The 3-Step Formula To Quickly Fix & Restart Your Relationship With A Cancer Man… And Pull Him Back Before It’s Too Late!

if you lost his love or attention here is what you need to do

Dear friend,

Is your Cancer guy acting HOT and COLD or sending mixed signals?

Did he seem quite interested at first, only to suddenly pull away and act confusing… for no obvious reason?

Perhaps you feel like your love is standing still or you are slowly drifting apart…

But what if there was (and still is) a strong connection and chemistry between you, only for things to become more complicated than they had to?

And what if you still have feelings for him or each other? 

Can you respark your love before it’s too late?

… Is there a way to win his love back? 

Can you really ‘restart’ your relationship… despite recent challenges or mistakes that pushed him away?


I believe you can.

And I have seen it happen many times before. In fact — there’s a ‘3-Step Formula’ to do it, and I’d love to show you how in a moment.

Now while I cannot guarantee you will win him back (because he simply may not be right for you) — what I can guarantee are ACCURATE ANSWERS, CLARITY, AND DIRECTION

Keep reading and you can find out:

1) Exactly WHAT went wrong, and WHY…

2) Is it fixable? And should you even try fixing it?

3) And - if it is indeed fixable (and worth fixing), HOW to go about doing it…

If you were or are still together… but you feel he is drifting away… and especially if you just recently broke up, pay close attention to what I am about to tell you.

When you feel confused or lost in your love, you may feel an urgent need to get him back. 

But this URGENCY is exactly what makes you only make more mistakes. Often completely pushing him away.

Pulling him back and resetting your relationship is a PROCESS. It may take some time.

As a Relationship Astrologer, I see this every single day.

It is essential that you take a STEP BACK, and reflect - on what actually happened.

Stop being in a hurry. Slow down…

Take a deep breath. Try to relax, and distance yourself from all that you are feeling right now.

I know this is not easy. But it is necessary if you want this relationship to have a future.

You have to take a step back and look at your relationship objectively - from a distance. You should act fast and make positive ‘moves’, but in a slow & strategic way.

This means that you do need to take some action - but don’t take the WRONG action in a rush. 

Instead, slow down for a moment, and try to think through your situation. I would like to help you in this process using ‘The 3-Step Formula’ — and I believe this to be THE ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to pull him back and pull him closer.

What is The 3-Step Formula?

Remember I mentioned that getting his attention & love back is a process? You have to follow a specific sequence of steps.

Here it is…

STEP #1: Identify Exactly What Went Wrong

When a Cancer man suddenly pulls away… it’s usually because you’ve done something that really turned him off.

The frustrating part? He’ll often keep quiet about it, or won’t share the real reason. You may have hurt his feelings.

You may have done something - without realizing - that just made him feel that you’re NOT a good match for him.

Perhaps you have even INSULTED him with a simple act that you found irrelevant or insignificant.

This happens ALL THE TIME, especially in new relationships where you just started dating. (and he has yet to invest himself emotionally)

Frankly speaking, Cancer sometimes does not have the patience for you to ‘figure him out’.

You may have said something or done something that HURT him in a way that he completely SHUTS OFF - and never responds to your text again.

This is why it is essential to KNOW his astrological profile and understand what are those ‘red lines’ that you cannot cross.

You may never get a second chance with him UNLESS you identify exactly what it is that pushes him away.


Because ONLY when you know what it was, you have an ‘entry point’ back into your relationship.

Cancer will almost always appreciate your effort to recognize your mistake. He will value that you cared enough to think through things and remember it.

He may not make it easy for you to do so, but if you re-approach him and acknowledge that you hurt him (and that it was not your intention) - your chances of pulling him back just increased exponentially.

When Cancer goes cold, silent, or simply ignores you - it is a test!

He wants to see if you are willing, and if you care enough to ‘earn your way’ back into his good graces.

This is just a way for him to see if you Value him enough to try to reach back to him.

But if you reach back - the wrong way, without realizing your mistake or reason he initially got pushed away (a mistake most women make)…

He would only ‘confirm’ his belief that you are not a good match (and not a relationship he should invest in).

THIS is why it is crucial to ACCURATELY IDENTIFY the exact reason(s) he pulled away or lost interest.

BUT once you approach him with the CORRECT reason… you have a good chance to change his view.

He may have misjudged you after all.

He can now allow himself to be vulnerable again — and slowly reopen his heart to you. Without the fear of being hurt or your repeating of the same mistake...

For a Cancer man it is ESSENTIAL that you understand him on an emotional level. This is the only way you can prove your connection to him.

When you are tuned into each other’s profile, you are astrologically aligned and vibrate in a matching frequency.

