a completely new and mysterious level,
  • Did you know that Cancer fantasize about being in a very specific type of relationship? Fulfill those fantasies and he’ll put his back into to fulfill yours, 
  • 4 fun ways to spice up your relationship and boost his sense of power and confidence,
  • 6 easy ways to remind your Cancer man that he’s made the right choice by being with you,
  • The worst thing that dooms a relationship with a Cancer and how to avoid that deadly trap,
  • Practical Secrets of maintaining your sense of authority and power while not competing with your Cancer man for control. This will reinforce his sense of team-work and fuel the passion for a long-term relationship and marriage, (page 22)
  • All this and much, much more…

Special Report #9: The 77 Magic Beliefs That Make ‘The One’ Love & Adore You For A Lifetime… Learn To Bond & Connect With Him In A New Way (valued at $37)

Do you know that how you THINK about your men, love & relationships directly impacts your behavior… which directly influences the Response you receive from a man…

And do you know that around 90% of women have counter-productive ‘love programming’ that works against them instead of FOR them… It’s true. And it’s the top reason why good relationships go bad.

But did you know that now there’s also an easy and effective way to replace this false programming and adopt a ‘love mindset’ that works FOR you 24/7… even as you sleep!

I have invested thousands of hours studying relationship-psychology, self-love, attraction and manifestation and hundreds more in designing this 100% unique training for you… “The 77 Magic Beliefs That Make ‘The One’ Love & Adore You For A Lifetime.”

And I am happy to give you a Free copy that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

These magic beliefs TRIGGER the kind of reponse you desire in your relationship. Once you accept and internalize them… I promote your love life will never be the same again.

I call them ‘magic beliefs’ because that’s exactly how they work. So simple yet so profoundly powerful.

And they work for you ‘in the background’ — automatically helping you make all the right decisions… say the right things and ask the right questions… even when you’re feeling vulnerable or angry, they automatically help you avoid some of the biggest mistake that jeopardize relationships.

Give them a try and see for yourself!

Special Report #10: The “Feng Shui Love Manual” is the quick and easy way to unleash a flood of love and romance into your life... (valued at $49.95)

Isn’t it amazing that you can simply move a few things around… and improve the energy of love in your life?

Absolutely. Let me show you how to attract and keep true love with the simple yet mysteriously powerful rules of FENG SHUI.

I’ve created this special 47-page “Feng Shui Love Manual“ just for you with 100% focus on LOVE-shui!

It’s packed with practical, actionable, easy-to-do tips and tricks designed to provide you IMMEDIATE results!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn inside...

  • Why “missing corners” might be bringing you rejection and difficulty finding your perfect partner,
  • The dangers of placing reflective surfaces like mirrors and water in ways that increase the risk of him cheating, and create instability in your relationship,
  • The “Eight Mansions” formula that can cure romantic disharmony arising from harmful Qi,
  • Uncover the unsettling energy emanating from your furniture that’s creating hostile,  oppressive feelings between you and your partner, and how to resolve it,
  • Calculate your unique “Gua Number” to make sure you’re not turning the opposite way from love,
  • Understand the connection between the fire in the kitchen and the heat in your love life,
  • How to give the universe the signal that you’re ready for love, and attract it into your life,
  • And much, much more that'll remove “blocks“ and open you up for true love and relationship-bliss…

Special Report #11: Learn how numbers can help you catch him and keep him inside “Love Numerology Secrets”...(valued at $49.95)

Let me show you how to use the Ancient System of Numerology to Attract “The One,” Empower Yourself, and Align You with Your Life Path…

My 47-page special guidebook “Love Numerology Secrets“ will show you how to calculate the most powerful numbers and what those numbers say about you, him and your romantic compatibility!

It’s the ideal companion to Astrology.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover inside…

  • How his “life path” number reflects his destiny, virtues and future challenges,
  • Peer into his inner soul, his true motivations, intimate desires and interests by understanding his Soul Urge or “Heart’s Desire” number,
  • Learn about his Expression or “destiny” number, and reveal his goals, dreams, ambitions and the talents which make him unique,
  • Uncover the “shadow” elements of his experience and personality – understand the dark parts that lie beneath the surface before they take control of your relationship,
  • Learn how to calculate all of these vital numbers…and what to do with them!
  • Discover how numerologically compatible you are and what’s his best and worst match numbers are,
  • PLUS: Practical ways to use this information to attract “The One“ or better align with your romantic or life partner,
  • And much, much more...