He needs to feel you really understand his perspective - even if you do not agree with him! It’s the backbone of your connection.

It is not that he expects you to agree with him, but only that you respect and understand (with genuine empathy) his point of view.

This realization alone will immediately change the dynamic of your relationship.

“Okay Anna, I get it, but HOW do I know exactly what pushed him away? What if there was more than one thing?”

There usually is.

Perhaps your last one was just the tipping point. In reality, it all comes down to having a deeper understanding of his astrological love profile. 

The better you understand his core values, hopes and dreams, the more aligned you can be and the less friction there is in your communication.

I have prepared 3 special reports for you filled with ANSWERS… to quickly help you identify EXACTLY what went wrong (and why).

Each of these also gives you practical tips & tricks on remedying any of these mistakes.

The 7 Relationship-Killing Mistakes With A Cancer Man… And How To Easily Avoid Them!

Cancer Man Withdrawal Factor: The 7 Reason Cancer Man Pulls Away, Goes Cold, And Loses Interest (And How To Pull Him Back Before It’s Too Late)

The Big Book Of Answers About The Cancer Man (41 Real-Life Questions & Practical Solutions)

These 3 special reports are designed to help you identify exactly what went wrong. 

It’s the First and most important step to getting him back.

Once you know exactly what went wrong… 

The next step is to know if he STILL HAS FEELINGS FOR YOU.

STEP #2: Does Cancer Still Have Feelings For You?

Is he completely cut off emotionally…?

Or is there still a kind of invisible love-string holding you together.

Does he have the desire to hear you, see you, and kiss you?

Is he showing some (or any) interest… or none at all?

Does he still show some signs that he cares about you?

If yes - how do you know if these signs are ‘strong enough’ - is it enough for you to pursue this relationship and pull him back?

This is all crucial to know unless you want to be rejected and have your heart crushed into bits.

Let’s face it.

You do not want to chase him!

Instead, you want to make yourself available to being chased again.

If he has been hurt, it is still possible.

But you have to see whether there is potential for you to respark his interest. It is necessary for him to show some SIGNS of interest.

If there is NO fire what so ever - you may be wasting your time (instead of moving on).

Before you become more proactive in pulling him back, you have to know that he is still thinking of you every now and then…

And that your initial chemistry is still THERE, that the fire is still burning - because even a small fire has the potential to grow… and even rise into a romantic flame!

Remember - before you text, call or talk to him again - 

It is essential that you LOOK FOR THE RIGHT SIGNS - before giving him clues that it’s okay for him to chase you (again).

WHAT are these signs of love? What are the signs that he still has feelings for you? 

I’ve prepared another special report to help you identify the right signs.

Inside this special report, I show you THE SIGNS to look for (note: many of them are otherwise hard to detect, as he may communicate love in an entirely different way)…

The Cancer Man’s 7 Hidden Love Messages (Discover How Cancer Shows Love Even When He Seems Cold Or Sends Mixed Signals)…

If you see any of these 7 signs (the more the better), it means Cancer is still interest in you (to a degree).

The fact is, the way he shows love may not be the way you do. Your astrological love language may wildly differ, and unless you know how he shows love, you may miss his signals.

(In case he is showing NONE of these signs, you know it’s probably better to move on.)

This leads us to the 3rd and final step in the formula.

STEP #3: Restart Your Relationship (And Make Him Chase, Love & Worship You like never before)

Now that you 1) know Why he pulled away to begin with 2) are confident that he is in fact still Interested in you…

You know that there is still a way for you to pull him back.

But how exactly do you do it?

How do you approach him without scaring him away?

You’ll need to ‘restart’ communication in a way that makes him confident and open to reconnect with you. Because he feels understood by you in a way he hasn’t before.

He needs to feel “Okay, she gets me.”

You have to start COMMUNICATING again.

And the best way to do so is to talk about the things he likes, values, and is interested in.

The absolute BEST way to get a Cancer man engaged is to talk about what he LOVES and is passionate about.

This is the easiest way to have FUN again on your next date-night, chat or phone call.

It’s also the easiest way to get him to text you back.

DO NOT talk about the ‘status’ or current condition of your relationship as this may only create tension and stress.

Instead, steer the conversation into feel-good topics he enjoys. This is the easiest way to show him that you CARE, that you KNOW him and that you are compatible with him.

It is also the best way to make him become EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE again to you… when you learn to communicate in a way that makes him open up, share his feelings, and… trust you again.

This is why I’ve prepared a special report for you:

Cancer Man Heart Opener: The 21 Questions That Make Him Share His True Feelings (While Falling In Love With You In The Process)…


That’s all you need to do.

Just ask him the right questions!

And look at how he suddenly opens up to you and shows interest in you once again.

I know this is counter-intuitive and perhaps hard to believe. But try them and see for yourself.

Inside I teach you exactly what to ask and why. How each question works and when’s the best time to use it.

You’ll never run out of things to talk about again. In fact, you’ll always know how to put him into a better mood and he’ll feel like you are finally speaking the same language.

He’ll be way more responsive, open, and willing to meet your needs and desires in return.

You are setting the foundations for a relationship that can last. A relationship with less arguments, misunderstandings, miscommunication and friction. 

This is natural when you are in-tune and vibrating at similar frequencies.

A relationship where you Understand each other way better and where you can recognize & receive his unique way of communicating love.

The ‘Secret’ To Resparking And Restarting Your Relationship


And this is crucial if you want to propel your relationship FORWARD and BEYOND whatever you had before.


Cancer must discover something NEW about you!

There is no way around this!

He has to give himself (and others) a logical ‘excuse’ - why are you together again?

Why did he rush back to you? (despite telling himself, and perhaps others, that it is ‘over’).

The SECRET is to show him a NEW side to you he has never seen before.

Something he has not yet seen or discovered.

He has to see your evolution. He has to see a better, new version of you that was (perhaps) always there – but he has missed.

THIS TIME your relationship will feel different, and NEW in so many ways, that he will wonder how could he allow YOU to ‘almost slip away’…

How do you show him a new, sexier, more attractive You?

This ‘New You’ is only possible when you have a different set of BELIEFS. Because your beliefs directly influence your actions, your behavior…

What if I tell you that there is a certain set of beliefs that automatically makes you irresistibly attractive to nearly every (good) man out there? Yes, even him.

All Highly Attractive Women Know This (And It Makes You Physically & Psychologically More Attractive)

There is a very specific set of beliefs that makes men chase, love & worship you - and this works equally well on any man worthy of your attention, not only Cancer.

I call them “Magic Beliefs” because that’s exactly how they work – like magic!

The 125 Magic Beliefs That Make Any Man Chase, Love & Worship You

You can adopt any, or all of these 125 Magic Beliefs - and they will almost instantly work for you. They will immediately benefit your love life & enhance your desirability. 

Inside, I tell you exactly why (and how) each belief works in your favor and makes you magnetically attractive to men. 

These beliefs make you BEAM with a sexy, confident energy and turn you into a PRIZE men want to conquer — including your Cancer man.

There is endless ‘upside’ with virtually zero downsides to owning these beliefs. They can only help you - feel amazing in your skin while being the woman of his dreams.

Once you adopt any (or all of these beliefs) - by reading and writing them down, you’ll see a nearly INSTANT positive response in the way Cancer man treats you.

In fact, I am certain he will be positively surprised by the “New You”… and it will give him an entirely different outlook about the future of your relationship.

And that, my friend, is ‘The 3-Step Formula’ for fixing and restarting your relationship in the best way possible.

THAT is the exact process my clients use to get his attention, interest and love back — and snap him right back into your arms begging for your forgiveness.

To quickly remind you of the steps…

1. Identify EXACTLY what went wrong,

2. Discover if he still has FEELINGS for you,

3. Ask the right questions to Open up your communication - so he feels understood and comfortable… then make him see the “New You” and fall in love with you all over again!

This will immediately make you seem unique, different, and inject FRESHNESS into your love,

Making him HAPPY about giving this relationship a second chance - the opportunity it deserves - and being LUCKY to have you in his life.

As a professional Relationship Astrologer I have helped hundreds, if not thousands of women like you pull their Cancer lover back, and I would love to do the same for you.

The 3-Step Formula is a completely unique & proven approach that will help you do it faster and easier than anything else could. 

You’ll develop a deeper understanding of him and your relationship, and you’ll know exactly what and how to do to get him back.

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Now while I cannot guarantee that your relationship will work out (nobody can)… what I can guarantee is that The 3-Step Formula will give you the Answers, Clarity, and Astrological Action-Steps you need to significantly increase your chances of success!

“Anna, how can I get access to The 3-Step Formula package?”

While only you can put a true value on what it would mean to WIN his love back…

And despite being able to charge several times more for information that doesn’t exist anywhere else… 

It is my mission to help as many women as possible, and that’s why I like to make my programs affordable to everyone.

That’s why you can now receive INSTANT ACCESS to The 3-Step Formula package for just a one-time investment of $29.95 – and give your relationship the opportunity it deserves.

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If you are among the first 25 of my subscribers who orders The 3-Step Formula, I’ll give you access to a special client-only email address where you can get in touch with me directly and ask me any question about your relationship.

I normally charge $120 for one-on-one consultations, but because I want to help you regain his love & interest… and if you are among the first who order, you’ll get a chance to ask me anything for free!