I hope you'll be as blown-away by the power of numbers as I am to this day!

Special Report #12: Discover The 125 Magic Beliefs That Make Men Chase, Love, And Worship You… This is your ultimate guide to become every man's Fantasy (valued at $47)

Your beliefs - about yourself, men, and love - directly influence your behavior…

Well what if I tell you that there is a certain way ‘Attractive Women’ think (and behave) that makes men magnetically attracted to them.

It is men are PROGRAMMED to be attracted to.

I’ve created a completely unique guide for you containing 125 “Magic Beliefs” — I call them this way because that’s exactly how they seem to work - like magic!

Once you learn to think this way, and adopt this new set of beliefs - men will immediately begin to chase, love and worship you. I know it sounds hard to believe, but it's true!

Plus - these beliefs will make you feel AMAZING about yourself, in your body & mind. Each day you will wake up feeling CONFIDENT, SEXY, and DESIRED. I show you the exact beliefs, why they work, and how to put them to work for you.

This knowledge will then automatically serve you for years to come. There is simply no way you won't see men immediately change the way they treat you. Just try a few of these beliefs and see for yourself!

Yes, you get All of these 12 special reports — we are talking about hundreds of pages of step-by-step instructions & key insights into Making (and Keeping) Cancer head over heels in love with you!

There is nothing quite like it. You will not find this information anywhere else.

So in order to really make this a bargain deal for you… instead of charging $500, $400, or even $300… I’ve decided to offer you The Platinum Love Bundle training package for just a one-time additional payment of $97.

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Celine “This has sone great insight that it has given me a different perspective and sone food for thought. Just abou everything indicated in the guide is spot on and when it is happening I csn make sense of it and know how to maneuver the situation.”

Valeri “The descriptions given on the Zodiac signs describe my partner quite accurately. I was in shock. The information provides has been quite helpful.”

Samantha “The information you have sent me has been very helpful, insightful and surprisingly accurate. Thank you Anna. You have helped me gain a much better understanding.”

Cheryl V. Anna Kovach has some very insightful information to share - I learned a lot! Thanks very much!

Rachelle “I am so happy I found you Anna! Your emails have helped my relationship tremendously. I understand my guy so much better and have seen a definite improvement in our relationship since I have been reading your articles. Thank you!”

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Kimberli A. “I have been able to really understand my man on a whole new level thanks to Anna's astrology guides. They were very helpful to me.”

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IMPORTANT: Again, this additional order is also 100% risk-free for you as it is fully covered by my 60-day money-back and satisfaction guarantee. I want to make this an easy, risk-free choice for you because I know how valuable it can be for your relationship. Give it a try and see how it works for you. In the unlikely event that you are not fully happy with your order, I’ll return every penny, no questions asked. It’s that simple. This is my policy because it is my mission to help you and make you feel secure about your decision.

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AnitaThank you for putting together such an amazing, comprehensive tool kit for understanding and satisfying the Cancer man.”

Dominica “I needed to better understand the man I love, see what I am doing wrong and to help me be a better partner. All I can say is Thank you for your wonderful and insightful books, they have made the last month or so much easier and have kept my mind on track.

KarenIn reading all your resources and you describe my recent relationship interest perfectly and all that I read was super helpful.

Anastasia “This is great, thank you so much! You are absolutely amazing! I did not want to lose my man forever, I truly love my guy and didn't know what to do bring him back to me, and I wanted to better understand what I'm doing wrong in my relationship that I maybe cannot see without an outside, fresh set of eyes and ears. I did exactly what you told me and based off your book and it worked. He's in all the way!”

Rachelle “I am so happy I found you Anna! Your emails have helped my relationship tremendously. I understand my guy so much better and have seen a definite improvement in our relationship since I have been reading your articles. Thank you!”

Kyra “What you do to help people is amazing. Thank you. I never put too much stock in astrology because the usual description of me is so far off the mark for me- but after reading a few things on Him and realizing it fit him to a T, I decided it was time to look more deeply into it. Your book is an amazingly valuable resource.”

Janine “Thank you so much for these wonderful series and information. It is so informative and I have loved reading your book, especially on how to get him back.”

Lea “I want to say thank you for your whole series. I wish I had this series when I just turned thirty twenty years ago. I met a wonderful Cancer man.”

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