I have been a professional Relationship Astrologer for over a decade and a half. 

Providing accurate astrological insights, clarity, and guidance is what I do and love doing most.

Here’s Specifically How Others Feel About Talking To Me…

DaniellaIt was amazing!!! the way she described who my man was and why he is the way he is, she even got who I was, I couldn't believe how accurate Anna was. It was a massive help to me to understand what's going on between my man and I. I cannot thank Anna enough for her guidance and support , I don't know what I'd do without her. 

ColetteI have told my friends and family that I stumbled across Anna on the Internet and it was like she was meant to be in my life. Anna is a wonderful gift and I would be lost without her help and guidance.

VictoriaAnna is incredible! She is always 100% spot on about everything giving me invaluable insight & advise! Only an Astrologer like Anna can interpret & explain how the planetary influences are, can & will affect us. This insight is invaluable in helping us understand & navigate our lives!

SabineIt was exceptionally insightful. She broke things down for me so I understood much clearer what was going on & the dynamics at play in my situation. It brought me clarity which helped me in my decision making. I liked that she didn't tell me I had to do something a certain way as I would not have trusted her as much. I was seeking guidance & wise counsel which is what she gave me leaving me to use my free will to decide my path.

Chloe “Anna is very personable & real with her readings. I didn't sense a cookie cutter or generic response I felt like she typed it for me only with lots of attention & explanation. I've gone back to her two more times since. If you want insight into your relationship dynamics & how astrology influences your partner you should definitely reach out to her. She knows her stars & has a 6th sense about them as well.”

Rachel I was at a crossroads with my problem and I needed somebody to help me as I feel at this point I couldn’t handle the situation myself. Anna‘s help in guidance is one of the most accurate and helpful people that I have met in many years so much so that when I need guidance she is the person that I am going to turn to.

DijanaAnna provided very complex and in-depth insights and also additional resources to help me understand my man. Her character observations were uncanny. A deep dive into complex interactions, providing very useful clarity. 

Claudia “Thank you so much, Anna! I've just been enthralled by what you sent me since I received it. It's given me so much hope for the future. I really appreciate your insight and analysis. I wish I had reached out to you sooner.”

You are not alone… I am here for you!

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You’ll really like this one and I’m sure he’ll like it, too ;)

Ready to pull him back?

The means are available… the choice is yours.

But you have to be quick!

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It’s that simple!

I know that you will gain valuable insights & practical tips within The 3-Step Formula that will significantly increase your chances of success with regaining your Cancer man’s love.

The sooner you put this guidance into action, the sooner you understand what went wrong and re-open communication in a way he enjoys… the sooner you’ll be able to rebuild your love.

I have created The 3-Step Formula specifically to help my clients who are in this tough situation, and I believe this is “The roadmap” to follow to put your relationship back on track.

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See you inside and I can’t wait to hear about your success!

Your Sister & Relationship Astrologer,


The Way I See It, You Have Two Options

You can either wait around until he walks out of your life, forgets about you or finds someone else… 

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In any case, 

I just hope my guidance proves as valuable to you as it has to thousands of others.

Sending you much love & wishing you all the luck in the Universe!

Your Sister & Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Here’s how others feel about my Astrological guidance…

AnitaThank you for putting together such an amazing, comprehensive tool kit for understanding and satisfying the Scorpio man.”

Dominica “I needed to better understand the man I love, see what I am doing wrong and to help me be a better partner. All I can say is Thank you for your wonderful and insightful books, they have made the last month or so much easier and have kept my mind on track.

KarenIn reading all your resources and you describe my recent relationship interest perfectly and all that I read was super helpful.

Anastasia “This is great, thank you so much! You are absolutely amazing! I did not want to lose my man forever, I truly love my guy and didn't know what to do bring him back to me, and I wanted to better understand what I'm doing wrong in my relationship that I maybe cannot see without an outside, fresh set of eyes and ears. I did exactly what you told me and based off your book and it worked. He's in all the way!”

Rachelle “I am so happy I found you Anna! Your emails have helped my relationship tremendously. I understand my guy so much better and have seen a definite improvement in our relationship since I have been reading your articles. Thank you!”

Kyra “What you do to help people is amazing. Thank you. I never put too much stock in astrology because the usual description of me is so far off the mark for me- but after reading a few things on Him and realizing it fit him to a T, I decided it was time to look more deeply into it. Your book is an amazingly valuable resource.”

Janine “Thank you so much for these wonderful series and information. It is so informative and I have loved reading your book, especially on how to get him back.”

Lea “I want to say thank you for your whole series. I wish I had this series when I just turned thirty twenty years ago. I met a wonderful Scorpio man.”

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